Cap's Corner - 5/14/10

Cap's Corner by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

What teammate of yours had a style of play that meshed really well with how you wanted to play?

James Worthy was a teammate that I really enjoyed playing with for his ability to run the court. I felt that my ability to run the court for four quarters was a problem for the centers I played against an James was of the same mold at his position. He had the great ability to anticipate the changes of possession and get a one or two step head start. From there he never seemed to lose in sprinting to the other end of the court and scoring. I played with him for 7 years and during that time I felt he never lost his advantage against the forwards that he had to compete with.

Did you find that you had certain teammates with whom you worked very well on one end of the floor (either offense or defense) but not on the other end?

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to lay with other players who worked hard at both ends of the court. In Milwaukee, Greg Smith and Bob Dandridge were hard workers at both ends of the court. Oscar Robertson was a total master of the game and prior to playing with Oscar, Flynn Robinson was another player I felt was committed to being his best at both ends of the court. The Showtime teams had Magic, James,Jamaal, Byron, Jim Chones, Kurt Rambis, Mitch Kupchak, AC Green,Norm Nixon and Michael Cooper. All of them were committed to being their best at all aspects of the game and we were compatible that way.

What other team sports have you played?

The team sports I've played were baseball and football.

What do you enjoy about playing or competing as an individual as compared to part of a team?

Individual sports gratify my need to develop individual skills while teams sports have a strong social element to them.

What was the most difficult road environment you played in?

Playing on the road in cities where fans were intensely rabid actually made it easy for me to concentrate on my game and my teams goals as a group. Focusing on my team enabled me to shut out the crowds attempt at distracting  me from my game. Over the years I played, Portland, Detroit, Dallas, New York, Boston and Philadelphia had some very intense crowds.

Did you find playing on the road to be tougher in the pros or in college?
I think the pro game had the most intense road atmosphere for me since I was always a focus for their fans attempts to be part of the game.