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Mar 22 2010 4:57PM

Lamar Odom & Shannon Brown Shatter Guinness World Record at Fan Jam

Sometimes we forget just how skilled these players are.

After all, watching the Lakers play in games against other NBA players reveals imperfections like missed shots, poor passes or dribbling errors.

But watch them play without defenders, and the years and years of practice - and sure, a heap of natural talent - shine through.

A boisterous, sold out crowd at the first ever Lakers Fan Jam saw that in person on Saturday night when Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown obliderated a Guinness Book of World Records mark for free throws made by a tandem in one minute.

The previous mark had been 10, with the second player having to wait for the first to make a shot before shooting himself, alternating as such until the buzzer rang.

Odom and Brown made 26.


With barely a miss, the lefty and righty traded off swishes as the crowd roared as they might for a Brown hammer dunk or Odom gliding lefty layup in transition.

Take a look.

Stuart Claxton, Official Guinness Observer, Pre-Event Interview

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