Anez: Orlando A Great Place For Superstar

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Posted by Scott Anez, Tuesday, July 17, 2012, 6:35 PM

Orlando A Great Place For Superstar

So many topics, so little space.

I return from vacation with tons of comments and questions in my inbox. So let's get right to the highlights....

'What do you think of the new whiz kid GM?"

I will say this about Rob Hennigan--He's bold. He's brash. He's making unemotional decisions about some very emotional topics to us in True Blue Nation.

I don't know him very well yet, but I do like him. I think he's handled a very difficult Dwightmare situation very wisely.

For one, I like the fact that Hennigan did not buy into the deal that the Nets were offering. I love the fact that Dwight is not gonna get his way. I also love the part about not being on the hook for $60 million for the pedestrian stiff known as Brook Lopez.

Frankly, I don't understand why Hennigan let Ryan Anderson walk to New Orleans. Rhino is a kid who this team has succeeded in developing over the past couple of seasons. He's the NBA's Most Improved Player. He led the league in three's this past season. Granted, with Dwight likely gone, Rhino's looks would have been cut down considerably. But the kid is a great offensive rebounder who has a high basketball IQ. Plus, he's just 24.

Other than that, I like what the 'Boy Wonder' is doing. He's obviously supremely confident in his drafting abilities--and he'll need those skills if this team is going to rebuild successfully.

"I am so sick and tired of Dwight's antics. I want him outta here!"

I do too.

To me, it's very simple. Dwight does not want to be in Orlando anymore. He obviously feels that our dried up ole pond is much too small to build his Superman Brand. It's time for Superman to fly away.

The problem I have had with Dwight from the beginning of this drawn out saga is that he's never actually told us the truth. If he had just come out and said, "Orlando, I am sorry, but I have been here for eight years and it's just time to move on to something I think will be bigger and better."

I could handle that. I would eventually accept that. Instead, he tried to play both sides of the fence. He deserves every bit of criticism he's getting right now.

He never came clean, even during the trade-deadline day news conference in February when he used the word "loyalty" in reference to Orlando about 275 times.

Dwight's 'Indecision' will be case study in what NOT to do in Public Relations 101.

Whether it's the Lakers or Houston, it's time to send Dwight packing. he must be gone by the time training camp rolls around. It's time for the cancer to be removed and for the healing to begin.

"Why can't we keep superstars in Orlando?"

Bull hockey!

I get so ticked off when I hear such a ridiculous statement.

Look, you've got sunshine year-round...No state taxes...The best arena in the world...A one-horse town dedicated to its team...An ownership group that is committed to winning.

San Antonio got their superstar when the Spurs drafted Tim Duncan. Oklahoma city got theirs when Kevin Durant landed in the Thunder's lap.

The difference between those stars and ours (Dwight, Shaq and Penny)?

The Duncans and Durants have character. Ours did not.

Orlando is a great town for a superstar.

We just have not had the right one yet.