2008-09 Feature Stories

Lakers.com MailBag Lakers.com MailBag
The Lakers.com Mailbag is your chance to write in any questions, suggestions or random (but kind of applicable) pop culture references that have to do with Kobe and Co. Got a question you'd like to ask? Click here and ask it.
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The Popcorn Machine The Popcorn Machine
The Popcorn Machine is a new regular podcast here on Lakers.com where we’ll talk to Lakers players, coaches and broadcasters, national and local media members, random celebrities and even some fans as the Lakers march towards the only goal the franchise sets...A championship.
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J-Peezy's Playlist J-Peezy's Playlist
J-Peezy's Playlist is where Lakers Forward Josh Powell will stop by regularly to talk music with Lakers Reporter Mike Trudell and other special guests.
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Lakers Balancing Their Economy Friendly Success
Luke Walton and Jordan Farmar have their Matt Damon - Ben Affleck thing going on, no question about it.The question is, does that friendship translate into success onto the NBA floor?
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Lakers Balancing Their Economy Lakers Balancing Their Economy
Throughout the 2008-09 NBA season and particularly just before the Feb. 19 trade deadline, several teams seemed to be cutting salaries for purely economic purposes. Here’s why the Lakers weren’t one of them:
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20+ Questions with Pau Gasol 20+ Questions with Pau Gasol
We caught up with the 2008-09 All-Star in his hotel room – while he was waiting for some pasta with marinara sauce (entrée No. 1), grilled chicken breast with mashed potatoes (entrée No. 2), a coke (he had plenty of water at shootaround) and a banana (for dessert) – to see what was on his mind.
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Spero/Reali Would you Rather Would You Rather: Spero and Tony
When Spero Dedes was a student at Fordham calling various sporting events for radio, his partner was often a student one year his senior named Tony Reali. We spent some time with two of the country’s best young broadcasters in the latest segment of “Would You Rather.”
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Supper with Sasha Vujacic Supper with Sasha Vujacic
Every so often, Lakers.com will be heading to various restaurants around Los Angeles with Sasha Vujacic and a guest or two in order to tap into the Slovenian’s cultural brain … And to give you a look at what a Lakers’ player is like when he’s not on the court.
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Luke Walton Putting in Work Walton Putting in Work
Luke Walton has been hard to track down because he's been Putting In Work all day, every day. He's running sprints, lifting weights, taking jumpers and playing shooting games with assistant coach Brian Shaw.
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Bollywood Hits L.A. Bollywood Hits L.A.
Last week, Bollywood's Lara Dutta (Miss Universe 2000) and fellow Bollywood actor Dino Morea traveled to Los Angeles for an all-access visit with the Lakers and the NBA, including courtside seats at a Lakers – Sacramento Kings game and time with Kobe Bryant and Kurt Rambis at L.A.’s practice facility.
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Would you rather: Jensen and Lisa Would You Rather: Jensen/Lisa
We played another game of “Would You Rather” this time with Laker Girls: Jensen and Lisa.Questions contained names like Justin Timberlake, Yao Ming, Jack Nicholson and Urban Outfitters. If you can figure out whose answers are better, let us know.
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Lamar Odom Unplugged Lamar Odom Unplugged 11/06/08
Here on lakers.com, sometimes we just like to turn the mic on and let Lamar tell us what’s up.
This week, Odom speculated about what receivers he’d throw to in an NFL game, guaranteed that he could win games now as a QB and also as a pro baseball pitcher, wondered what his cologne would smell like and gave up his practice gear fashion designer.
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Lakers.com Projects... Lakers.com Projects...
In a few hours, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and all the networks are going to be projecting states either blue or red. Not to be lost in the mix, Lakers.com has projected certain categories in a race between the L.A. Lakers and Clippers, leading into Wednesday evening’s game at STAPLES Center.
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Season Preview 2008-09 Position-by-Position Season Preview
The goal for the 2008-09 Los Angeles Lakers is clear, simple and explicit: win the NBA title. We took a look position-by-position at each Laker based on what was done last season, what the numbers say, what assistant coach Jim Cleamons explained and what you can expect from a fantasy perspective. Full Season Preview
Point Guard | Shooting Guard | Small Forward | Power Forward | Center

Stephen Merchant in LA Merchant in LA
Stephen Merchant is an Emmy and Golden Globe-award winning writer, director, and comic actor who’s best known for collaborative work with his mate Ricky Gervais on British sitcoms “The Office” and “Extras,” as well as the most popular podcast of all time, “The Ricky Gervais Show.” Merchant was courtside for his first professional basketball game Sunday night as the Lakers took on the Toronto Raptors in preseason action. Click here to read the full article

Would you Rather: Andrew Bynum and Jordan Farmar Would You Rather: Andrew Bynum/Jordan Farmar
We played a game of “Would You Rather” with Andrew Bynum and Jordan Farmar, with names like Kimbo Slice, James Bond, Jessica Alba and Mr. Belding coming into play. If you can figure out whose answers are better, let us know. I’m undecided.
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Viva Barcelona : Pau Gasol and Juan Carlos Navarro Viva Barcelona
It’s a city of the Mediterranean Sea … The mountains … A confluence of new age and Gothic architecture … Unique cuisine … And, most of all, of a vibrant people. It’s Barcelona. Simply say the word, and Pau Gasol is ready to wax poetic. The topic came up, of course, as the team on which Gasol grew up - Regal FC Barcelona - is in Los Angeles to play against the Lakers Saturday. Click here to read the full article

Coach's Note Book: Brian Shaw Coach’s Notebook: Brian Shaw
When the Laker coaching staff gathers 'round the table, there quite literally isn't an NBA player that someone didn't coach or play with or against. However, only Shaw played alongside many of today's top players, rendering him some added insight on a guy like Kobe Bryant. We sat down with Shaw to pick his brain about his specific daily role on Jackson's staff and about the dynamics on a veteran group of great basketball minds. Click here to read the full article

Mitch Kupchak Q&A Kupchak’s Las Vegas Q & A
As guests of the organization at the beautiful Mirage hotel and casino in Las Vegas over the weekend, several Lakers sponsors were thanked for their support of the team by General Manager Mitch Kupchak, who addressed the sponsors Sunday morning at the Danny Gans Theatre, to preview the season and answer wide-ranging questions about the squad. Here's a summary of the Lakers State of the Union of sorts.Click here to read the full article

Lamar Odom Unplugged Lamar Odom Unplugged 10/9/08
All we’ve heard about Lamar Odom in the past few weeks is whether or not he’s going to retain his spot in the starting lineup, that, plus a few shots at his not-the-best-ever play in preseason game No. 1. To be honest, I - for one - am more interested in what Lamar’s WWE name would be, his out pitch if he were a Dodger and from where he gets his 50 Cent mix tapes.
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