Around the Association - Regret in Atlanta and Charlotte?




Regret in Atlanta and Charlotte?

Josh Cohen’s Analysis (Jan. 20, 2014): When the Hawks signed Paul Millsap and the Bobcats inked a deal with Al Jefferson this past summer you figured Atlanta and Charlotte were inevitably going to be “middle of the pack” teams this season. And that has proven to be precise.

While both may very well end up being playoff teams this year, which especially in Charlotte is significant considering it has qualified for the playoffs just once and has never won a playoff team in its nine-year history, the chosen path jeopardizes future growth.

Neither team will likely have a high draft pick (unless the Nets miss the playoffs which will give the Hawks a lottery pick as a stipulation from the Joe Johnson trade) and they will be forced to rely on their current respective nucleuses.

If the Hawks and Bobcats can have a mulligan, would they still have signed Millsap and Jefferson this past summer?


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