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Will Knicks Trade Carmelo Anthony?

Josh Cohen’s Analysis (Jan. 20, 2014): There is enormous concern in New York about Anthony, who will be an unrestricted free agent this summer. It’s apparent at this stage that the Knicks are nowhere close to being title contenders and because of their salary cap situation and lack of attractive trade pieces are likely not to be any time soon.

The Knicks should, and according to one source close to NY’s plans will, explore trading ‘Melo at the deadline. One thing that hinders such an idea for the Knicks, however, is that they do not have a First Round pick. Therefore, “inevitably” getting worse this year by dealing Anthony isn’t a “benefit” because their sufferings would only assist Denver (or Orlando) in netting a higher draft pick. It’s also an obvious risk considering the Knicks can offer ‘Melo five years this summer which no other team will be allowed to do.

Could the Knicks somehow land an established superstar for him? Unless the Clippers shockingly decide to trade Blake Griffin, which is extremely unlikely, there aren’t any young emerging stars that will be available at the deadline. New York needs to find a suitor that is willing to jeopardize its own future for present gains. That would suggest the Knicks acquiring draft picks and unproven, yet promising young talent.


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