2012-13 Quotes


Magic vs. Celtics (11/25/12)


Orlando Head Coach Jacque Vaughn:  


Did you get the shots that you wanted?:

“We got J.J. on a good look that we drew up.  We got some good looks down the stretch. If there was one thing that I wanted maybe to be better was a little bit of a screening at the end, but overall pretty encouraged and happy about our guys’ effort.”


The one out of bounds play where you all were down by three:

“That wasn’t designed that way.  We’ve run that play before but I did a little variation of it and long story short usually we have the ball in hand and this time it was out of bounds and so, it was not run to perfection.”


“Well, they had too many points in the first half, I think 58, and that was just too many for us to have a chance.  I thought we played better defense.  They still had too many rebounds in my opinion, but our stops gave us a chance to get out and get in the lane a little bit and create for each other and make some shots.”


“This is a great experience for us. We had guys contribute off the bench.  Josh came in and played some great minutes for us in regulation and overtime.  And it’s a great sign to see guys wanting to play, wanting to play for each other, and contributing.  So, we’ll put it all together.”


On Josh McRoberts and career high rebounding against Kevin Garnett:

“He brings us versatility.  I had him guard Pierce.  I had him guard Green. I had him guard KG.  And so, then he wins the tip in overtime.  So, his versatility and his ability to contribute to the team, a very positive sign and I thank him for that.”


On offensive rebounding and Brandon Bass:

“Well, Bass is really good.  He got some key offensive rebounds.  We had some stops and instead of us, everyone calls those 50/50 balls, and they came away with them a few too many times.  But overall I was happy with our effort.”


On the offensive rebounds, was that a size thing or an experience thing?:

“I’ll have to take a look at the tape on that one and see, maybe use some of the tactics, have our guys use some of their tactics a little bit and see how their getting 17 offensive rebounds against us, but that’s something that we’ve got to deal with.  There’s no secret, our turnovers and then second chance points.”




 Glen Davis-


On his team’s play down the stretch…

“At that time the leader is supposed to step up. Jameer and everybody else did a good job. I was nowhere to be found tonight. You’re not going to make every shot; at crunch time you’ve got to do something, I didn’t do anything.”


On his own performance…

“I played OK defense on KG (Kevin Garnett) at the end. I was three for 12 and I didn’t contribute on the offensive end the way I needed to do. I felt that I didn’t rebound the ball hard enough, I turned the ball over too much.”


Whether playing his former team is affecting his performance…

“I don’t know but whatever it is I need to suck it up and do what I need to do, but I let my team down. They played extremely hard. This is on me I think. I don’t care what anybody says. It could be played here but if I come to play we’d beat them.”


On Boston’s second chance points…

“Rebounding the ball is a big thing for us. We have to rebound the ball the best that we can. I think that Josh did a great job helping out rebounding. We need to finish the game the way we need to finish the game. We can’t give teams second chances.”


Josh McRoberts-


On defending multiple positions…

“I try to do what I can to help. I’m just trying to fill in where they need me. I don’t care who I have to guard as long as I get a chance to play.”


On making the right plays down the stretch…

“I don’t think so. If we did we would’ve won.”


“We had some good shots there at the end. Coming out of the time out we didn’t really get what we wanted. I don’t really recall what the shot that we got ended up being but we just have to execute. That’s something that comes with being together and getting better and knowing one another.”



Magic vs. Pistons (11/21/12)


Orlando Head Coach Jacque Vaughn:


Talk about third quarter and holding them without a field goal for 9:45, was it an energy thing or a focus thing?:

I thought our defense was pretty good in the first half also.  I think it was just great concentration coming out of halftime and guys were focused and it showed.


On starting Maurice tonight and thinking behind that: “It was Wednesday.  I start him on Wednesdays, just a good night for him to start.”


On Andrew Nicholson and the role he’ll play this year: “Andrew he’s continued to gain trust from the coaching staff. He’s been great.  His ability to continue to learn and play with a maturity and he’s got a good ceiling ahead of him and I’m happy to be a part of trying to help him get there.”


On Glen Davis being in foul trouble but staying in: “It was a collective effort and we talked about that going into this game. We need every individual to be ready to play and Glen got in foul trouble, Nik got in a little foul trouble, Goose came off the bench and gave us some great minutes.  Kyle O’Quinn gave us some quality minutes.  Our bigs really did a good job.  Andrew gave us some good minutes.  So every person that stepped on the floor tonight contributed and helped us get this win tonight.”


What did you say to the players at halftime:

“I wish I would’ve said something that was worth saying again but it was a few adjustments we made.  And guys had a great concentration level.”


How did Maurice play:

“He was good. You know the reason we put J.J. in the lineup from the start was Jameer was hurt and we needed some more punch, so that was my reason of putting J.J. in the starting lineup from the start.  And now we’re getting a little bit healthier as a team and I said from day one I  wanted J.J.’s role to be off the  bench and tonight was an opportunity for me to make that happen and seemed to work pretty well for us.”


Will Harkless come back into starting lineup on Weds:

“We’ll see about that.  You know we’ve had injuries, we’ve had sickness and we’ve made do.  And we’ll continue to do that. I thought the matchup tonight for Moe was great.  I want him to play against an experienced guy that will test his ability to stay down on pump fakes and he did a pretty good job.  He ran the floor and the message doesn’t change.  I’m gonna put him in positions where I think he can achieve success.  And I think tonight was a pretty good effort from him.”



Andrew Nicholson: (On what he has been doing to improve his game) “I’ve been staying late, watching tape, listening to the veterans because they have been helping me through.”


“I’ve seen a lot of unselfishness. We are having a tremendous amount of assists and we are all playing together and being competitive.”


(On playing efficient basketball) “It is very important. We shot the ball pretty well. Everyone is making aggressive cuts and everyone is playing unselfish basketball. That is really helping us.”


(On the transition from college to the NBA) “They (the players) are bigger and faster and the game is bigger and faster so I just have to adjust to that.”



Glen Davis: “In order for us to be successful, we are going to have to use each other. We are going to have to play basketball and that is making sure we execute, do whatever the coach wants us to do and also to share the ball. I think sharing is caring and when you do that, you create other opportunities for everybody. Also, the mentality that coach has us playing, he is telling us to play free. When you play free with the right mindset and a great spirit, that is what it is about in order to be successful.”


“We want the rookies to set the tone and establish their careers. In order to do that, we are going to have to show them the way. The good thing about the rookies is that they are willing and open to listen. That is the most important thing. Listening and accepting their role and accepting criticism, no matter if it is good or bad and building are things that are rookies are doing. The coaching staff has done a great job in making sure that we put the things in that we need to put in for the game and our rookies are paying attention.”


“Andrew (Nicholson) is growing extremely fast. He is doing the right things and he is doing them with the right mindset and the right spirit. When you are doing things like that, big things will happen for him.”


Jameer Nelson: “We still have a long way to go but the effort is good. We are trying to do things correctly. Sometimes we are a little late on our helps but that just comes with a little more experience and less thought.”




Magic vs. Nets (11/9/12)


Orlando Head Coach Jacque Vaughn:


On the importance of playing solid defense…

“Getting stops help. It can’t be to the point where we are letting offense dictate the entire game. You can play defense every single possession. It doesn’t guarantee that the ball is going to go in but it is a lot harder to score when we have to take it out and their defense is set. It is a two-way street. We need to defend.”


On the team’s physicality…

“I think we had 0 free throws at halftime and they (Nets) were the aggressors. Brooklyn came out and played extremely well. They were coming off two losses as well and they showed a desire to fight and to try to get a win.”


On the Magic’s offensive struggles…
“You have to be committed to execution. Not every other play, not every fourth play but every single play. You have to cut hard every single play. You have to screen every single play for us to have success. And when we are not committed, it shows. It is pretty simple.”


On Maurice Harkless’ play…

“He got minutes again. He is just improving. He is trying to get better every day and just like the rest of his teammates, we all have a lot of work to do.”


On being outrebounded…

“It goes along with defensive commitment. It is extremely hard to box out every single play. As a team, we have to make that commitment.”


On DeQuan Jones’ health…

“He is still being bothered a little bit by his groin so it was my decision to not play him.”


 Arron Afflalo:


On the team’s defense…

“We’ve got a lot to work on defensively, being the main issue. But the good thing is that we play that same team on Sunday. So I think it will be a great chance for us to see if we can truly learn from tonight. The opportunity for Sunday, to play that exact same team on their floor I think will be a great thing for us. Hopefully we grow from tonight.”


On generating more offense…

“We just have to do better in transition. Defense is the key though. When you get the stops it allows you to push the ball, get out and run a little bit more, and those things are difficult if you’re not getting proper stops. We’ll focus on defense Sunday against a team that we will be very familiar with in less than 48 hours from now.”


On the team being outworked…
“I thought we competed and played hard. We just didn’t make shots. It’s really just defensively. I don’t think it was the hustle more than anything. I think we just have to hone in on helping each other out, rebounding, and getting it going.”


Andrew Nicholson:


On the message after the game…

“We just have to come in tomorrow and work hard. We have another game on Sunday.”


On facing the Nets again on Sunday…

“It’s another opportunity. We didn’t do our best tonight but we’ll come in tomorrow and fine tune a few things and play on Sunday.”


“It’s an opportunity to make up for your mistakes.”


On making progress individually…

“I’m still learning. I’m just out there doing my best.”



Magic vs. Suns (11/4/12)


Magic Head Coach Jacque Vaughn:

About the turnaround, was it just playing harder or adjustments, combination of the two?

“It was a lot of factors. We were only down ten at the half and they had 33 points in the first quarter and came out and Glen gave us some energy offensively which kind of got us going a little bit. Then defensively we tightened up a little bit.  We were in the right places more often than not. We stopped penetration. We rebounded the basketball.  They had ten offensive rebounds in the first half for 14 points, which really was the difference in the game. I just thought they focused a little bit more. This was a gutsy effort by the men in that lockerroom and I’m extremely proud of them.”


What was the difference in the paint between first qtr and rest of the game? Were the guys just out of sync or were they just executing?

“I think we missed some jump shots and I think that was the start of it and so they were able to get out and get rebounds and get a good rhythm themselves.  Then we started to be the aggressor.  We got in attack mode which was good to see.  That’s how you have to play in this league.  You have to be the aggressor.  That gives yourself a chance every night.”


On Glen Davis’ play

“He was so focused tonight. It was great to see his energy, his passion. I think everyone got a glimpse of that tonight, and his leadership.  And it’s not always, for him not through words, a lot of times his actions, and how hard he wants to defend.  How aggressively he tried to play in the post defensively.  He was trying to will us a lot of possessions.  And he did a great job of providing passion for us tonight.”


On outside talk of not winning many games and has that negativity been the driving force, the fuel for these guys to play hard not not believe what’s going on in the outside?

“The most important thing is as coaches we’ve lived in the positive world and that’s the world we want to live in.  Where we stress to our players that each day you put in work and effort there’s something rewarding you for that effort.  And that’s been our approach.  I haven’t hung one clipping up, one quote from a writer from any sort of publication and I won’t be doing it.  We work every day, we’re professional, this is our job and with hard work comes a chance for success.”


On Nik’s performance:

“It was great.  He picked up a few fouls.  I had to get him out of the game earlier than I wanted to.  I think the glaring importance tonight was how big he is.  Scola got rolling a little bit and Glen had three fouls and I put Nik on Scola and he did two things.  He rebounded the ball for us and I think he did a pretty good job of guarding Scola, so that was a momentum stopper.  The points, the screens all that he’s going to do.  The ability to be big for us and be a defensive stopper, boy that was fun to see tonight for him.”


J.J. Redick-


On the third quarter…

“I just saw a change in that third quarter in the energy level. The two guys for me that really set the tone for that was Arron and Glen. Their energy in the third quarter, particularly at the beginning, Arron was aggressive driving the ball, getting to the free-throw line, making plays off the dribble. That was key and that kind of got us back in the game. That gave us the spark we needed.”


On a rewarding win…

“It always feels good to win in the NBA. It is not easy to win in the NBA. It’s not easy to win when you’re projected to win 60 games. Every game is tough. We did what we were supposed to do and win our two games at home. Now we have to go on the road. For a group with not as much experience it’ll be a challenge and we’ve got to stay together. The older guys have to do a good job of leading.”


E’Twaun Moore-


On the team’s depth…

“With everyone contributing and everyone chipping in, it definitely makes us hard to guard. It’s not just one person that you have to worry about, it’s a team effort.”


On the third quarter…

“We pushed the tempo; we got more stops first of all. With us getting stops we were able to get the ball out and push.”


Glen Davis-


On willing his team to a win…

“You have to. It starts somewhere. It starts with coaches making adjustments and then the players, captains, leaders making the change in the game. It was a great team win out there.”


On his team’s identity…

“There’s no all-stars here. There’s no guys that you give them the ball and say you give us a bucket. We’ve got players that need each other and that’s the mindset that we’re going to take. We want to go somewhere far, we can’t go alone. If we want to go somewhere we have to go together.”


Magic vs. Nuggets (11/2/12)

Orlando Head Coach Jacque Vaughn:


On his team’s ability to share the ball…

“I am extremely proud. That was one of the things that we we’ve been stressing since day one, is that on any given possession you don’t know who’s going to have the ball, who’s going to score, who’s going to shoot it, and that’s okay with us. We shared the basketball tonight, we looked for each other, and it was fun to be a part of.”


On Glen “Big Baby” Davis…

“Sometimes he’ll have 25 shots, sometimes he won’t. I don’t think you could look at the game and say that those shots were forced. He did a great job of going to the offensive boards. They were switching and so we took advantage of throwing the ball to him into the post and it was all within the framework of our offense. If that happens on given nights so be it.”


On his team making a statement…

“There were some results from training camp. This is the first game for us and the best thing is that this counts and it was great competition for us. A great first night to see where we are and see where we want to continue to go to. There’s some progress that needs to be made but overall I think tonight was a great effort. I told the guys, everyone that stepped into the game contributed and that’s fun basketball.”


On the emotions in the locker room…

“It was a good feeling. Before the game I thanked all the guys. There was no elaborate speech or no elaborate poem or quote. I thanked the guys for this month of being together with them, of allowing me to be their coach, of coming to practice, for being on time, for mutual respect, for mutual communication, and at the end of the game Jameer gave me the game ball. That’s the progressive process that we’re talking about, that it goes both ways. I’ll give and tonight they gave as well.”


On Hedo Turkoglu and receiving the game ball…

“Turk has a broken left hand and he’ll be evaluated tomorrow.”


On J.J. Redick…

“He commanded attention, he’s a willing passer but he can score the basketball for us also and that’s a good combination because when you do that bigs will screen for you and there’s opportunities for them to catch passes, there’s opportunities for him to shoot the basketball. He’s been great from day one. His approach is so professional in practice. I enjoy just seeing him work out. I enjoy his approach every day. He’s one of the best since I’ve been around.”



E’Twaun Moore


“You just have to be ready. When Coach calls on you to play, you have to be ready to play.”




“We have to fight the whole rest of the season.  We’re going to fight hard every night, for the rest of the season.  Come out, compete, and get a win.”




“This win will give us some confidence.  It’s been all about practice, it’s been a week since we played a game.  So to come out and get a win is good for us.”






Arron Afflalo


“It was amazing to get our first win in this fashion.  Obviously J.J. and Glen stepped up.  But it was a real inspired team effort for us.  We knew that we had to withstand the run we were expecting in the beginning of the second half.  It was a good home opener for us.”




“It’s exciting.  There have been a lot of changes around here.  The expectations haven’t been so high so for us to get off to this type of start is good for us.  We’ll continue to take it one game at a time.”




Jameer Nelson


“For me, you always want to do well for your coaches, for your team and your organization.  Then you have a guy like Jacque, anytime you put so much into the game of basketball as a player and as a coach, you have special moments like that, you want to cherish them and help them with those moments.  Before for the game, he basically thanked us for working so hard and all that.”




“We have to get better every day.  We have to do that every time we step on the court and in practice.  We did tonight.  We made a lot of mistakes.  They made a run and we showed great resolve.  We’re sure that we’re going to play together.”