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You have a great style on the radio. Is there any chance you would ever do simulcasts with Stu like Chick used to do? - Drew

Very flattered you feel that way. Thanks so much for the compliment. I think the days of a simulcast are long gone. And besides, I’m just really into radio play-by-play right now. Enjoying it more than you can imagine. It’s so satisfying, knowing that the listener is totally dependent on your descriptions. Most importantly, the Lakers already have a TV play-by-player, Joel Meyers, who is one of the best in the business.
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When the Lakers were on their 6 and 7 game losing streaks, in the games that I watched Kobe was very unselfish and putting up 25-30 points a game didn't work, but now that Kobe is back to how he was playing last year the Lakers are actually winning. It is great that Kobe is giving the ball to his teammates and racking up assists (he had 13 or something one game) but when he shares the ball his team doesn't always hit the shots. Now that Walton is back do you think Walton should take the role of assist-man and let Kobe take over games like he did in his 65 and 50 point performances? Is Kobe taking over the only way the Lakers will progress far in the playoffs? - Luca

Gradually, as Kobe’s scoring numbers dip back to reality, the balance of this offense will become a focal point again. The Triangle Offense is, in essence, based upon equal-opportunity. “The Streak” was breathtaking while it lasted, but it shouldn’t be ignored that it came against primarily defensively-challenged, sub-.500 teams. The Lakers will face either the Spurs or Suns in the First Round of the playoffs, and a one-man attacking strategy won’t fly. San Antonio is too smart defensively to allow one player to beat them in a playoff. And last season, the Lakers learned quickly that when Bryant is forced to carry the scoring burden against Phoenix, the result is usually a lopsided loss.
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I know it is a long shot, and not likely with cap limitations, but do you think there is any chance of the Lakers making an offer to Chauncey Billups in the off-season? He just seems like a perfect guard for the Lakers and would be a great fit with his ability to run an offense, defensively ability, and ok size (6’3”). - Dustin

While I can’t comment on players under contract with other teams, I will say that the team will look to be active this summer. There are areas of weakness that need to be addressed, and there is urgency to do so, considering the “window of greatness” that remains with Kobe Bryant. Perimeter defense has been very poor – a big reason this team has been average defensively, at best. In my humble opinion, it will be an “active” off-season for the Lakers.
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I am just a little bit worried with our team due to injuries of our key players, is it the right time for Phil to let Kobe step up and play the way he plays before coz I don't buy him being the facilitator, He should take more shots from 1st to the last quarter, his aggressiveness is contagious he makes his teammates step up and play better. Is it possible that Pippen will play with the Lakers, I think he's a big help especially with the triangle, I would love to see Kobe and Pippen playing together. Thanks for reading this e- mail. Hope we'll make the playoffs. - Ilagan88

Every Lakers fan should be concerned. This team has been decimated by injuries. Competing in the unforgiving Western Conference at full strength is hard enough. The return of Luke Walton will help. But with Lamar Odom likely finished for the season, I’m just not sure there are enough pieces around Kobe Bryant. Your expectations right now should be simply to qualify for the playoffs. Because as bad as things have gotten, it can always get worse, unfortunately.
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