The Ring's the Thing... 2000-2001

For the second year in a row, the Los Angeles Lakers have chosen Henry Kay Jewelers of Chicago and Masters of Design of Attleboro Falls, MA to both design and produce the 2000-2001 Back to Back NBA Championship rings. Henry Kay Jewelers and Masters of Design have manufactured championship rings for some of the top sports teams and private companies in the world.

The ring, which represents the 2001 NBA Championship is completely manufactured in the United States in Masters of Design's own factory. The ring which weighs approximately 42 pennyweights of 14 Kt. yellow gold contains approximately 1.07 carats of white diamonds. The ring's top is paveed in brilliant genuine yellow diamonds. The yellow diamonds weight approximately .60 carats. This is the first time in NBA history genuine yellow diamonds are being used. On top of the yellow diamonds are two diamond encrusted NBA Championship trophies. The bezel has the world "WORLD CHAMPIONS." At the bottom of the bezel, the word "LAKERS" is in the Lakers' type face. There are two bezel set diamonds on the bezel.

On one side of the shank is the full Lakers logo and the words "BACK 2 BACK" in a triangle to represent the Triangle offense of the Lakers. The year 2001 is at the bottom of that side. The other side has the player's name cut out and his number. In the middle is the NBA logo and the numbers 15-1, which represents the playoff record of the Lakers - the best in league history. The overall season record is also on this side. The largest ring size is 15 1/2, the smallest is 8 1/2.