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Play by Play Los Angeles Lakers 23 24 16 24 87

Lakers grind past Hornets, even playoff series


LOS ANGELES (AP) Andrew Bynum had 17 points and 11 rebounds, Lamar Odom scored 16 points, and the Los Angeles Lakers survived poor games from their two biggest stars to even their first-round playoff series with an 87-78 victory over the New Orleans Hornets in Game 2 on Wednesday night.

Ron Artest added 15 points as the two-time defending champions rebounded from a stunning nine-point loss in the series opener with an improved defensive effort against Chris Paul, who still had 20 points and nine assists after shredding Los Angeles' defense in Game 1.

With Odom's outstanding performance leading strong bench play, the Lakers overcame the struggles of All-Stars Kobe Bryant, who managed just 11 points, and Pau Gasol, who had eight.

Game 3 is Friday night in New Orleans.

Trevor Ariza scored 22 points for the Hornets, who committed 16 turnovers after making just three in Game 1.

The second-seeded Lakers nursed a small lead throughout the second half largely thanks to Odom, who was in top form in his first game since winning the NBA's Sixth Man award on Tuesday. After Bynum scored 12 points in the first half, Odom drove the Lakers' offense down the stretch.

But the seventh-seeded Hornets finally resembled a team missing top scorer David West, struggling for consistent offense for much of the game in front of an energized Staples Center crowd. Carl Landry scored 12 points, and Emeka Okafor had seven points while battling constant foul trouble that forced backup center Aaron Gray to play 23 minutes despite a sprained right ankle.

Bryant apparently concentrated most of his efforts on containing Paul, managing just one field goal in the first half and only reaching double figures on a dramatic dunk with 3:39 to play. Gasol foundered for the second straight game against the smallish Hornets, making just 2 of 10 shots.

The Lakers spent the past two days scheming ways to prevent Paul's 33-point, 14-assist dissection of their defense in Game 1. They alternated several defenders on Paul from the opening tip, but Bryant's snarling full-court pressure made the biggest impression.

The Lakers didn't exactly stop the four-time All-Star, who had nine points and five assists in the first half, yet they managed to limit his effectiveness on the pick-and-roll plays that hurt them in the opener.

Los Angeles got little offense from Bryant and Gasol early, but Bynum was remarkably active on both ends, scoring 12 points in the first half despite his sore right knee.

The Lakers also got a boost during a 14-2 second-quarter run from a bench that barely impacted Game 1, with backup point guard Steve Blake returning from a weeklong bout of chicken pox to rack up five assists in 6 minutes.

After New Orleans committed an NBA playoff record-low three turnovers in Game 1, the Hornets had that many in the first quarter alone, and 10 by halftime. No longer playing a near-perfect game, the Hornets relied on balanced scoring to keep pace, trailing 47-41 at halftime after Paul's buzzer-beating 3-pointer.

Paul hit another buzzer-beating 3 to end the third quarter, trimming the Lakers' lead to seven points even though New Orleans managed just 15 points in the period.

NOTES: Bynum fouled out with 12.6 seconds left. ... During the second quarter, the Lakers premiered a public service announcement asking for tolerance from fans. The PSA is a response to Bryant's use of an anti-gay slur during a game last week, resulting in a $100,000 fine from the NBA. "Because we're all in this together," five Lakers said together to close the PSA. ... Odom was presented his Sixth Man trophy to a standing ovation before the game. Odom then had the trophy put on display on the Staples Center concourse so fans could take a picture with it. ... Fans near courtside included Tom Hanks, Robert Downey Jr., Lil Wayne, David Beckham, Will Ferrell, Zac Efron and Minnesota coach Kurt Rambis.

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5 Combined field goals hit by Kobe Bryant (3-for-10) and Pau Gasol (2-for-10). Gasol struggled to find a rhythm for the second straight game, while Bryant was focused on facilitating for other players. Phil Jackson said after the game that "there's never been a defense or a style I've seen stop Kobe."

9 More fastbreak points for the Lakers (14) than the Hornets (5), thanks in large part for Matt Barnes, who filled lanes in transition and made all four of his field goal attempts in 11:45 of playing time.

12 Lamar Odom's game-best plus/minus rating, meaning the Lakers outscored the Hornets by 12 points when he was on the floor. It was at +19 before a few late buckets from New Orleans. "L.O. showed why he was Sixth Man of the Year," said Chris Paul after the game.

17 Points for Andrew Bynum to lead the Lakers on an efficient 8-for-11 field goals. He added 11 boards, the only player in the game in double digits in that category.

29 Combined points (20) and assists (9) for Chris Paul after he dropped 33 and 14 in Game 1. In fact, 10 of his points came on buzzer-beating three's and free throws after drawing fouls on three pointers, as L.A. did a much better job with him in the pick and roll (Bryant in particular).

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Points Bynum 17, 8-11 FG
Rebounds Bynum 11, 1 OFF 10 DEF
Assists Blake 5
Steals Artest, Barnes 2
Blocks Gasol 3


Lakers coach Phil Jackson on tonight's win:
"Aggressive game, physical game. Still had trouble scoring against their defense. Our defense was better tonight. We still made some inordinate type plays that gave them life, and kept them in the ball game that I'd like to see us eliminate."

Lakers coach Phil Jackson on the Hornets keying in defensively on his stars, and if he thinks they can counter that:
"Yeah, the philosophy is take their two scorers out of the mix and make other people beat us. So basically the offense tonight was Drew, Ron, Lamar, had games that were effective in scoring for us. There's never been a defense or style that I've seen really stop Kobe. Tonight he was very focused on getting the team running on offense, so he didn't really get into that mode. With that being said, we'll work with what we've got and see what we have to do to counter it."

Lakers coach Phil Jackson on his team's defense tonight:
"That was the defense that we played late in the season when we had our little run, and that's basically what we have to do to win a game like this where it's really tough sliding in there scoring."

Lakers coach Phil Jackson on Andrew Bynum's performance and aggressiveness tonight:
"We know that he's the one that really plays well against this team because of his size. He really carries things pretty well, so we're really confident in him having a good game…we think he can play at a higher level even than this."

Lakers' Andrew Bynum on if Kobe and Pau's low-scoring night opened the door for him offensively:
"With us, we're not worried about offense, at least I'm not. I get my touches where they are and try to do the best I can with them. Most important for everybody on our team is the defensive side of the ball. Sometimes, the offense breaks down and things happen, but we need to be able to come back down on defense, and I think we did that tonight. And we made it a little bit tougher on Chris Paul."

Lakers' Andrew Bynum on if he was happy the Lakers drew the Hornets in the first round:
"We like it to be tough. Even though they won the first game, we like to have a good first round opponent, kind of like [Oklahoma City] last year. They made us play with a sense of urgency. So losing this first game, that really put it right back on us."

Lakers' Andrew Bynum on if he considered playing the Hornets a good opportunity for him considering their lack of size:
"Our go-to guys are obviously Kobe and Pau…For me, like I said, I get in where I fit in offensively. I just wait for my opportunities."

Lakers' Kobe Bryant on the importance of Andrew Bynum's performance tonight:
"It was very important. He also got a lot of shots [up]. He did a good job…"

Lakers' Kobe Bryant on his team's performance tonight as a whole:
"It's just; I want to make sure the guys gain confidence in being aggressive. It's not about the amount of shots you take…we win games on the defensive end."

Lakers' Kobe Bryant on guarding Chris Paul:
"Fish [Derek Fisher] and I talked about it. Fish is better at chasing off the screens and I'm better on the ball. We already compliment each other that way, so just I'll take Chris [Paul], he'll [Derek Fisher] will chase off the screen."

Lakers' Kobe Bryant on Pau Gasols' aggressiveness tonight:
"He didn't' have a good shooting night, but he was aggressive and he attacked. That's what we need from him. He sets the tone for everybody else in terms of him being aggressive; it's a certain energy that he carries with him."

Lakers' Pau Gasol being more aggressive:
"You've got to. You've got to stay aggressive out there no matter what's going on; no matter whether things are going your way or not. You've got to continue to play and continue to make plays whichever way you can."

Lakers' Pau Gasol on his activity and Lakers' post presence tonight:
"I kept myself really active defensively and am getting good offensive rebounds. I think we did a good job protecting our paint and attacking them. I think we all were aggressive trying to post up and creating the contact and I think we're going to get more calls if we do that."

Lakers' Derek Fisher on heading on the road:
"I mean we won so that's better than losing but we'll continue to push the envelope and continue to try and make some improvements as we get ready to get out on the road."

Lakers' Derek Fisher on the difference between Game 1 and 2:
"I thought defensively we did something better. We were much more active and we helped each other in a lot of key situations. We still gave up some offensive rebounds and they're getting to the free throw line still too much because of the penetration so we'll have to get better at those things."

Lakers' Derek Fisher on the Lakers' mindset:
"It's about our team establishing a certain mindset and tone when we're out there on the floor. Kobe and Pau are going to be our main two guys that offensively are leading the way for us and the ball is going to be in their hands to make plays so we need those guys be assertive and aggressive out there and making strong decisions either attacking the basket making a play for themselves or kicking it out to the rest of us and I thought Pau did a good job of trying to mix that up tonight."

Lakers' Steve Blake on defending Chris Paul:
"Just try not to let [Chris Paul] get a straight line drive to the basket. He can put a lot of pressure on a defense so you want to make him use his pick and rolls and have the bigs be able to help you out."

Lakers' Lamar Odom on the Lakers' energy:
"I think our overall energy was better and it showed. Overall, I think we all did a good job. [I] just try to play hard and do things the right way."

Lakers' Lamar Odom on Chris Paul's game:
"You have to give [Chris Paul] so many different looks because he's good, great. Probably the best at picking teams apart with the pass and I have a lot of respect for his game."

Lakers' Lamar Odom on Kobe Bryant's defense:
"[Kobe Bryant's] and extraordinary leader because he wanted to change the game with his defense and his energy. A lot of guys wouldn't take that challenge at all. You know, Kobe steps up to a challenge every time."

Lakers' Lamar Odom on winning the 6th man award:
"Of course after you get an award like that you get a little selfish. You can't help but want to play well, but that's my mentality especially this year to play on a certain level. I got great teammates man; that make it fun, at the end of the day, I'm lucky."

Lakers' Matt Barnes on the Lakers' level of talent:
"When we play hard, it will cover up some of our mistakes and we're a very talented team so if we put that effort out we're hard to beat."

Lakers' Matt Barnes on Pau Gasol's play:
"Pau brings a lot to the game besides scoring. His versatility, and playmaking, and rebounding helped us out a lot."

Lakers' Matt Barnes on the physicality of playoff basketball
"[In the] playoffs it's physical basketball and that's something that we need to turn on and we got it and we showed it tonight. We out defended a defensive team and it just shows when we put that effort out we're hard to beat."

Hornets coach Monty Williams on his team's defensive strategy coming into tonight:
"Well, we held them to 87 points. If you told us 'the Lakers were going to score 87 points against your defense, would you take that?' If you asked me that question, I would say yes. My issue is the points that they got off of our turnovers. Then the easy baskets they got in transition. It's hard to play when you're turning the ball over like that.."

Hornets coach Monty Williams on his team having the series 1-1 going home:
"I think it's different because we're playing against a team that has so much experience in these situations, and we don't and I don't. And so, we have to play a certain way. We can't say 'oh, we split in LA, now let's go home.' We have to have the mentality that we have to win every game that we can."

Hornets coach Monty Williams on crediting his team's turnovers to the Lakers defense:
"It was certainly their defense. I thought they were more physical tonight, they played passing lanes, they tried to take some of our options away. We threw the ball away as most teams tend to do where there's a lot of pressure. But I thought there was a focus tonight [for the Lakers] to get after the ball."

Hornets' Chris Paul on the Lakers defense tonight as opposed to Game One:
"They tried to shrink the court on me. They didn't want me to wiggle and dance with the ball that much. It worked for them to a certain extent."

Chris Paul on if the Lakers putting bigger guys on him defensively affected his game:
"No. It's whatever."

Chris Paul on if the Hornets let the game slip away, considering Kobe and Pau only combined for 19 points:
"They had a balanced attack tonight. [Lamar Odom] showed why he was Sixth Man of the Year. We know we didn't play up to our potential, starting with me. There were four free throws I missed, and us as a team, with the turnovers; we fought, but we know we could have played a better game."

Hornets' Trevor Ariza on what was different in tonight's game:
"They just beat us, really. I don't think there was anything that was different, they just played a little tougher. We missed 12 free throws, we turned the ball over a lot, so we didn't help ourselves out really. Other than that they just beat us."

Hornets' Trevor Ariza on Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant's low scoring night:
"No, we don't take it as anything. They have a good team, so when those two players aren't scoring, they have other players that can score. We just have to do a better job of matching their intensity, matching their bench players, and trying to rebound."

Hornets' Aaron Gray on what area of play they will address going into game 3:
"I think there were a lot of little things tonight, I think we did a lot of things that we didn't do well. We just need to find a way to maximize our opportunities like we did in game 1. Obviously coming home to New Orleans, expecting a lot of energy from our crowd and that will definitely help us."

Hornets' Jarrett Jack on what was different about tonight's game:
"They definitely were more aggressive, from the start to the finish. We didn't do a good job of taking care of the ball, which translated into a lot of easy transition opportunities for them."

Hornets' Jarrett Jack on tonight's loss:
"…I know my guys give every bit of effort they have, but in the Playoffs you've got to find something else. You might be tired, everybody's tired at this point in time, but you've got to find something deep down within and you've got to keep playing."

Hornets' Jarrett Jack on splitting the series 1-1:
"No, I'm not satisfied when we lose. It's never easy coming to L.A. You know, we're happy but not satisfied. We didn't play up to our capabilities tonight and we've got to go back Friday and take care of home court."



LOS ANGELES (AP)—Nearly seven months and 83 games after the Los Angeles Lakers returned from their second straight championship run, they're still searching for the mental motivation necessary to chase that third straight ring.

That's not just the opinion of pundits, opposing scouts or furious fans. These Lakers freely acknowledge it after Chris Paul and the New Orleans Hornets made them look like playoff newbies in their first-round series opener.

"We have to change our disposition as a team," Lamar Odom said Monday. "We have to get a different energy."

If a series-opening loss to ragtag New Orleans can't get their attention, what can? The Lakers will find out in Game 2 on Wednesday night.

Paul and the Hornets played with all the urgency Los Angeles lacked in their 109-100 win Sunday, making few mistakes while beating the Lakers at many of the champs' strengths. The Lakers couldn't match the Hornets' urgency or inventiveness—and they didn't really appear interested in trying, outside of Kobe Bryant's 34-point performance while taking more shots (26) than any three of his teammates combined.

"We're a little frustrated, but it's a road we've been down before," Odom said. "We can't lose our minds and get out of control. We have to remember where we are in this process."

Yes, another luxury of back-to-back titles is the freedom to write off one bad loss on a run that requires 16 victories.

"These things happen," Lakers coach Phil Jackson said. "It's not the end of the world. … We probably had a bad day, and they had a good day."

The Lakers have echoed this theme all season whenever they failed to reach a short-term goal, vowing they would get it together when the games really count. They won 57 regular-season games, the same number as last season, yet lost the majority of their major showcases, including a Christmas Day game against Miami and the home NBA finals rematch with Boston.

Pau Gasol and Bryant both passed on the chance to rehash Game 1 with the media Monday, although Jackson said Bryant felt no lingering effects from his neck-first tumble into the front row shortly before halftime.

The Lakers are probably aware that roughly 78 percent of all NBA teams that lose their playoff opener go on to lose the series. None of the Lakers' previous 16 championships came after losing a postseason opener, and the club opened each of its five championship runs under Jackson with a win in the first playoff game.

Yet amid all the highfaluting dissections of their motivation, the Lakers also revealed some fundamental flaws in their defensive rotation and communication while Paul shredded them. Jackson kept the Lakers in film study for more than two hours before Monday's practice.

"We played the game, so we knew how it was going to look on film," said center Andrew Bynum, who had notably little success discouraging Paul's drives to the hoop. "It was just a terrible effort on defense from everybody, the whole team."

New Orleans coach Monty Williams went back to work after his dynamite playoff debut hoping to emphasize the same advantages his Hornets exploited so well in Game 1. After watching the Hornets' three-turnover performance with surprisingly strong bench contributions in Game 1, Williams hopes almost nothing changes.

"We wanted to take advantage of our speed," Williams said after the Hornets' workout at USC's downtown practice court. "We also have to get stops. You're talking about one of the better offensive teams in the league. Trying to get those guys to miss is a monumental task. Even when they make a shot, you can't live in that moment. You've got to get the ball out of bounds quickly, get it to your guard and push it. We want to force tempo."

Paul wasn't basking in the glow of his 33-point, 14-assist performance in Game 1. He deflected credit for the win onto New Orleans' big men, the coaching staff and just about anybody except the guard who reminded everybody why they shouldn't be fooled by the Hornets' stumbling finish to the regular season or the absence of leading scorer David West.

"I've been saying all along, just get us to the playoffs," said Paul, who averaged a career-low 15.8 points per game during the regular season. "Just get us to the playoffs, and we've got a chance. I just tried to have a different intensity yesterday, and hopefully the guys fed off of it."

Paul's energy even spread to the Hornets' bench, frequently a liability during the regular season. New Orleans' reserves outscored the Lakers' bench 39-21, adding another dimension to an all-around superb effort by a team with none of the Lakers' complacency issues.

"We're not satisfied with what happened," said New Orleans' Jarrett Jack, who scored 15 points in his first career playoff game. "When we walked into our locker room, there wasn't confetti falling from the ceiling or anything, and we had like medals handed to us. We won the game, but you've got to win four of them, so we've got a big uphill battle."

NOTES: Hornets C Aaron Gray's right ankle was in a protective boot after he sprained it late in Game 1. Gray, who scored a season-high 12 points, isn't sure whether he'll be ready to play Wednesday. "I've got a softball in there, but it's actually come down a lot," Gray said. "I've got a lot of range of motion back." … Lakers G Steve Blake returned to practice Monday after missing a week with chicken pox. He's expected to play Wednesday. "Basketball-wise, I felt good," said Blake, who remains mystified about how he got the disease. "It's not like I went up to someone and shook someone's hand that had spots all over them."

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Lakers Kobe Bryant (sprained left ankle) will play.
Matt Barnes (sore right knee) is probable.
Steve Blake (chickenpox) is probable.
Andrew Bynum (bone bruise, right knee) is probable.
Devin Ebanks (stress fracture, left tibia) is out.

David West (torn ACL, left knee) is out.

Game 1: 4/17 - NOH @ LAL L 109-100
Game 2: 4/20 -
Game 3: 4/22 -
Game 4: 4/24 -
Game 5: 4/26 -
Game 6: 4/28 -
Game 7: 4/20 -
* if necessary

Regular Season:
- LAL @ NOH W 103-88
01/07 - NOH @ LAL W 101-98
02/05 - LAL @ NOH W 101-95
03/27 - NOH @ LAL W 102-84

In playoff basketball when you win a game there is the feeling that you can never lose again. Consequently, when you lose a game it can feel like you have no idea if you will ever win again. Clearly, neither scenario is accurate and sometimes young teams can let these type of feelings get in the way of focusing on the next game. Fortunately, this Lakers group has been through many battles and that makes it easier to simply analyze what happened in Game 1 so we can correct the mistakes and come out victorious in Game 2. This analysis begins with Chris Paul. He dominated game 1 and put up historic stats. When a player has 33 points he has impacted the game and like wise when a player has 14 assists. When it's the same player it is easy to see why Paul is regarded as one of the best guards in the league.

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The Lakers swept their season series with New Orleans 4-0 after taking last season's series from the Hornets 2-1. The Lakers are 8-2 in their last 10 games against the Hornets and have won seven of their last eight overall. The Lakers are 7-3 in their last 10 homes games against the Hornets and are 14-4 all-time against the Hornets at STAPLES Center. Since the Hornets move to New Orleans from Charlotte prior to the 2002-03 season, the Lakers have gone 9-3 at New Orleans Arena while going 0-2 at Ford Center in Oklahoma City during their temporary relocation from 2005-07. Under head coach Phil Jackson, the Lakers are 23-9 against the Hornets. In 2006, the Lakers and Hornets took part in the city of New Orleans first professional sports game following Hurricane Katrina when they met at the New Orleans Arena March 8, 2006. The Lakers won that contest 113-107 behind 40 points from Kobe Bryant. In 2006-07, Bryant scored a series record 50 points 3/23/07, becoming just the second player in NBA history to score 50+ points in four consecutive games. In 2007-08 (11/6/07), Peja Stojakovic made a Lakers opponent record 10 three-point field goals while Chris Paul became only the 7th Lakers opponent to record at least 21 assists in a game and the first since John Stockton did so in April of 1990. In a January 6, 2009 loss to New Orleans, David West scored a series-high 40 points for the Hornets, surpassing Baron Davis' mark of 37 established when the team was in Charlotte in 2002. Lakers assistant coach Jim Cleamons spent the 2004-05 and 2005-06 seasons as an assistant coach in New Orleans. Hornets forward Trevor Ariza played 106 regular season games with Los Angeles from 2007-09, averaging 8.3 points, 4.1 rebounds, 1.7 assists and 1.54 steals during his Lakers career while helping the team to the 2009 NBA Championship. Additionally, Hornets center DJ Mbenga played three seasons with the Lakers from 2007-10, averaged 2.3 points and 1.6 rebounds and was a member of two championship Lakers teams (2009, 2010). The Lakers and Hornets have never met in the postseason. This is the Hornets 3rd playoff appearance as a Western Conference team (2008, 2009, 2011) and 12th overall.

OPENING ROUND HISTORY (Los Angeles era only)
The Lakers have opened the Playoffs in the FIRST Round 39 times and in the SECOND round on seven occasions (1962, 63, 65, 66, 80, 82, 83) since moving to Los Angeles prior to the 1960-61 season. The Lakers have won 36-of-46 opening playoff series over that span and are 136-70 (.660) in opening round games. In Game 1's of their first postseason series, the Lakers are now 34-13. When the Lakers have had home-court advantage in the opening round, they have posted a 33-2 series record. When winning Game 1 in the opening round, the Lakers have a series record of 33-1. Their lone loss came to the Phoenix Suns (2-3) in 1993. When falling behind 0-1 in the opening round, the Lakers are just 3-9. The Lakers three opening round series victories when losing Game 1 came in 1995 vs. Seattle, 1979 vs. Denver and 1969 vs. San Francisco. Only in the San Francisco series, when they lost their first two games at home but won the series in six games, did the Lakers have home court advantage.

In the their loss to the Hornets in Game 1 of their Western Conference First Round series, the Lakers witnessed a number of playoff firsts/exceptional performances by the opposition. In only turning the ball over three times, the Hornets equaled the NBA Playoff record for fewest turnovers in a game, originally established by Detroit vs. Orlando on May 13, 2008. Additionally, Chris Paul totaled 33 points, seven rebounds and 14 assists, marking only the fourth time in 3,272 previous playoff games that a player has attained those levels of points, rebounds and assists in a single game (Oscar Robertson (twice), Walt Frazier and Earvin "Magic" Johnson) while also becoming the first to do so on the road. Also, the Hornets bench went 16-for-22 from the field (72.7 percent), just the third time a team's reserves have combined for that high of a field goal percentage (minimum 15 attempts) in the last 20 years (Milwaukee: 75 percent (4/29/06 vs. DET); Phoenix: 74 percent (5/6/06 vs. LAL)).*

Last postseason, with the Lakers victory over Utah in Game 1 of the 2010 Conference Semifinals, Phil Jackson won for the 103rd time with the Lakers in the playoffs, passing Pat Riley (102) for most playoff victories in Lakers franchise history. Overall, Jackson owns a 225-99 postseason record, with his 225 victories being the most of any NBA coach in playoff history. Additionally, Jackson's 324 career playoff games are also the most of any coach in playoff history, while his .694 postseason win percentage is tops among all coaches as well. With the Lakers 2010 NBA Championship, Jackson (11 as head coach, 2 as player) further surpassed legendary Celtics coach Red Auerbach (9) for most championships won by a head coach while also further passing fellow Hall-of-Famer Bill Russell (11) for most championships won by a player/coach. Jackson has taken his teams to the NBA Finals 13 times, tying him with NHL coaching legend Scotty Bowman for most trips to the Finals in a major professional sport played in the United States.

Since moving to STAPLES Center prior to the 1999-2000 season, the Lakers have won 83% of their postseason home games (74-15). The Lakers have topped the century mark in over half of their postseason home games at STAPLES Center (52-of-89) while the opposition has been held under 100 points in all but 27 of those games. Since the start of the 2008 NBA Playoffs, the Lakers are 31-5 in games played at STAPLES Center. In their last 52 home playoff games, the Lakers are 44-8. The Lakers had won 12 straight home playoff games dating back to the 2009 Western Conference Finals before losing Game 2 of to 2010 NBA Finals at home.

With 34 points 4/17 vs. New Orleans, Kobe Bryant recorded his 79th career 30+ point playoff game, moving him further past both Jerry West (74) and Kareem Abdul- Jabbar (75) for the second most 30+ point playoff games in NBA history. Only Michael Jordan (109) has more 30+ point playoff games than Bryant. Elgin Baylor (60) and Shaquille O'Neal (55) round out the all-time list. Bryant, who recorded his first 30+ point playoff game in the 2000 NBA Playoffs, posted 14 30+ point games during the 2010 Championship run and 15 during the 2009 Championship postseason.

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