Getting to Know Josh Powell sat down with Assistant General Manager Ronnie Lester to find out more about the newest Laker, Josh Powell.

JOSH POWELLDescribe Josh Powell on the offensive end of the floor.
Ronnie Lester: I think he's a guy who's going to do well in our offense because his skill set fits with how we play the triangle offense. He's a guy that can catch the ball and shoot it, so I think he'll be good in the pick and pop. He's a guy who's strong enough to post-up also and a guy who can from the wing or the pinch post put the ball on the floor with a couple of dribbles and get to the basket and score.

Describe Josh Powell on the defensive end of the floor.
RL: I think Josh is a guy who's pretty versatile on the defensive end. He's 6'9" about 240 and at that size and weight you would think of him as a power forward and I think he'll be used mainly as a power forward for us, but I think he can play some center defensively also. He's done that a lot in his career and he's strong enough to play some back-up center. I think his versatility at both ends of the floor will help our team.

What does he bring skill set-wise that we don't have on the roster?
RL:I think he's a guy who's going to be physical and a guy who can rebound. When you look at his rebounds per minute over his career, he's shown that he's an above average rebounder. I think he's a strong and physical guy, and stronger than he looks. I think he'll be able to get tough rebounds and add some physical toughness to our front line that we didn't readily have with Andrew Bynum being out last season.

What was the number one attribute you were looking for in signing a big man?
RL:First of all, you want someone who is big enough to play that position. I think Josh is and then you want a guy who has the skill level to function in the triangle offense. Being able to shoot the ball from the perimeter and pass the ball and put the ball on the floor; a guy who's versatile and can play a little bit of the 4 and a little bit of the 5 and he meets those criteria.

People seem to be comparing him to Ronny, how do they compare and contrast.
RL:They both will play with energy off your bench, but I think Ronny plays with a little bit more energy. I think Josh is probably a better perimeter shooter and rebounder than Ronny. Ronny is probably a better athlete and a better jumper and shot blocker.