Walton Putting in Work

Luke Walton

I've been trying to track Luke Walton down for almost two weeks now. I just need 10-minutes or so, a little window of time to find out where his head's at.

It should be easy for me, right? After all, we work for the same team. I see him almost every day, either after practice, after shootaround, or before or after Lakers games ... But I literally haven't been able to talk to him for more than a few seconds since early in November.

Why? Because Luke Walton is working his butt off.

He's running sprints, going through triangle offense drills, lifting weights, taking jumpers and playing shooting games with assistant coach Brian Shaw. All the time. Every day. Come on Luke, let me get a minute!

"It's about (staying ready) right now," Walton said when I finally tracked him down after a 45-minute pregame workout Tuesday in Indiana. "I know my opportunity is going to come, and it's up to me to stay sharp and be ready for when the coach calls on me. I've learned by playing this game for so long that the only way to do that is to keep working."

Fair enough.

At least I finally nailed him down, right? Alas, Luke gave me about seven minutes to talk specifically about his workout routine, his mind set and more, which you can listen to below: