Markelle Fultz works out for the Lakers on June 15, 2017.
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Lakers Draft Workout: Markelle Fultz

by Mike Trudell
Lakers Reporter

The Lakers' path to the NBA Draft continues in the final days before decision time. On Thursday, they got to take a look at one of the class' most trumpeted prospects, as Washington point guard Markelle Fultz worked out for the team in El Segundo.

Below is a full transcription from Fultz's media session:

Q: On what he showed in his workout:
I just think the way I can shoot the ball, my work ethic, how hard I play.

Q: On if it was hard physically:
When you work out by yourself it’s pretty difficult, but I think I did a good job of just pushing myself as hard as I could.

Q: On why he came to workout for the Lakers given that most mock drafts have him going No. 1:
I think it was a family decision, just going through it. Giving everybody the opportunity. Never know where I might land, so just wanted to see how it is out here.

Q: On if he has other workouts planned:
Not that I’m sure of. Still have to talk to my family after this one just like I did after the last workout and see what we’re going to do.

Q: On some specifics that he did in the workout:
We did some screen and roll stuff, see how I played through the screen and roll. Shooting some threes, getting to the rim. Just different type of finishes and seeing how I score off screen and roll, pretty much.

Q: On if it matters to him where he’s drafted:
It doesn’t matter to me. I’m blessed to play the game. I’d like to go (No.) 1, but wherever I land is where I go.

Q: On any feedback he received:
Just a pretty good job. They saw that I worked hard. They saw that I had the mechanics to shoot the ball right and everything like that. So that’s all that really matters.

Q: On what he learned about the Lakers:
Just building a better relationship with them. Coming out here, seeing the facility. Seeing the owners … a little bit more relaxed (than the Chicago combine). I’m in my home where I love to play at (on the court).

Q: On his plans with the Lakers for the day:
I’ll probably eat lunch and go see the (new) facility.

Q: On being in Los Angeles with the Hollywood lights and so on:
Really to me it doesn’t matter. Wherever I go I’ll be the same guy. I’m going to be humble. Of course coming here, like you said, the Hollywood life, it’s going to be great publicity. I’d get my brand out there and just building myself.

Q: On the other PG’s in the draft:
I respect all of them. They all got different types of games. I believe I fill in every box on both ends of the floor. I think that’s what the difference is.

Q: On playing with D’Angelo Russell:
I think I fit well. He can play off (ball) at the two, I can play off at the two. We’d fit together. Basketball players who are pretty good at what they do learn how to play with each other.

Q: On the last time he played 5-on-5:
It’s been a long time since I’ve played 5-on-5. It’s getting to me.

Q: On being excited for summer league:
Definitely, just to get out there and play with my teammates (on) whatever team I go to. I just love the game, so whenever I get a chance to play it makes me happy.

Q: On how he approached leadership role at Washington:
Going in there at first being a freshman it’s kind of hard with the seniors and stuff. As the season went on, I’ve always (been) a guy to lead by example. Just building my character to speak more and things like that. Going in there I really built a leadership role.

Q: On losing so much at Washington:
It was very tough. Nobody went in thinking we were going to lose that many games. But I think I built relationships and we learned more than you could ever learn losing that many games. How to fight through adversity, sticking together, sticking with each other through everything off the court, on the court. I think that was pretty big.

Working out for the Lakers today, Washington guard Markelle Fultz

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Q: On finding motivation from Lonzo Ball:
I’m a competitor, so anybody that’s in front of me I’m going to try and take them out. Lonzo is a great guard, so we’re both competing for the same position. Stepping on the court, I’m going to try and beat him in everything I do. If that’s tying my shoe faster or anything.

Q: On his strengths and weaknesses:
I think my biggest strength is just playmaking ability, on or off the ball, scoring the ball, getting assists, rebounding. Doing pretty much anything to impact the game. I think the stuff I need to work on is more on the defensive end. Just team defense, being locked in every possession. I wouldn’t say I’m a terrible defender, it’s just being locked in … fighting through fatigue. Saying I’m going to not let me guy score, and being in a position I need to be in if my teammates get blown by or something like that.

Q: More from the Lakers perspective:
They love what I do. I appreciate them for giving me this opportunity. I’m just a good kid. They mostly spoke about off the court.

Q: On if he could see himself being a Laker:
For sure. I could see myself playing here. It’s a great city, a great team. A lot history behind this team.

Q: On playing alongside a young core:
I thought about both. Being a young team, would pretty much feel like college again. But either/or. Coming to a young team or an old team, I’m just blessed to play the game.

Q: On his next steps to get ready for the draft:
After this workout, going home, sitting down with my parents, see if we’re going to take any more visits and then just getting ready for that process. It’s going to be an unbelievable process, something I’ve been dreaming of since I was a kid so I’m really looking forward to it.

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