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4/20/07 Phil Jackson responds to questions about the upcoming playoff series as well as his traditional movie choices. Kobe talks about the Phoenix series & Jordan Farmar talks about the possibility of being in the starting lineup for his first NBA playoff game. Kobe Bryant (.mp3)
Jordan Farmar (.mp3)
Phil Jackson (.mp3)
4/11/07 Kwame's Ankle, Vlad's Shoulder, the Clippers, & the Zone defense are discussed in today's report. Audio from Kobe Bryant, Vladimir Radmanovic, & Phil Jackson Read/Listen
4/05/07 Head Coach Phil Jackson talks about the previous night's loss to the Clippers as well as Kwame Brown's health and the matchup with the Sonics Phil Jackson (.mp3)
4/02/07 Kobe Bryant & Luke Walton react to Phil Jackson's Hall of Fame nomination and the upcoming game against the Denver Nuggets Kobe Bryant (.mp3)
Luke Walton (.mp3)
3/29/07 Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, & Phil Jackson talk about Sunday's loss to Memphis and tomorrow's game against the Rockets Kobe Bryant (.mp3)
Lamar Odom (.mp3)
Phil Jackson (.mp3)
3/20/07 Kobe Bryant & Kurt Rambis talk about Kobe's huge scoring weekend and the remainder of the Lakers schedule. Kobe also talks about his jersey being the #1 seller in China. Read/Listen
3/13/07 Brian Cook sustains an injury at practice, Luke Walton & Lamar Odom talks about the road back to the floor, and Phil Jackson discusses the state of the team and the NBA's "Witch Hunt" against Kobe Bryant Read/Listen
3/01/07 Unedited post-practice sound from Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson, Kwame Brown & Vladimir Radmanovic Listen (.mp3)
2/22/07 Kobe Bryant Discusses the 6-game losing streak and the trade deadline Read
2/20/07 Quotes from Luke Walton, Vladimir Radmanovic, & Kwame Brown regarding their injuries and the All-Star Break. Read