2012-13 Orlando Magic Dancer Auditions: Tough Decisions

By Josh Cohen
August 8, 2012

ORLANDO -- Envision yourself watching an instant classic NBA game. Each team refuses to surrender and both squads continue to expend every last ounce of energy they have left.

The game is in an epic fourth overtime and you turn to your friend sitting next to you enjoying every facet of this immortal contest and lightheartedly ask why can’t both teams win?

Well, that’s essentially where we are at after several competitive, yet stirring, days of auditions for the 2012-13 Orlando Magic Dance Team.

The 30 finalists have proven they are all extremely talented, personable, passionate and committed.

But like in that treasured NBA game, ultimately not everyone can win.

On Thursday night at Amway Center from 7p-9p, the esteemed finalists will perform in front of several judges, including Dance Team Manager Jeanine Klem-Thomas and Assistant Manager Cherie LaRosa, and everyone who chooses to attend the event (open to public) or decides to watch it live on OrlandoMagic.com.

And while it will undoubtedly be difficult to narrow it down, the top 20 will be chosen to represent the Magic this upcoming season.

For the first time ever, you have a say in the matter. After reviewing each finalist’s bio and dance routine and while evaluating each performance on Thursday, vote for the dancers you think most deserve to make the team. There is NO limit to how many times you can vote. So vote and vote often.

Auditions began Saturday and it was evident from the start; regardless of which 20 are picked, this group may be one of the most well-rounded and gifted Magic Dance Teams in franchise history.

In addition to practicing the routines they will showcase at finals on Thursday, the dancers have participated in Adult Conditioning Classes to test their physical fitness and have spent time interviewing with a variety of assessors.

On Tuesday, for example, the finalists took part in an alumni evaluation. Six groups of five rotated from table to table to answer an assortment of questions from former Magic Dancers.

If that wasn’t stressful enough, immediately after all 30 had to perform both of their dance routines in front of the same alumni panel.

And collectively, the finalists shined. The panel was so impressed that afterwards the judges praised the contestants with what seemed like every positive adjective in the book.

Tune in Thursday to OrlandoMagic.com to watch the finals and also continue to vote for your favorites.