Basketball Shooting Drills

Basketball Shooting DrillsBasketball shooting drills are an important practice for professional basketball players in the NBA. No matter what team a player belongs to, sharpening their skills is vital for being able to compete in the difficult and challenging world of professional sports. Basketball shooting drills are one of the reasons for the success of teams like the Orlando Magic. No amount of athletic talent can replace the need for practice; professional sports stars practice exponentially more than college and amateur players. Practice and drills are thus a vital part of allowing every action on the court to be valuable to scoring and a competitive edge.

The Orlando Magic’s division and conference winning history is due, in part, to hard work and practices like basketball shooting drills. Drills are a method of practice which allow players to target specific skills that they will require in larger game play. For example, movement drills may involve sprinting or building running endurance, while shooting drills will focus on accuracy and distance. Muscle memory development is vitally important as part of these drills. Players must be able to rely on their bodies to run, shoot, and react as quickly and efficiently as possible. Shooting drills are an important part of building this automatic reaction, lessening lag time on the court and increasing instinctual play.

Basketball shooting drills can include a variety of exercises that help even professional players hone their skills. Three-point drills push players to focus on accuracy over distance from the three-point lines, using the near semi-circle around the net as boundaries to allow players to practice sinking a three point shot from a variety of angles. Free throw drills are, predictably, held at the free throw line; this drill is important to all players who may end up taking a free throw or foul shot in a game, as this common activity can give a team an edge in the overall score after a foul. Endurance shooting drills can also be held from either of these positions, pushing players to shoot as many baskets as possible in an allotted time to improve stamina and arm strength in a repetitive motion, all while maintaining accuracy.

Even professional teams like the Orlando Magic have to keep up a steady practice of practice games and drills in their preparation routine. Shooting drills do not disappear for professional teams, and in fact it is safe to say that drills can become more intense for professional players. They must, at all cost, have the best and fastest reaction times, accuracy, and speed on the court if they hope to beat their rivals. For the Orlando Magic, winning conference and division championships is not simply a matter of athletic talent and skill, but also drive, competitive spirit, and practice in the form of basketball shooting drills.