Lakers Records: Regular Season Highs

Many of the records set by the Lakers throughout franchise history came at the hands of Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

As August rolls on, we take a look at the Lakers' record books, starting with the all-time regular season highs of the franchise, including still-standing NBA records like consecutive wins (33 in 1971-72), or highest field goal percentage for a season (a staggering 54.5 percent in 1984-85). Many of the offensive numbers in particular come from the "Showtime" era led by Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who amassed four championships in the 1980's, but there's a record or two from most every era on the list.

Most Wins:
Season: 69 (1971-72 )
Consecutive: 33* (1971-72)
Home: .968 (Minneapolis, 30-1, 1949-50)
Road: .816 (Los Angeles, 31-7*, 1971-72)
Note: The squad featuring Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West and Gail Goodrich held the NBA record for most wins in a season until Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson's Chicago Bulls went 72-10 in 1996-97, but L.A.'s 33-game streak still stands to this day. Most Points:
Game: 162 (vs. GS, 3/19/72)
Half: 91 (vs. GS, 3/19/72)
Half: 91 (vs. CHI, 11/23/66)
Quarter: 49 (vs. GS, 3/19/72; vs. CHI, 11/23/66)
Season: 9,937 (121.2 per game, 1967-68)
Note: West, Wilt and Gail had little trouble scoring during their championship season, while West and Elgin Baylor both averaged over 26 ppg for the 1967-68 team that happened to have seven players average in double figures. Related: the tempo and rules of the game at the time aided all NBA teams in higher-scoring, with generally less focus upon defense. Most FG Made:
Game: 69 (vs. DEN, 4/9/82)
Season: 3,964 (48.3 per game, 1982-83)
Note: The 1982-83 Lakers scored 138 points against Denver on April 9 before you even add in free throws and three-pointers. Highest FG Percentage:
Game: .685 (vs. NYK, 1/23/79)
Season: .545* (1984-85)
Note: Making 54.5 percent of your shots as a team is an absolutely staggering number for the 1984-85 Lakers, who certainly spent a lot of time in lay-up lines during a peak of "Showtime" basketball. To put that in perspective, in 2010-11, only seven total players in the NBA shot higher than 54.5 percent. Most 3-PT FG Made:
Game: 19 (vs. WAS, OT, 12/17/06)
Season: 662 (2007-08)
Note: Jerry West would like to see what these numbers would have looked like were the NBA to have had a 3-point line when he swished long bombs. Highest 3-PT FG Percentage:
Game: 1.000 (@ POR, 6/6) 1/1/87
Season: .378 (2007-08)
Note: OK, 6-of-6 isn't all that impressive, but the fact that no Lakers team has ever shot better than 38 percent, let alone 40 percent, from deep is of interest. Most Rebounds:
Game: 107 (vs. IND, 1/14/51)
Season: 5,816 (1960-61)
Note: George Mikan, the first great Laker, certainly had a lot to do with the record mark of 107 in 1951, when shot-making wasn't necessarily at its peak. Most Off. Rebs. (since 1973-74):
Game: 31 (vs. LAC, 2OT, 11/15/93)
Season: 1,365 (1973-74)
Note: It's always a bit less impressive to have record statistics come in double overtime games, but what can you do? Most Def. Rebs. (since 1973-74):
Game: 58 (vs. SEA, 10/19/73)
Season: 2,970 (1973-74)
Note: The best rebounder on the board-happy 1973-74 team was Happy Hairston, who pulled down 1,040 total boards in the season and 705 on the defensive end. Elmore Smith was right there with him, grabbing 702 of his own on D. Most Assists:
Game: 51 (vs. DEN, 2/23/82)
Season: 2,575* (1984-85)
Note: We can thank Magic and Pat Riley's system for that all-time Lakers and NBA record. Johnson had 875 of the team's dimes that season, while Michael Cooper pitched in with 482 himself. Personal Fouls:
Game: 47 (vs. SYR, 1951-52)
Season: 2,168 (1966-67)
DQs, Game: 5 (vs. STL, OT, 2/17/57) DQs, Season: 60 (1957-58)
Note: Having 60 players foul out in 1957-58 actually wasn't too far out of the norm in what was a far, far different NBA game than is played today. That record is likely quite safe. Most Steals:
Game: 23 (vs. KC, 11/9/82)
Season: 653 (1973-74)
Note: Jim Price (157) and Gail Goodrich (126) were the main swipers on a team playing without Wilt Chamberlain for the first time in five seasons. Most Blocks:
Game: 21 (vs. DEN, 4/9/82)
Season: 653, 1973-74
Note: Elmore Smith swatted everything during the 1973-74 campaign, finishing with 393 of L.A.'s 653 blocks, including still-NBA records of 17 in a game (10/28/73 vs. POR) and 11 in a half (same game, naturally).

* Denotes NBA Record