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Rick Fox chatted live on Monday afternoon.
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During his five seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, Rick Fox has become a stable force in the rotation, having started all but five games in the last two years for the three-time defending champs. His dead-eye shooting during the 2002 playoffs and Finals took pressure off teammates Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant and provided the Lakers with a perfect outside weapon.

Married to actress and singer Vanessa Williams, Fox also finds time to persue his other passion, acting, having appeared in "Oz" on HBO and "He Got Game" with fellow NBA star Ray Allen. Fox's latest on-screen appearence is in the new Lakers Championship Video, which premieres in L.A. on Monday, July 22. A native of the Bahamas, Fox has played for two of the most storied NBA franchises in his 11-year career. After six seasons with the Boston Celtics, Rick signed as a free agent with the Lakers prior to the 1997-98 season.

Rick took some time to chat live on NBA.com and lakers.com on Monday, July 22. Read what he had to say.

clements-bklyn: hi Fox, do u consider yourself as a role player who helps and contribute to the team? And who talk trash during games on the hardwood.

Rick Fox: I would definitely say that I play a specific role for our team. I don't think I've ever been considered a superstar in the league. As for talking trash, I rarely speak to my opponent on the floor. I've been accused of getting into verbal conflicts off the floor. When it comes to talking trash, I'd say Kobe owns that trophy on the Lakers.

Matt from South Dakota: Rick, you are a key member of three straight Laker titles. Considering the age of Shaq and Kobe, and the skill of the role players,how many more titles do you think you can win?

Rick Fox: I think if we can stay healthy and with our system is in place (coaches and players), we grow in confidence each year. I think we can do it again. Health is an issue and you have teams like Sacramento and San Antonio building to knock us off, so it gets tougher and tougher, but I still like our chances.

Tim (myerstown): Hey Mr. Fox,
Big fan of you and the Lakers. I know that Sac series scared you guys a little. I could tell. My question is this; Did the Kings (Bibby) play almost perfect basketball or are they equal to you guys? Lets face it one wrong bounce of the ball and you don't repeat. If yes, can they repeat that level again? Great to watch you guys, You make the NBA fantastic!!

Rick Fox: They did almost play a perfect game. In some cases they raised their level as individuals. Mike Bibby and Chris Webber played very good series. Bobby Jackson was great as well. We were not at our best at certain times. It was kind of a warning to us to be at our best when we play them. We'll know that next year.

Sergey(Antelope,Ca): Hey Rick Fox
I got a question who is your hardest opponent to guard in the NBA? Congratulations, Guys!

Rick Fox: The hardest person for me to guard is retired -- Charles Barkley. He presented the biggest problem for me becaause of his "width" and quickness. You're not going to beat him down physically because of his size and he's also quick and can jump. That combination is pretty special.

Allen (Charlotte): What is your impression/interpretation of the acquisition of Tracy Murray and re-signing of Devean George? How will your role and minutes change? Will you return to a reserve role at this point in your career?

Rick Fox: That's probably a little premature. I've had some of my better moments at this point in my career. Knowing Devean has been in the system for three year and his versatility will help him out. I have a theory that the best player will play. I'm about winning the championsip. I think I still have some pretty productive years left as a starter.

Michael[Kansas City: Mr fox. How do you feel about the lakers draft and the pick up of Kareem Rush?

Rick Fox: I haven't had a chance to see him play for us yet but I've heard some great things. It helps us grow our depth. I saw some Missouri games in the tournament. He's agressive and a lefty shooter. It would be nice to have a backup center. But I feel good about our added depth.

Houston: Hey Rick, Why haven't the lakers been to the Bahamas as a team. We're waiting to have a parade for them like we did when they won in the 80's and Bahamian Micheal "Sweet Bells" Thompson was on the team. Remind them that having a Bahamian on the team has been there lucky charm. Maybe they need to send a scout to start recruiting directly from the Bahamas. We're proud of you!!!

Rick Fox: I'd love to have my teammates experience our home in the Bahamas -- the weather, the food the people. But at the end of the season, everyone goes in 100 different directions. We spend so much time together, we're usually the last ones we want to see after the season. I spent some time down there and there were some talented kids. I think there could be a good future for some of them.

vista: hey rick, this is nigel aka "the biggest laker fan" so what do you do during the off season? and what kind of food do you eat to keep u in shape

Rick Fox: Usually I eat whatever I want about two weeks after the season as a reward for eating well during the season. I eat the Zone, which are balanced pre-prepared meals. I get the best results from that. I drink a lot of water. It's nice to keep the system hydrated. Just the portions and the size of the meal is important. Not overeating and thinking when you eat is crucial. I usually eat whatever the Zone sends over.

Jo (Oakland): Tell us more about the new movie you're in, scheduled to open next year? I think it's called "Hole?" or something to that effect?

Rick Fox: It's with Jon Voight, Sigourney Weaver and Henry Winkler. It's based on book that's very popular in schools.

linda, san francisco: Happy b-day, rick! Even though it's a couple days away. could you give us the inside-scoop on what the Laker locker room is like?

Rick Fox: A lot of media at times. We have our core of players and trainers. More importantly it's well-constructed and comfortable. The Forum was a great place to play. The atmosphere was more intimate at the Forum, but at STAPLES we've won three championships, so it's great to be there.

Kristin Huffman -Santa Maria: When are you going to rock the cornrows again? It was a good look for ya!

Rick Fox: That was brought about with my stepson. He was an Allen Iverson fan and he wore corn rows. He told me there were no Lakers with corn rows. I wanted him to follow the team. I didn't want to lose him to the Sixers. When I shaved my head bald he went bald, so I think I got him back in the fold.

David (El Cerrito): Rick, I was really waiting for some more guys to cut to the hoop during the series with Sacramento. I noticed in game 7 you had some clutch success doing that. Was that a conscious decision on your part or were you just reacting to openings in the defense? Dave

Rick Fox: There was a lot of attention payed to Shaq and Kobe. Throughout the series I had some opportunities to take the ball to the basket. Turkoglu has become a good offensive player but hasn't really developed on defense. He paid a lot of atttention to Shaq and that opened up a lot of lanes for me to get through.

linda, san francisco: Happy Birthday, rick!!! Flashback to Game 4 of the Western conference finals, 11.8 seconds left, l.a. down by two. Kobe missed. Shaq missed. Robert Horry ... What was your reaction?

Rick Fox: I made the inbounds pass. We've had success after Shaq passes to Kobe but it never got to that part of the play. Kobe made a nice move but got pushed in the lower back and missed the shot. I saw Shaq put it back up and when Vlade batted the ball out, I thought it was over. When Robert shot the ball I was under the hoop. I just watched it hit and didn't know if it was a two or three and started walking off like it was overtime. Then I heard the crowd go nuts and I knew ...

dl, carson city: rick, do you ever just wake up some days and pinch yourself-i mean you grew up in the sunny bahamas, played high school in hoops crazy indiana, matriculated and balled at carolina, drafted by boston and end in lala winnin' ring after ring and to top it off miss america is there?

Rick Fox: No. Cause I might wake up. I just ride the wave. It's been a great ride. There have been things that haven't gone picture perfect. But, overall I've really been blessed. I wouldn't change it.

ray ray, north philly: rick, i wanna know how close are the the carolina players, do you ever go back to play with the former players and team and to that end does mike (jordan) and all tarheels have a spoken or unspoken bond on and off the court?

Rick Fox: Yeah. The bond is defintely there between UNC players. I would say the ones who've played for Coach Smith have come out as sort of a brotherhood. We've consistently stayed close.

carl, trenton: rick, i'm gonna play aresnio and ask would you rather co-star with shaq or your wife? but seriously would the first inclination be to work or not work with vanessa?

Rick Fox: Well, we get a lot of offers. Right now I'll focus on basketball. Most of the offers I get to work with Shaq are FROM Shaq. It's a hobby of ours, the entertainment side. But there's very little of it during the season. Basketball consumes us. And you don't win championships by going halfway. There's still time after the season or when our careers wind down. We're in no hurry.

greg, boston: i was a fan of the celtics when you played there in the early 90s...what do you recall most about your time there..and how good of a player was or would reggie lewis have been had he not had his life cut short by his tragic death?

Rick Fox: That was difficult to accept. I was a part of that team. The sky was the limit for him. The game was just effortless. He would've gone down as one of the greatest players of his day. You can only think of what was and what might have been.

Alvy R, newport beach ca: fox, hey does anyone call you by your full given name: ulrich?

Rick Fox: Only people who know me. If I hear that I turn around; it's usually someone that knows me.

jocelyn, detroit: rick, what is the best part of the video?

Rick Fox: I like when you can look back on the season as a whole. YOu see highlights of how tough the Sacramento series was. AT the time we saw all these guys with cameras and it seems intrusive, but now that the video is out, it's all worth it. But I'd have to say my favorite part is Shaq's rap to the Cheers theme.

First of all, thanks to everyone who wrote in and participated in the chat. I'd like to say hello to my employees at Game Time Wireless. Those people behind the scenes in my career. My family. The Lakers. My entertainment people. Marisa Shapiro, Lisa Gowen. Just special peopleand special friends. And everybody at NBA.com. And King Rice, my buddy. And to Doug Allston.