2013-14 OMYF Black Tie & Tennies Gala Review


All of the Magic players showed off their brand new Indochino customized suits.

Earlier this year, Kyle O’Quinn attended an Indochino premiere fashion event in Orlando. It was the first time Indochino set up one of its traveling tailor shops in Florida and men of all ages were able to get fitted from expert stylists.

The process is also rather simple and effective for those shopping online. Customers visit Indochino.com, choose a preferred style, customize the suit and get measured online. There are new and updated designs every week with a myriad of features like character monogramming, collar felts and linings to decide on.

“It’s a top of the line service,” O’Quinn said at the event. “It’s really convenient and you get the best quality. For the first time, hit or miss, I got the suit on first try. It feels like it is made for you."