Derek Fisher Chat Transcript

Derek Fisher is the Lakers silent assassin.
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Los Angeles Lakers point guard Derek Fisher just completed his sixth season in the NBA, helping the Lakers to their third straight NBA title. In addition to that honor, Derek also gets to enjoy the premiere party of the Lakers Championship Video in Los Angeles on Monday, July 22, with Lakers teammates. Longtime Lakers broadcaster Chick Hearn will serve as emcee.

In addition to the third championship, last season was a statistical success for Fisher as he set or tied career highs in 11 categories, including points in one game with 28 against the Bulls. Derek also had his best season from behind the three-point arc by hitting 144 threes and shooting more than 40 percent for the first time in his career.

Derek took some time out of his schedule to chat live on and on Tuesday, July 23. Read what he had to say.

Pratik: o my gosh!!!!!! i'm actually talking to the one and only Derek Fisher...... you feel confident for the next season, how is kareem rush doing?

Derek Fisher: I'm confident going into next season. I'm healthy for the first time in a couple years. I'm enjoying the summer. Training hard. As far as Kareem goes, there will be an adjustment coming into the pros, but he's a talented player and he'll pick it up.

Tasha Birth (Raleigh, NC): Hi Derek, How many years do you have left on your contract? I saw in People magazine that you were an eligible bachelor. I was so shocked. As handsome as you are you must be very picky when it comes to women.

Derek Fisher: I have four more years left on my contract. Actually we have to be selective about people we keep in our company. As a celebrity, living a public life, you have to be a little careful who you spend your time with.

Rijen (The Netherlands): What's your advice for a player who's trying to improve his outside shot???

Derek Fisher: The key to success in just about anything is making something routine -- make it come naturally for you. You already cleared the first hurdle by wanting to improve. You'll see the improvement with hard work. It'll come slowly but surely.

Mini K: D-Fish, you had one hell of a year. Was covering Bibby that hard? All the papers were ripping on you, but I don't pay attention to that. D-Fish, is it really that hard to make it to the NBA, especially for a little guy?

Derek Fisher: First off, thank you. Finishing as champs made everything worthwhile. Guarding every guard in the NBA is a tough task. Overall Bibby played a great series, but usually the best team wins. But for me, I'm just glad to be healthy. And I think people will see the difference in my game -- coming into the season healthy for the first time in a couple years.

Stefan(Atlanta,Ga): Who's the hardest person you've ever had to defend?

Derek Fisher: Earlier in my career, I'd have to say John Stockton. He was always difficult to guard because he plays on a different level mentally. He plays the game in a different way, so my first couple years he was the toughest guy for me to guard.

Jackie Phoenix: How does it feel when you see somebody that is wearing a lakers jersey with the number two on it?

Derek Fisher: That's a strange experience. I was driving down the street and saw this young girl -- 11 or 12 years old -- and I turned around, pulled over. When I walked up to them they didn't believe it was me. I just wanted to thank them for supporting me. I signed some stuff for her. It was a great experience.

Aaron : Derek, how do you feel about signing autographs ?

Derek Fisher: I think signing autographs is part of what we do and who we are. It comes with being a celebrity. Most guys are OK with it. It's something that, well, each situation is different. We have good days and bad days like everybody else. Some day you'll sign all day long. Other days it's tougher. As long as people ask nicely and don't make it like it's your duty. I think guys are OK with it.

Alabama: Is wearing the headband behind the ear a trademark or is that making sure the waves are on point? What's next after the NBA?

Derek Fisher: The headband thing is just a quirky something -- I wanted to do something different. It feels more comfortable on my head that way, actually. I can't pinpoint what I'd like to do after the NBA, but I'd like to give back -- maybe in coaching or maybe in a sports management company that helps young guys coming into the league.

detroit: Derek I know that you and Corliss are partners, but did you all celebrate together at any point and time throughout this summer? If so, that's what friendship is all about.

Derek Fisher: Corliss and I have been close friends since the age of 10. We grew up in Arkansas and played on the same teams. He and I and our families have been close for some time. It's hard to believe we both came from there and got drafted in the NBA. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to met them in the Finals this year.

Antonia(Raleigh): what is your favorite part of the video?

Derek Fisher: I'd have to say the footage when we're on the bus and behind the scenes stuff people don't see. The highlights, people have seen 100 times over. But the stuff behind the scenes is cool. On the DVD, there's some things in there about the community activities we did during the season.

Fort Lauderdale, FL: Derek: I think that you are a great defensive player. What do you do in the off season to develop that defensive intensitiy. Thanks, Wil

Derek Fisher: Thank you. The last couple years I haven't been able to work on some things because of my foot surgeries. There are a lot of drills you can do to help your lateral movement. I do the same type things that high school coaches and AAU coaches around the country do. We do many of the same things, maybe just at a higher level.

Chaka: Hi Derek, you are my Favorite Laker. I loved you on the Jamie Foxx Show and wonder have you appeared on any other television shows or will you in the future?

Derek Fisher: Thanks. Wow. It's rare that I'm somebody's favorite. I've done a couple other shows. I'm looking forward to getting other opportunities on sitcoms or shows. We'll see what happens though.

Pennsylvania: Hey Derek? Were you worried your team was going to lose against the Kings?

Derek Fisher: I don't think we were worried we'd lose. We continued to believe, even when we were down, that we'd do it. Once we got into battle, we expected to win the entire time.

EL: Is 70 wins a goal for the upcoming season?

Derek Fisher: We set ourselves up last year with a goal for a number of wins. So I think we're not going to put a number on it, just go out and play. I think if we focus every night a total of 70 is entirely possible.

Kylah(Tampa,FL): How do you feel about the new Kings-Lakers rivalry?

Derek Fisher: It's definitely an official rivalry. Before this past season, you couldn't say that because of how we dominated them. I think it'll be great for the NBA. It should be an exciting season and we look forward to playing them in the regular season.

I want to thank everyone that logged on today. Continue to support the NBA and I hope I'll be back here next year to talk about Championship success again!