Mike Brown on his Assistant Coaches

During an extended LakersTV interview with head coach Mike Brown, we spent some time talking about his new assistant coaches: Chuck Person, John Kuester, Quin Snyder and Ettore Messina. You can check out the video to get Brown's more extended assessment of his staff, but here's a snippet of Brown's words on each coach:

Brown on Chuck Person: "Chuck interviewed for a head coaching job, he has a nice presence, and he is (loyal, intelligent and has the ability to build relationships). I think he can help with the transition of myself and the rest of the guys coming in new with the players that have been here. It's always, in my opinion, good if you can – if you have a relationship with somebody and feel somebody is good – keep somebody from the old staff to help the transition (go) a little more smoothly. Chuck is a terrific assistant coach, and he'll be a head coach just like the rest of my guys sometime in the future."

On John Kuester: "It's great to have John Kuester, a great guy like all my guys. He did, the last year in Cleveland, run our offense and he did a terrific job at it. He's a guy that knows what I like … he'll help not only the transition between myself and the players, but he'll also be a helpful role player in transitioning the new (coaches) get moved along and understand what we're trying to get done a little bit better so it all won't have to come from me all the time."

On Quin Snyder: "Terrific guy. I had a little trouble hiring him though, because (Lakers GM) Mitch Kupchak just refused to hire anybody that came from Duke. I did some finagling, I had to slide a little extra money to Mitch, and Quin doesn't know this yet … but Quin has to run around the practice court in Carolina practice gear 10 times frontwards, and then five times backwards, and then sing the Carolina fight song at mid court one time for Mitch and whoever he decides to bring in to watch this shenanigans.

On Ettore Messina: "He's the equivalent of a Pat Riley, a Gregg Popovich and so on and so forth over in Europe. He has multiple European Championships, and then a ton of league championships in the Spanish League, the Russian League, the Italian League … I'm excited that (Messina's) going to bring some things from Europe that I can use. They play a lot of zone in Europe … I'm not a huge fan of zone defense, but I think it could be effective with the length of the guys on this team. So that's intriguing, and then some zone offensive stuff and more than zone, he is a terrific man-to-man defensive coach and a very good offensive coach.