2011-12 Lakers Practice Report Archive

2011-12 Lakers Practice Report Archive

MAR 2012

Lakers Practice Report: 3/28/12
Defensive effort is always going to be more important to Mike Brown and his staff than an ill-advised shot on offense here or there, but let's begin with the clanked three-pointer Andrew Bynum attempted with his team leading 56-50 with 10:05 on the clock in the third quarter of L.A.'s 104-101 win on Tuesday at Golden State.

FEB 2012

Lakers Practice Report: 2/08/12
For the first time in two days — which this season seems more like a week — the Lakers heard Mike Brown’s voice on an actual NBA court.

Lakers Practice Report: 2/01/12
Catch interviews from Wednesday's practice following the win over the Bobcats Tuesday night. Mike Brown, Kobe Bryant, and Pau Gasol comment on the win and the upcoming 6 game road trip.

JAN 2012

Lakers Practice Report: 1/24/12
Ever since the Lakers lost to the Celtics in the 2008 Finals, there have been questions and suggestions regarding how much L.A. should get the ball in the post, especially to the Spaniard, who almost literally always has an advantage over opposing fours.

DEC 2011

Lakers Practice Report: 12/22/11
After injuring his wrist through the 2011 preseason, Kobe Bryant vows to play on Christmas day through pain.

Lakers Practice Report: 12/20/11
Among the more popular topics of conversation in "How's that gonna work in Laker Land?" over the long offseason was how Kobe Bryant and Mike Brown were going to mesh … for better or worse.

Lakers Practice Report: 12/15/11
On Wednesday, Brown cited the excitement he's been starting to feel while plugging in different options on that sheet now that he's getting to know his personnel a bit, and on Thursday, took it a step further by offering some actual rotation clarification.

Lakers Practice Report: 12/10/11
It wasn't so much a concern as an expectation that it would take the Lakers a while to learn Coach Mike Brown's new system on both ends of the floor.

Lakers Practice Report: 12/09/11
For the first day of Lakers training camp, at least one unscientific count had more reporters on the premises than any day of Phil Jackson’s last season.

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