Cohen 8-Ball: 2013 Redo Draft

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Actual Pick: Otto Porter Jr.

Redo Pick: Nerlens Noel

Cohen’s Analysis: Washington climbed up the draft board with some lottery luck, which accentuates the fact that they weren’t as “dreadful” as one would assume from a team selecting third. The Wizards not only believed they were a playoff team but could also make some noise once they got there. After missing the first 24 games of the season with a hip injury, Porter hasn’t found a rhythm in the 22 games he has played – averaging just 1.7 points in less than 10 minutes a contest.

After making the trade to get Marcin Gortat, the Wizards do not necessarily need an unproven center for this season. But if they choose not to re-sign Gortat, an unrestricted free agent this summer, having Noel would have generated some comfort for the future. It’s impractical to predict how Noel will perform when he returns from his ACL injury, but the potential reward would have probably been worth the gamble.