Sun Yue Signing Press Conference

Here are some highlights from Sun's meeting with the media. Watch the video above to see the full press conference.

  • Sun introduced himself as a 6-9 point guard.

  • His nickname is "Q-Tip" but doesn't mind being called "Q".

  • The transition shouldn't be that difficult because he was in America in 2005 with his previous team, Aoshen. The competition will be better, but culturally it shouldn't be a problem.

  • Sun talked to Kobe after China played Team USA in the Beijing Olympics. Kobe just said "see you in training camp." He was able to meet some of his new teammates on Sunday when he came to meet with GM Mitch Kupchak, but Kobe is the only one that he's played against.

  • On his goals for this year: "Just try to practice hard and do everything that the coach wants. That's my goal for the first year because I am a rookie and I can't ask for too much."

  • On what his biggest adjustment will be: "I think it's (my) body because my body is too skinny for (the) NBA."

  • When asked about his strengths as a basketball player, Sun answered very humbly saying that he wasn't spectacular at anything, but also doesn't have many deficiencies.

    "I think I'm an average player. I do all the things on the basketball court. I like to do all the things on the basketball court. When I (play) defense, when I pass the ball, when I block, I enjoy it because basketball has made my life so happy. I'm average. Not one skill that's very, very good, but no one skill that's very, very bad."

  • The guy he's looking forward to playing against the most: LeBron James. "I like his style of play. He's very unselfish."

  • As mentioned in a previous article, Sun will have a driver when he's in Los Angeles. "I know how to drive. I have a Chinese drivers license, but that doesn't work here. I don't think I have the time to go to learn how to drive in America."

  • On the LA traffic: "2005 when I came here I saw that if you want to go to the supermarket, thirty minutes. If you want to go shopping, one hour-thirty minutes."

    To catch more from Sun, click the video above and watch his full press conference.

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