Randle Round Up

by Mike Trudell
Lakers Reporter

Before the NBA Draft, we asked some experts who closely tracked the top prospects all season to weigh in on various players, including Julius Randle, L.A.'s selection with the No. 7 overall pick. Below is a summary of what ESPN's Ryen Russillo and Kevin Pelton and Sports Illustrated's Luke Winn had to say about the freshman out of Kentucky:

RYEN RUSSILLO: Before the season started, he was in the conversation for the No. 1 overall pick. Randle's the most known quantity of the three (elite) forwards that were in the conversation, including Aaron Gordon (No. 4 to Orlando) and Noah Vonleh (No. 9 to Charlotte). He's going to rebound the basketball right away. He's a beast in that he's a wide body that will create space and get stuff around the rim because he's aggressive and competitive. He has some fire in him, and he's going to get in better shape. He's a great kid with a great family, and a cool teammate who cares about winning.

KEVIN PELTON: Randle's steal rate was a red flag early in the season. It got better as the year went on, but was still relatively poor for a power forward. Offensively, while he showed the ability to create his own shot, he struggled with finishing over bigger defenders in the paint -- something I think will be a problem for him early in his NBA career. Eventually, Randle can overcome it.

LUKE WINN: Julius Randle, the only reason you could get a little bit worried is, a lot of production in college is he bullied people. He was incredibly mature for his age. Randle showed up and he was more physically mature than a lot of college seniors. He’d lower the right shoulder, get into them, drop the lefty hook over them, and push his way around the post. You wonder if it translates against 7-footers. He was a little sloppy with the ball with better defenders on him digging into him on drives. You worry that some of that stuff won’t translate as much. He was flat out a better player than Vonleh, he played in bigger games, produced at a higher level. If you think your team needs a power forward to get double-doubles in the next three or four years, it’s Randle.

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