Basketball Plays

Basketball PlaysAll sports enthusiasts and basketball enthusiasts in particular, can recall some of the most amazing basketball plays they have seen. Whether it was a particularly difficult pass surrounded by zealous guards, or a basket shot from an incredible distance, amazing plays are what make basketball such an exciting and interesting sport to watch. The Orlando Magic, one of the NBA’s most exciting teams, is known for many of its amazing basketball plays, showcasing the teams ability to pass, shoot, defend, and play offensively.

The term basketball play usually refers to a coordinated and organized movement that the team or specific players have practiced for use in a larger game. Basketball plays may be simple or complex, involving one player or multiple players in an organized attempt to retrieve and defend their position on the court, or to score. Coaches will typically work on specific plays with the team in preparation and practice for games. Plays can also be chosen by coaches during the course of the game to help combat offensive or defensive strengths of the opposing team. Some plays are set specifically with specific actions, while others give players a choice of options to choose the best offense or defense for a given situation.

Some examples of basketball plays include the dribble drive, which allows a two or more player group to push a ball quickly and efficiently down the court. An offensive movement, this play is an aggressive movement of the ball around and down the court. In contrast, a floppy series that is utilized, in some form, by many NBA teams flattens out the defensive line and allow for ball retrieval and shooting opportunities. While known by many names, plays are designed to become well practiced, choreographed moves that allows teams to work cohesively together. The actions on a basketball court are far from random.

The Orlando Magic, for example, has many such plays at its disposal. Whether its guarding offensive players aiming to make a basket or fierce drives down the court to hopefully make a shot, the Orlando Magic works tirelessly on plays that can improve its games and scoring potential. With players like Mo Harkness, Lebron James, and Paul George continually practicing drills and plays, the team can look forward to a cohesive and strong game upon the court. Further, observant fans can often see plays in action, picking out strategic movements that coaches give to players to help win the game. This organization is what makes the Orlando Magic one of the most exciting teams to watch in the NBA. Whether they are performing offensive, defensive, traveling, or shooting plays,
basketball plays help make the game for the team.