Orlando Florida Entertainment

Orlando Florida EntertainmentAre you looking for Orlando, Florida entertainment options for an upcoming visit to the Orlando area? Perhaps you have spent hours upon hours pouring over the internet trying to find the right options for your family’s trip. Each website seems to make the search more difficult and more complicated. Should you choose a theme park where your children may be thrilled but your spouse might feel bored or like the activities are child oriented? What about a historical option like the space center or a museum? But then your children may feel like there’s not enough for them to participate in to be interested. Maybe you could simply forego all of these other options for Orlando, Florida entertainment and spend time at the beach. Then again, the idea of getting sun burnt and covered in sand does not sound appealing either. The answer to your entertainment woes likes in the heart of downtown Orlando at the Amway Center: the Orlando Magic.

The Orlando Magic, Orlando’s premier NBA basketball team, hosts its home games at the Amway Center in the heart of Orlando, Florida. Conveniently located, this provides a central point for the entertainment for your next trip. The Amway Center itself is a state of the art arena, voted one of the best athletic arenas in the nation, with cutting edge technology and comfort that make each game come alive, no matter how far away you are from the court. Every level of seating has excellent views and exciting access to the game. For Orlando, Florida entertainment, the Amway center and the Magic offer one of your best options.

Outside of the games themselves, the center provides other entertainment opportunities like restaurants that offer delicious meal options, outdoor areas that give you a chance to experience Florida’s ecology and climate, kid zones that let the children experience basketball and athletics up close, and historical and team exhibits that let every family member explore the history of the Magic, the NBA, and its players.

If you are fortunate enough to be attending a Magic game as part of your Orlando, Florida entertainment experience, you can begin your evening of excitement by starting festivities at nearby Church Street. Another of Orlando’s historical areas, Church Street often serves as the celebratory start of Magic games with prizes, giveaways, and fan socials that let you get psyched for the big game. Nothing can match the excitement of seeing sports fans get pumped and ready for the big game while sharing in Orlando’s historic and fun-filled atmosphere down on Church Street. Whether you are looking for a brief visit to the Amway Center to escape the heat, or to attend a Magic game with all its excitement, the Orlando Magic is one of your best Orlando Florida entertainment options.