T.A.T: CDR vs Sacre

You all know how to play H.O.R.S.E.

Select tattoos from Chris Douglas-Roberts and Robert SacreBut have you ever heard of T.A.T.? Of course not, but that's because we just made it up.

T.A.T. features the same principles as H.O.R.S.E., but instead of matching basketball shots, we asked two Lakers to try to match one another's tattoos.

Lakers training camp signee and three-year NBA vet Chris Douglas-Roberts faced off against second round pick Robert Sacre to show off their motley crew of tattoos in a LakersTV piece to determine whose are the best.

We judged the first few rounds as the young players went back and forth, but will leave the ultimate decision up to you. After watching the video, you can vote for either CDR or Sacre in our poll.

Don't worry, folks. We'll make sure to let the players know your decision.

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Who won the game of T.A.T.?:
Who won the game of T.A.T.?
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