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Box Score Orlando Magic 25 21 20 18 84
Play by Play Los Angeles Lakers 19 22 30 26 97

Impressive Lakers roll past Orlando in 2nd half


LOS ANGELES (AP) Pau Gasol scored 23 points, Kobe Bryant added 16 while playing on a sprained left ankle, and the Los Angeles Lakers roared away in the second half for their 10th win in 11 games, 97-84 over the Orlando Magic on Monday night.

Andrew Bynum had 10 points, a career high-tying 18 rebounds and four blocks as the two-time defending NBA champions opened a seven-game homestand with another impressive effort since the All-Star break.

The Lakers (48-20) also drew virtually even with the Dallas Mavericks (47-19) for second place in the Western Conference standings.

Dwight Howard had 22 points, 15 rebounds and nine turnovers - four more than the entire Lakers squad - for the Magic, who shot poorly in the second half of this 2009 NBA finals rematch.

After the Magic led throughout the first half, the Lakers pushed ahead early in the third quarter, but didn't pull away until a lineup stacked with reserves made an 18-5 run spanning the final two quarters. Los Angeles went ahead 85-69 on Lamar Odom's 3-pointer with 7:14 to play, and the Magic never got closer than 11 points after that.

Ryan Anderson and Jameer Nelson scored 13 points apiece for the Magic. Coach Stan Van Gundy left his starters in the blowout until the final buzzer of Orlando's fourth stop on a five-game road trip ending in Milwaukee.

Bryant decided to play despite seriously rolling his ankle during the third quarter of Saturday's win at Dallas. The All-Star game MVP has played through a litany of nagging injuries over the past three seasons - and thanks to the Los Angeles reserves' rally, Bryant had to play just 30 minutes.

Odom also scored 16 points, and Derek Fisher had 15 for the Lakers, who have the next three days off before lowly Minnesota visits on Friday.

The Lakers lost several significant games and endured several embarrassing upsets during the first half of the season, but they've been totally focused ever since Staples Center hosted the All-Star weekend.

Los Angeles already had beaten San Antonio, Dallas, Atlanta (twice) and Oklahoma City since the break before this stirring second-half effort against the talented Magic, who appear entrenched in fourth place in the East.

Orlando put Anderson in Brandon Bass' usual spot in the starting lineup, and the former California star immediately hit two 3-pointers. The Magic might have taken a huge first-quarter lead if not for Bynum, who grabbed 11 rebounds, scored six points and made three monster blocks during a dominant stretch down low.

Bynum's improved play has been a major reason for Los Angeles' surge after the All-Star break. The 23-year-old with creaky knees still isn't in perfect health after missing the start of the season, but he soundly outplayed Howard early.

Bynum got more cheers than Bryant when both left the game in the final minutes.

NOTES: Van Gundy said the Magic miss the energy and presence of Matt Barnes, who signed with the Lakers last summer after one season with Orlando. The journeyman forward had five points and three rebounds in 17 minutes against the Magic in his fifth game back from a 26-game absence for surgery on cartilage in his right knee. ... Orlando G J.J. Redick missed his third straight game with a lower abdominal strain. ... Fans near courtside included Robert Downey Jr., Tom Arnold and Vanessa Hudgens.

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5 Turnovers for the Lakers, coming one short of the season low accomplished at New Orleans in a Feb. 5 win. A shot clock violation with 1:50 to go (Shannon Brown) kept the Lakers from matching the Hornets game.

7 Teams of the 10 L.A. has beaten since the All-Star break that will be in the playoffs this season.

18 Rebounds grabbed by Andrew Bynum, matching his career high. Bynum has been absolutely terrific since the All-Star break, but had his first chance to show off in front of his home fans in this one. He actually outplayed Magic star Dwight Howard, scoring 10 points with four blocks in just 27 minutes, while Howard needed 40 minutes to reach 19 points with 13 rebounds, plus the nine turnovers.

30 Minutes played by Kobe Bryant on his sore left ankle, which he sprained badly in Dallas on Saturday. "The swelling went down, you know, 60 to 70 percent each day," he said after the game. "It was crazy. Felt good enough to go. It was like the size of a softball in Dallas, the next day it was a baseball, then (today) it was a lacrosse ball or golf ball." Bryant said it affected his balance in the first half, when he was 2-for-10 shooting, but he figured it out in the second to make five of his next seven attempts.

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Points Gasol 23, 10-17 FG
Rebounds Bynum 18, 9 OFF 9 DEF
Assists Gasol 5
Steals Barnes, Brown, Fisher 2
Blocks Bynum 4


Lakers coach Phil Jackson on tonight's game:
"We had a good second half. We got our offense running a little bit. Defensively, we got some steals and some easy baskets. Andrew did an adequate job on Howard and a great job on the boards."

Lakers coach Phil Jackson on Kobe's performance with his bad ankle:
"It was alright. I think he was trying to find his way out there. He was aggressive and he wanted to attack…I thought he did a good job defensively at times for us out there. He helped on the boards, got a steal inside, some of the things that are really necessary for us to play well. Offensively, he'll have to find it another day."

Lakers coach Phil Jackson on Andrew Bynum's mindset as far as rebounding:
"His teammates encourage him to get all the rebounds. He sees that Pau is in the top five or six in rebounding. He's going to replace him."

Lakers coach Phil Jackson on Matt Barnes' performance tonight:
"He kind of knew what was going on in their offense, and that helped us out a little bit. So that was good. He's still a ways away of getting back in-sync with all of our guys in the offense."

Lakers coach Phil Jackson on Bynum's effort defending Dwight Howard:
"I think he was a little bit tentative once he got some fouls, so he couldn't play with the same aggression that he wanted to. What did Howard have, 22 points? I suppose that's about his average. He hit some shots from the outside, he hit some bank-shots…I thought he played really well offensively. We had some steals at the end of the game from him and the turnover after an offensive foul…It feels much better when Andrew is in there guarding him than when Pau is in for me. I think he's much more capable of handling the speed and size."

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant on how limited he was tonight due to his ankle:
"Not much. It affected my bounce a little bit just because of the trust factor, just trusting it in the first half. Then at halftime, I just kind of game it a little pep talk."

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant on if playing on his ankle was a matter of pain tolerance:
"It was more mental. I was still kind of being unsure. I hadn't really tested it out. It throws my balance off. I was kind of leaning to the right a little bit more. But the second half, you just have to shoot the shot."

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant on Andrew Bynum being a force in the middle:
"Yeah, he's consistently performing this way, so we expect it from him. This is how he should play and this is how he's going to play."

Lakers' Derek Fisher on tonight's game:
"…I think the turnovers were the key. It allowed us to get more attempts at the basket and then we were able to get offensive rebounds off of some of those attempts. So it kind of kept them on their heels and on the defensive end a lot of the game."

Lakers' Derek Fisher on Andrew Bynum's improvement since his return:
"I think he's just getting more comfortable physically. In terms of being healthy, he came off a knee surgery in the summer. Regardless of age or experience, surgeries take time to recover from. I think he's feeling more comfortable physically, you know, he's doing some unbelievable things out there for us. And I keep saying it, in terms of, since the All-Star break, people are trying to ask why we've been so much better and I'll start with him."

Lakers' Derek Fisher on the difference between his shooting tonight and the game against Dallas:
"Just taking what comes. You know, most nights for myself, or Ron, or a lot of our guys, there are going be nights were offensively you're not going to get many opportunities or even if you get a few they may not go in. You just have to keep playing the game and remaining confident, and realizing that the team still needs you to be aggressive and be confident out there, and just taking advantage of what's there."

Lakers' Lamar Odom on the Andrew Bynum's surge since the All Star break:
"We made shots. Andrew has been doing a great job protecting our basket and playing defense, giving us a force inside that's hard to come by and he's doing it without even scoring sometimes, which not many players in this league can do."

Lakers' Lamar Odom on Andrew Bynum's growth:
"Andrew's game has grown; even from when he first came back to now. His understanding for the game, his understanding for what the team needs, when you got a guy that can protect the basket it helps a lot."

Lakers' Andrew Bynum on a motivating factor that has improved his performance this season:
"It's really just going hard. You know, trying to get every rebound. That's all I'm focusing on, seriously.

Lakers' Andrew Bynum on the season ahead:
"You know, we want to win every game on this home stretch. So that's what we're looking at, we have to win every game."

Lakers' Pau Gasol on Andrew Bynum catching Pau as a top rebounder in the NBA:
"He's taking all the boards. I don't know what his average is at…" Pau was informed that it has been around 14 since the All Star Break. "But before the All Star counts or that doesn't matter? No, his rebounding effort has been extraordinary and has been a huge plus for us so it doesn't matter who gets the rebound as long as we get it as a team. Obviously, I'd like to see myself get a couple more rebounds…but as long as Andrew keeps getting 17 or 18 it's a good deal."

Lakers' Pau Gasol on the teams 2nd half performance
"We made more shots, made more plays. Defensively, we also did better. We were able to stop their guys and force turnovers. We hustle harder and a lot of things happened for us in the 2nd half."

Coach Stan Van Gundy on the game tonight:
"If you look at the thing it's really easy. The stats sheet doesn't always tell a story; tonight it does. We shot 47%, they shot 44%. We both went to the line 19 times; the difference is they got 21 more shots than we did. It's pretty easy; all you have to do is look at the stat sheet. They had 8 more offensive rebounds than we did, and they had 13 fewer turnovers; there are 21 more shots; that's the ball game. The game was on the boards and taking care of the ball. Other than that, you're playing a fairly even basketball game. If you factor in our 3's we actually shot the ball significantly better than they did. But you can't give up; the other team had 21 more field-goal attempts when your free-throws are even. Sometimes you get more free-throw attempts, but we get the same number of attempts at the basket, it's become a problem. The Chicago [Bulls] game we lost on the boards, the Portland [Trailblazers] game we lost because of turnovers, and we're not talking one or two more turnovers. When you have 13 more turnovers than your opponents and you give up 14 offensive rebounds, you're going to have a problem winning the game…I thought other than that we did some good things. I thought the third problem was I thought our ball movement was very good early and very poor in the second half. Guys wanted to force plays. We did not play with as much energy in the second half. We did not move the ball to the weak side of the floor. A good part of that is their [Lakers] defense, give them credit, but we didn't move the ball the way that we should have. Bottom line is the game comes down to tonight; turnovers and rebounding."

Coach Stan Van Gundy on Dwight Howard's performance:
"He hasn't really had to go up against that a whole lot lately, at least not against a good defensive team. I don't think we helped him at times. We did a lot of standing around, not giving him people to throw the ball to. He got in to some tough situations and obviously 9 turnovers there with him. I think our entire team, we need to look at our spacing on the floor and he [Dwight Howard] needs to look at this game as well on his post-ups and everything else. That's a big part of our turnovers tonight."

Coach Stan Van Gundy on the Lakers size in comparison to his team:
"Their size is good, there's no question…their size is good and their athletic and they cover a lot of ground. I though they did a good job. I thought our best offense is when we had the floor spread out and moved the ball. I felt we were pretty good in transition, but they went through a good stretch there in the 3rd quarter, early 4th quarter where we couldn't get any stops. Especially the second half in the 3rd quarter, we couldn't get any stops, couldn't get in transition, that was our best offense all night. When we could get them running around we had a chance to get pretty good shots. When we let them sit and stand around, through it into the post and everybody again standing, we have to take a look at that. Us as coaches also, we have to take a look at that and see how we can get some better movement and some better spots…"

Magic center Dwight Howard on the Lakers defensive effort tonight:
"I just think they came out and played better in the second half, especially with their post defense. They spread everybody in the paint and forced me to make plays out to my teammates, and they made it tough for me to score. We just got to learn how to play through it."

Magic center Dwight Howard on Kobe Bryant playing tonight despite a sprained left ankle:
"I didn't think he was not going to play this game. He finished the game the other day when he got hurt, so he's a competitor. I knew he was going to play."

Magic center Dwight Howard on Andrew Bynum's play and how great he can be:
"…Tonight he got a lot of offensive rebounds. He was always around the basket. When I went to go help he was right over the top of me. He's very tough, but I like to battle and I'm looking forward to the next one."

Magic guard Jameer Nelson on the difference in tonight's game:
"I think if you look at the stat sheet, they [the Lakers] had 21 more shots. I mean when you play against a team of this caliber, it's going to be tough to beat them when they get those amount of shots extra."

Magic guard Jameer Nelson on Andrew Bynum's size and rebounding ability:
"He's a big guy man. He's a handful. It's like he's out there and you think you've got the ball, and he has it in his hands. You're jumping for the ball, but he's just standing up there tipping it over, and tipping it to himself…to get those extra shots."

Magic forward Hedo Turkoglu on why they lost tonight after beating the Lakers at home:
"[The back to back games] shouldn't be an excuse. We had a good start and we controlled the game, but in the end they picked it up. They really killed us on the offensive rebounds, second-chance points, and we turned the ball over 18 times. We can't do that against a good team."

Magic guard Jason Richardson on his team's energy in the second half:
"We did everything we were supposed to do, but I think we let some of the energy, we didn't have like we did in the first half. Maybe it was because were a little tired because of the back to back [games] or what it was. But we didn't have the same intensity that we did in the first half."



Kobe Bryant may be hobbled, but the Los Angeles Lakers have regained some of their momentum. Playing their next seven games at home should help keep them moving in a positive direction.

Having their 13-time All-Star on the court is obviously a huge part of that potential success.

With Bryant's status clouded, the Lakers look for their 10th win in 11 games when they face the Orlando Magic on Monday night.

Los Angeles (47-20) followed Thursday's 94-88 loss at Miami with a 96-91 win at Dallas two nights later to pull within one-half game of the Mavericks for second place in the Western Conference.

The Lakers appeared to be dealt a severe blow late in the third quarter Saturday when Bryant came down awkwardly on his left ankle after having a shot blocked. He remained on the floor in pain before exiting the game, but he returned in the fourth quarter and finished with 16 points.

It's unclear if he'll play Monday.

"I thought I was done, like done. I was praying that when I stood up, my foot was lined up straight," Bryant said. "I thought I dislocated it.

"I just walked around, let it settle in, then went back out. We were all pretty scared because it looked horrible and felt worse. When I stood up, I was happy it was still lined up. I walked around, my strength felt good. It was a little sore. But I had to stop being a chump, suck it up and go out and play."

Bryant is averaging 29.9 points over the last 11 meetings with Orlando (42-25), including the 2009 NBA Finals, which Los Angeles won in five games with Bryant earning MVP.

A possible absence by Bryant may be softened by playing at Staples Center.

Los Angeles' 22-8 home record ranks third in the conference, and the team has won three in a row there by an average of 15.0 points while holding opponents to 38.1 percent shooting.

The Lakers have also won 19 of 23 home meetings with the Magic, including a 98-92 victory in the most recent matchup there Jan. 18, 2010. They fell 89-75 at Orlando on Feb. 13, making 2 of 16 3-pointers while Bryant was held to 17 points.

Andrew Bynum also scored 17 points while grabbing nine rebounds in that contest, and the center could be a factor again. He picked up much of the scoring slack Saturday with 22 points and 15 boards.

He's connecting on 70.0 percent of his field goals to average 13.8 points and 13.1 rebounds the last eight games.

Bynum will be in for a stiff test matched up against Orlando All-Star Dwight Howard, who was dominant while scoring 26 points with 15 rebounds and five blocks in a 111-88 win at Phoenix on Sunday.

"My job is to dominate on both ends of the court and I like to get some blocks early just so they know they can't come down the lane, and that sets the tone," Howard said. "That's how we've got to play, with a lot of energy and we have to keep it up the whole game."

Howard is second in the league with 14.0 rebounds per game and 2.3 blocks, while leading Orlando at 22.8 points. He tallied 31 points, 13 boards and three blocks against the Lakers last month.

The Magic are 2-1 on this five-game road trip, which ends at Milwaukee on Wednesday.

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Lakers Matt Barnes (right knee surgery) is probable.
Kobe Bryant (sprained left ankle) is game time decision.
Devin Ebanks (stress fracture, left tibia) is out.
Derek Fisher (sprained left elbow) is probable.
Theo Ratliff (left knee surgery) is out.

Daniel Orton (arthroscopic surgery left knee) is out.
J.J. Redick
(lower abdominal strain) is Day-to-day.

2/13 - LAL @ ORL L 75-89
3/14 - ORL @ LAL

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The Lakers trail their season series with the Magic 0-1 after splitting last season's series with Orlando 1-1. In 2008-09, the Lakers lost a season series to the Magic (0-2) for the first time in series history. The Magic and Lakers have met 44 times in the regular season with Los Angeles holding a 31-13 advantage in the all-time series. The Lakers are 5-5 in their last 10 overall meetings with Orlando but just 2-5 in their last seven regular season contests. At STAPLES Center, the Lakers are 9-2 all-time against the Magic in regular season contests. In Orlando, the Lakers are 5-5 against the Magic in their last 10 regular season meetings. Under head coach Phil Jackson, the Lakers are 15-6 against Orlando in the regular season. In 25 games against Orlando including 21 starts, Kobe Bryant is averaging 25.3 points. In the Magic and Lakers first meeting of last season December 20 in Orlando, Bryant scored 41 points to equal his own Lakers-Magic series record established during the 2004-05 season when he scored 41 points on November 12, 2004. Former Laker Shaquille O'Neal holds the Magic high mark against the Lakers with 46 points back in March of 1995. Bryant recorded his first triple-double since 2005 with 28 points, 13 rebounds and 11 assists against the Magic on 1/16/09. The Lakers defeated the Magic in five games during the 2009 NBA Finals, marking the first time the two teams have met in the playoffs. Prior to the 2009 NBA Finals, head coach Phil Jackson had faced Orlando twice in the playoffs as head coach of the Chicago Bulls, dropping the 1995 Eastern Conference Semifinals to the Magic in six games but then sweeping the 1996 Eastern Conference Finals the following year. Lakers forward Matt Barnes averaged 8.8 points and 5.5 rebounds last season as a member of the Orlando Magic. Additionally, Luke Walton and Magic guard Gilbert Arenas played collegiately together at Arizona.

With the Lakers win at Dallas on March 12th, Phil Jackson earned his 600th career regular season victory in Los Angeles. With the win, Jackson became the fifth coach in NBA history to win at least 600 games with one franchise, joining Jerry Sloan (1,127 with Utah), Red Auerbach (795 with Boston), Gregg Popovich (790 with San Antonio) and Red Holzman (613 with New York). Including Jackson, only 22 coaches in NBA history have won 600 career regular season games, let alone with one franchise. Jackson, who established the Lakers franchise record for regular season coaching wins in February of 2010 (534th victory 2/3/10 vs. Charlotte), is the only coach in league history to win better than 70 percent of his games (1,145-480, .705). He currently ranks 5th all-time in regular season victories, 11th in regular season games coached, 1st in playoff games coached (323), 1st in playoff games won (225) and 1st in playoff win percentage (.697). The fastest coach to 1,100 victories, Jackson earned induction in his first year of consideration for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and was enshrined on September 7, 2007.

In the Lakers March 8th victory at Atlanta, Andrew Bynum posted 16 points, 16 rebounds and three blocked shots but despite that physical performance, did not attempt a free throw. In doing so, Bynum was the first Lakers' player in more than 25 years to register at least 15 points, 15 rebounds and three blocks in a regular-season or playoff game in which he did not go to the charity stripe. The last Laker to post a similar performance without going to the foul line was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Game Two of the 1985 NBA Finals at Boston (30 points, 17 rebounds and three blocks in a 109-102 win).*

Just over a week removed from passing Elvin Hayes (27,313) for 7th on the NBA's all-time scoring list 2/27 at Oklahoma City, Kobe Bryant passed Moses Malone (27,409) for 6th on the all-time list with a free throw in the second quarter of the Lakers 3/8 victory at Atlanta. Earlier this season, Bryant moved past Hall-of-Famers Hakeem Olajuwon (26,946) 1/28 vs. Sacramento, Oscar Robertson (26,710) 1/7 vs. New Orleans, Dominique Wilkins (26,668) 1/4 vs. Detroit and John Havlicek (26,395) 12/10 at Chicago on the all-time list. Next on the all-time list ahead of Bryant (27,463) are Shaquille O'Neal (5th/28,590), Wilt Chamberlain (4th/31,419), Michael Jordan (3rd/32,292), Karl Malone (2nd/36,928) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1st/38,387). Among the top six scorers in NBA history, five have worn the Lakers uniform.

Bryant has been steadily moving up the list over the past few years. Earlier this season, with 23 points at Chicago (12/10/10), he passed John Havlicek (26,395) for 11th. Last season, he passed Alex English (25,613), Reggie Miller (25,279), Jerry West (25,192), Patrick Ewing (24,815) and Allen Iverson (24,368). In passing West with a slam dunk at the 4:14 mark of the third quarter February 1, 2010 at Memphis, finishing the game with 44 points (West's retired number), Bryant became the leading scorer in Lakers franchise history. In 2008-09, Bryant passed Gary Payton (21,813) and Hall-of-Famers Charles Barkley (23,757), Robert Parish (23,334), Adrian Dantley (23,177), Elgin Baylor (23,149), Clyde Drexler (22,195) and Larry Bird (21,791).

In their victory over the Spurs on March 6th at AT&T Center, the Lakers closed out the first quarter with a 26-5 run to take a 34-13 lead en route to a 99-83 victory against San Antonio. This marked only the second time in the Spurs' 36 seasons in the NBA that they were outscored by more than 20 points in the first quarter of a home game. The first was a 122-117 overtime loss to the Rockets in January 1989. Additionally, the Lakers increased their lead to 28 at the half, the first time in which the Spurs have ever trailed by at least 28 points at the half at home in franchise history. The last time the Spurs were down by 28+ points at the half in any game was January 20, 1990 at Denver (Nuggets 69, Spurs 40).*

The Lakers also outscored the Spurs by 29 points with Tim Duncan on the floor, his worst plus/minus since posting a -29 against the Lakers on November 28, 2003. Duncan finished 1-for-7 from the field for the second time this season, the other coming 12/28 against the Lakers as well. Prior to this season, Duncan had only two home games in his entire career in which he had one field goal or less. (ESPN Stats & Information).

Kobe Bryant's 24 points in the Lakers victory over the Clippers (2/25) took him over the 1,500-point mark for the 11th consecutive season, marking the longest such streak by an NBA player since Karl Malone reached that milestone in 12 straight seasons (1986-87 to 1997-98).*

On February 21st, Kobe Bryant was named MVP of the 60th NBA All-Star Game at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, CA. With a game-high 37 points, game-high 14 rebounds, three assists and three steals, Bryant's MVP performance tied him with Bob Pettit (4) for the most NBA All-Star Game MVP awards in league history, surpassing Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal and Oscar Robertson (3). In earning the honor, Bryant became the 7th player in the last 44 years to be named MVP of an All-Star game that was played in his own home arena, joining Jerry West (1972, Great Western Forum), Michael Jordan (1988, Chicago Stadium), Karl Malone & John Stockton (co-MVPs in 1993, Delta Center) and Shaquille O'Neal, who did it twice (2004, STAPLES Center & 2009, US Airways Center). Bryant's 37 points were tied for the 4th most points scored in All-Star Game history with Kevin Garnett (2003), trailing only Wilt Chamberlain (42 points, 1962), Jordan (40 points, 1988) and Rick Barry (38 points, 1967).

Additionally, Bryant's 37-point night and Kevin Durant's 34-point effort marked just the second time that two All-Stars on the same team scored 30-or-more points in the same game. The only other time that happened was in the 1977 game when Julius Erving and Bob McAdoo each scored 30 points for the Eastern Conference. Also, Bryant and Tim Duncan appeared on the same side in an All-Star game for the 12th time on Sunday night, marking the most appearances in an All-Star game as teammates for any two players in NBA history, surpassing Dolph Schayes and Bob Cousy (11 All-Star appearances as teammates).*

With an All-Star Game career-high 17 points (8-13 FG), seven rebounds and two blocks, Pau Gasol helped the West hang on down the stretch for a 148-143 victory over the East in the 60th NBA All-Star Game at STAPLES Center. Logging the most minutes of any Eastern or Western Conference reserve (24:22), Gasol posted the game's second highest plus/minus with +10, equaling Atlanta guard Joe Johnson's +10 and one behind Denver forward Carmelo Anthony's +11 on the night.

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