Amway Center

The Amway Center: Tops Among Modern Sports Facilities

Amway CenterOrlando Florida’s Amway Center is the heart of the “City Beautiful’s” entertainment and sporting Industry, showcasing world renowned events. This is never more true than when the boards of the arena are graced by the Orlando Magic’s superb combination of charm and athleticism. With 20,000 seats filled to capacity, the Amway Center provides an energized, modern, and technologically advanced arena for the Orlando Magic to cast its spell on the court. Nothing can outshine the sound of thousands of basketball fans cheering for Orlando’s favorite, award-winning team.

Located at an important intersection of downtown Orlando, the Amway Center serves as a central hub between modern Orlando and the historic Church Street district that remains a founding part of Orlando’s history. With a tower of steel and glass and a 180-foot screen rising into the Orlando skyline, the center provides a unique, modern structure to accent the world class facility in which the Magic play. The facility was named the 2012 Sports Facility of the Year, in part because of its striking appearance, but also because of luxurious amenities offered to patrons and sports enthusiasts. The Amway Center features the tallest high-definition video board in the NBA, allowing you to catch every second of the Magic’s plays in ultra-clear high definition, no matter where you are sitting. Over 1,000 monitors provide additional game coverage throughout the building and special premium seating can provide box seats or court side seats with the best view and ultimate comfort.

Also inside, patrons can visit several restaurants, the food court, and special indoor-outdoor areas that celebrate and take advantage of the Florida climate. With triple the space of the old Amway Arena, the facility offers many amenities that showcase the Orlando Magic. The Nutrilite Magic Fan Experience offers a peek into special moments of the Magic’s history, as well as information on the players that have helped make the team repeat conference winners, all while showcasing the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. The Orlando on Demand area allows visitors to access special events and attractions around Orlando, letting you plan your itinerary for a visit, or simply discover something new to see in the “City Beautiful.” For avid Magic fans, the Orlando Magic Fan Fest takes the energy of the Amway Center and extends it into the city. Nearby historical Church Street provides the avenue for pre-game gatherings for fans, offering energetic socializing to ramp up excitement for the game, pre-game contests, prizes, and interactive games. Children are not forgotten either and Stuff’s Magic Castle provides a children’s area for children over two and under 48 inches tall where they can meet the team’s mascot, play matching games, or shoot hoops before or during the game. Whether patrons are watching the high-action games of the Orlando Magic, or creating memories before and after the game, the Amway Center provides the ultimate in sports enthusiast comfort.