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Have you ever wondered what the Magic record for assists in a game is? Or how do get an autograph? The answers to those questions and anything else you might want to ask is now right at your finger tips. All you have to do is e-mail us your questions!

Frequently asked questions are posted here. Everything you've ever wanted to know about the Orlando Magic is just a few keystrokes away!

If you would like to write directly to a player, please direct your letter to that player's attention and send it to:
8701 Maitland Summit Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32810


Q: How many people fit in the TD Waterhouse Centre for basketball?
A: For basketball, we can fit 17, 248.

Q: Can you please send me free stuff that has your logo on it?
A: As you can imagine, we receive a number of similar requests and are unable to accommodate them. If you wish to purchase Magic merchandise, please visit our online store - accessible through our homepage or

Q: Can the mid-level veteran's exception ($4.5 million) be combined with other 'regular' salary cap space?
A: You can only use a salary cap exception (in this case, the veteran's exception at $4.5 million) if you are over the cap.

Q: When the summer comes and you aren't playing, can I arrange to meet the Magic players?
A: Unfortunately, due to the extraordinary amount of requests we receive for this, we are unable to arrange personal appearances. If you are seeking an appearance as a service to the community, please call the appearance hotline at 407-916-2628 for a recorded message on the appropriate action to take. During the summer, players are still pretty busy - most of them try to catch up on visiting with families, strengthening their games, and resting from the hectic previous season. If you are a season ticket holder, you will get to meet the players and get autographs during the annual "Meet the Magic" party, held every February. If you are not and you want more information, please visit our tickets page on or call 407-89-MAGIC (press 1).

Q: I need to find an Orlando Magic jersey, but you don't have my favorite player. Why not?
A: The league decides which replica jerseys to reproduce. For any merchandise needs, please call 407-916-2684. Merchandise is also available at every game!

Q: Can you give me some details about how the Magic is doing financially? I need it for a class project.
A: Unfortunately, we do not release that information.

Q: I'm a huge fan. Can you please send me an autographed basketball?
A: Once again, due to the high volume of requests we receive for autographs, we are unable to grant wishes for them. Players make appearances in the community and at local businesses to sign autographs. That's a great time to catch your favorite player! Please watch the paper for more on upcoming appearances.

Q: How do I make a request for a charitable donation from the Community Relations department?
A: We have a donation request hotline set up. Please call 407-916-2628.

Q: What is the official mascot of the Orlando Magic?
A: On October 27, 1988, a large egg was discovered in front of the TD Waterhouse Centre. No one is sure what planet it came from or how it arrived in Orlando. Witnesses, however, report a giant explosion followed by a shower of deflated basketballs, Orlando Magic bumper stickers and puffs of green smoke. What emerged after that was a dragon with so much spirit, he just had to be the Magic's mascot. Stuff made his community debut at Church Street Station on Halloween night of 1988. Stuff can be found at every home Magic game and most Magic-related activities, as well as civic and social events throughout Central Florida. If you are interested in having Stuff at an event, please contact the Orlando Magic Talent Network at 407-916-2660.

Q: How many players are on a roster?
A: Twelve active players and three injured (for a total of 15) can be on a team's roster at one time.

Q: Will you have days set up for fans to come get autographs from Magic players?
A: There is an autograph session for season ticket holders every year. If you are a season ticket holder, you will be getting information during the season. If you are not, please see our tickets page for more information on how to become one and the other benefits included with becoming a season ticket holder. There will also be times when players are out in the community for appearances and fans can get autographs. Watch the local papers for these appearances.

Q: Do you assign the players their numbers or do you let them choose them?
A: Each player selects his own - provided no one on the team already holds that number or the number is not retired.

Q: Please explain the stipulations of the draft picks you have over the next couple of years.
A: Unfortunately, the details of those deals are way too long and complicated to break down in this small space! We can tell you that most of the draft rights that we have obtained are lottery protected and to be used between now and 2005.

Q: Can you tell me the details of the contracts of all the players currently on your roster?
A: Sorry! Per club policy, we do not release any information pertaining to player contracts.

Q: Can one of the players make a surprise visit to my party?
A: Unfortunately, our players are inundated with such requests and are unable to grant them. Please call 407-916-2660 or 407-916-2675 if you would like Stuff or any of the Magic dancers to make an appearance!

Q: How can I get an autographed item from a former Magic player?
A: Start by contacting the team for which that player plays now. They can give you instructions on how to obtain his autograph. If you are not sure where he is now, you can look him up by his last name on Simply go to the web site and choose "Players" and select the first letter of the player's last name.

Q: How does someone get on an NBA team?
A: Players are drafted from college or straight from high school. Teams workout players and interview them before the actual draft. Tryouts for the Orlando Magic are by invitation only. Those invitations come from the Magic office after the basketball operations department has spent time reviewing tapes and evaluating players on the court.

Q: Can I get a player's phone number from you?
A: Unfortunately, we do not release any personal information about the players.

Q: What do the players do during the summer?
A: Many of the players will go home to visit family and some will stay in the area and help out with youth basketball camps, charity golf tournaments and other community projects. While it is a summer vacation for them, they all stay active and in shape.

Q: Do the players volunteer in the community?
A: Although they have busy schedules, the players devote a great deal of time to the Central Florida community. The events they participate in range from reading with children at a local library to working the McDonald's drive-thru to raise money for charity. In fact, Grant Hill just won the Rich and Helen DeVos Community Enrichment Award for his community service efforts throughout last season.

Q: How do I know if my credit card information is safe when I buy things from the store?
A: Every transaction with the store is guaranteed safe. Please read this information for more details.

Q: What are the tie-breakers for the playoffs if two teams finish the regular season with the same record?
A: They are, in this order: results of head-to-head games, better winning percentage within own conference, better winning percentage within own division (only if tied teams are from same division), better winning percentage against playoff teams in own conference, better winning percentage against playoff teams in opposite conference, better point differential between offense and defense.

Q: What is it like when the team travels? Who rooms together, what do they eat, and what do they do when not practicing?
A: When the team goes on the road, each player stays in his own room. Sometimes the guys eat on their own and other times, a meal is provided by the team. If there is free time, after practice, they can go out and see family in the area or visit the city they are in. Immediately following the game, they jump back on the Magic plane and head to the next city or home to Orlando.

Q: Where did your announcer, Jack Givens, go to school? Did he play ball there?
A: Jack "Goose" Givens is a graduate and former basketball standout from the University of Kentucky. He is well remembered for his outstanding performance in the 1978 NCAA tournament final win over Duke, when he exploded for 41 points in the contest. His total was just three points shy of the all-time NCAA championship game mark! Jack was a first-round draft selection of the Atlanta Hawks in 1978.

Q: Does Magic Magazine have its own web site? If not, how do I order a subscription?
A: If you're interested in getting the inside story on team coaches and players, on the court, off the court, in the community and behind the scenes, then Magic Magazine is for you. It is published 12 times a year and gives you a 'front row seat' with player profiles, columns and feature stories, full-color photography, a pull out poster and more!

To subscribe, select the Magic Magazine link on the home page. You can also call our toll free number at 1-877-841-7070. If subscribing from outside the United States, the subscription rate is $39 for one year (to accommodate postage costs).

We also encourage Magic fans to subscribe to e-Magic Insider. This is a free service that you can subscribe to through the Magic web site and we'll send you the latest information as it is released by the team right to your computer. You get it before anyone else!

Q: I want to work in sports. How can I get a job with the Orlando Magic?
Our organization is always looking for talented people. Please check our full-time employment and internships pages.

Q: How did the Magic get their team name?
On July 27, 1986, Pat Williams, one of the driving forces behind bringing a franchise to Orlando, announced that if granted a team, it would be named Magic. The name was chosen from 4,296 entries submitted in a contest held by the Orlando Sentinel, our local area newspaper.

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