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Entry Six

Laker Girl Ashley

Hey Laker fans, this is Ashley closing out our Singapore trip!

The six of us girls traveling to Singapore had a blast. We are a little bit sad it had to come to an end and we had to say good bye to all the NBA 3X staff, but we had a great time spreading a bit of NBA entertainment, to our fans in Singapore. It was amazing to be a part of this event, meet our Singapore fans and, of course, being fortunate to travel to the wonderful city of Singapore.

Laker Girls on plane back to LA
Laker Girls on plane flying back to LA

As you already read - while in Singapore we were able to visit the U.S. Embassy, participate in interviews and perform for the local TV and Radio Broadcastings. We also participated in the Fan Appreciation Event which included a Special Olympics Team. On top of the NBA 3X event we had a chance to take a bus tour, a boat ride in Clake Quay, visit the local beach on Sentosa Island... and also take part in a Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo. It was all so much fun!

One of my favorite parts of our trip was being able to try the local cuisine. The dinner at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, which is a hotel of 57 floors high, that overlooks the city was something I will never forget. I was a little scared of the height at first, but it was a spectacular view! (so glad I didn’t miss it)

To sum up our Singapore trip, it’s Monday morning and all six of us girls are packed and ready to head to the airport, to fly back to Los Angeles. But, we will stop in Japan first.

On the plane, most of us slept and watched movies. Teresa and Rebekah even played the game battleship during the flight. After we landed, we went through customs and gathered our luggage. We were home.

This was a trip the six of us will never forget. We had an amazing time and I hope all you Lakers Fans had a good time reading about our trip!

Thanks again for following us, while we were on our trip to Singapore... and remember to check out our photo gallery!


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Entry Five

Sunday, June 23rd | Jenny's Journal

Laker Girl Jenny

Hello Laker fans!

I'm Jenny! I am one of the six Laker Girls here in Singapore. I am going to share with you, our last and final day in this beautiful country! So far, our trip has been very eventful (as you have read from all our previous blog updates!)

Now, the adventures continue, on our last day...

It was a beautiful Sunday morning as we enjoyed breakfast together and then departed for Sentosa Island. We heard the beaches in Singapore is a must-see, therefore, we did not hesitate for the opportunity to spend some time there, on the island. We arrived at Beach Station and started walking towards Siloso Beach. When we reached the Siloso beach we made a stop at a cafe to enjoy a pool side lunch.

Laker Girls on the beach
Laker Girls on the beach

The afternoon could not have been more enjoyable as we all sat under the clear sunny sky and soaked in the warm sunlight. After lunch, we headed towards the ocean to enjoy the warm water on the beach, as well as the soft white sand! The view of Siloso beach was so beautiful and the water was even more refreshing! As the afternoon carried on, more faces of local Singaporeans (as well as fellow tourists) made their presence on the beach. Many families and children, playfully dipped in the water along the ocean front. It was a perfect day spent under the dazzling sun of Singapore.

The second part of our day included a dinner at a lovely restaurant near our hotel called Rocky Master Caffe. We had the most fun trying the local Singapore cuisine such as the Chili Crab - we enjoyed it so much, we ventured to try some MORE local cuisines! Dinner included beef stew pottie pie, black peppered chicken with flavor jasmine rice and some delicious smoked chicken/turkey sandwiches.

Our final adventure, and my personal favorite of the trip, was the Night Safari! It was a 30 minute drive from our hotel to the Singapore Zoo. This particular section of the zoo was very different, it is only open from 7:00pm until 12midnight. The Night Safari is known for showcasing some of the countries most prestigious nocturnal animals! The night began with our entry into the Safari Park. We boarded a large group tram that took us on a 45 minute trip around the zoo! We saw magnificent exotic animals from Striped Hyenas, Clouded leopards, Asian Otters, Giant Flying Squirrels, Sloth bears, Greater Asian Rhinoceros and even Malayan Tigers! With over 2,500 distinctive creatures in the safari, these are just to name a few! The animals roamed freely in each section of their fields and some of the animals stood within arms reach at the each sides of the tram path. At times, our tram driver will slowly paused on the road when we encounter some animals gently crossing the roads. We even got to explore these animals on foot by hiking along trails. It was so nice to see all the animals in their own special environment. I know it truly made an impression on all of us. It was the most incredible experience and now I have so many new memories, that will last me for a lifetime!

I hope you enjoyed reading about our trip to Singapore. On behalf of all six Laker Girls on this trip, we are all thankful and honored to be able to represent the Los Angeles Lakers Organization in a different country! Also, we were thrilled to meet our international fans! It is incredible to see so many basketball enthusiasts that are influenced and inspired by our own Lakers basketball team.

Now, as we head back to Los Angeles tomorrow... I can't wait to share the adventures we partook on this wonderful trip in person, with my friends and family!

Until next time Singapore...

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Entry Four

Saturday, June 22nd | Shelbie's Journal

Laker Girl Shelbie

This morning we woke up and all met for breakfast at the buffet in the hotel. It's a great buffet with a variety of breakfast foods, both local and American cuisine that we all got to enjoy. Yum!

We then went to the Fan Appreciation Appearance/Event that was scheduled for today.

Laker Girls at the NBA 3X event
Laker Girls at the NBA 3X event

It was a great event put on by NBA for the 3X weekend! There were a lot of sponsor booths set up for the fans to enjoy. Everyone in attendance had a chance to try products and win prizes! There was a stage set up, where we performed, had the chance to introduce ourselves and have any questions that the fans had for was a question and answer session, so that everyone could find out a little more about us. Not to mention, what our job, as a Laker Girl entails.

Along with us, the fans had a chance to meet the NBA players that traveled here for the event, Robin Lopez and Quincy Pondexter. As well as Rocky, the Denver Nuggets mascot who put on quite a show!

Many local fans showed up to support the event today and among them was a Special Olympics team. We got the opportunity to meet them all and take some pictures. It was great to see their enthusiasm and love of the sport. They were such a great group of kids!

We gave away some Lakers keychains, beach balls, Lakers pins and signed photos for all the fans. It was great to hear the Lakers were so many of the fans favorite NBA team!

Laker Girls shopping on Orchard Road
Laker Girls shopping on Orchard Road

It really was an amazing experience to meet all of the basketball fans here in Singapore. The NBA and the Lakers have such a big fan base even out here in Asia! It really showed what an impact the game, league and Lakers organization have on people all over the world.

After the Fan Appreciation event came to an end, we did an interview for a local newspaper. The reporters are always interested in finding out about our workout regimens, favorite parts of our job and the Laker Girls audition process.

We were so thrilled that the NBA 3X event went so well. The fans were so nice and we were just as excited to meet them as they were us! It was a great event that gave fans all the way out in Asia the chance to see players, mascots and of course, the Laker Girls in person. I hope the event can continue to other countries in other parts of the world and hopefully return to Singapore again soon!

Once the event ended, we were all excited to go try the local shopping! We took about a ten minute walk to a nearby local shopping center, called the Far East Market. The Singapore dollar is almost equivalent US dollar, so the shopping was easy! We all found some great local apparel, food and accessories.......and of course had a great time finding them all!

For dinner, we went as a group to a beautiful restaurant called Indochine in Boat Quay. Boat Quay (pronounced "key") was an inlet of water surrounded by the financial district of downtown Singapore along with some beautiful restaurants. We got to enjoy some great local cuisine, family style, including beef, fish, shellfish, chicken and veggie dishes. In addition, we all enjoyed a traditional Asian dessert of coconut sticky rice and mango! It was a great restaurant with a background that was indescribable!

Today was such an amazing experience, the main event turned out great and meeting all of the excited fans was one of my favorite parts!

Thanks for reading about our trip. Oh, please take a look at the photos we are sharing too… it might help enhance our stories.

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Entry Three

Hi Lakers fans!

Laker Girl Teresa

Teresa here, checking in on our third day, all the way from Singapore.

It was a jam packed day for us, starting bright and early with two television interviews and performances at the Media Corp. headquarters for all television and radio broadcasting. We got to chat with the lovely folks of AM Live! and answer some rapid fire questions for the Sportsworld television program. After that, we had a short break between events and decided to do a little exploring around our hotel. Lucky for us, our hotel is located on the main shopping street in Singapore called Orchard Road. We came across a quaint little coffee shop with a huge selection of drinks that we had never seen before! For example: I tried the chocolate strawberry iced coffee…..and Rebekah had a banana nut blend. All of the treats were absolutely delicious!

Laker Girls at the AM Live! Interview
Laker Girls at the AM Live! Interview

Next it was off to try the local cuisine. Ever since we arrived, we had been hearing about this infamous Singaporean dish called chili crab. So our friends from the NBA Hong Kong team brought us to the top chili crab restaurant around called “Long Beach Seafood”. We were served three of their signature dishes; bamboo clam, black pepper crab and of course chili crab. Everything was so flavorful. All of the serving dishes were picked clean by the end. Shelbie even tried the forehead and cheek of a fish head, which is said to be the most tender and succulent part, not to mention bring good luck. For dessert, we were served bubbling green jars with cups of pudding on top! It was definitely a lunch experience that none of us will ever forget. In the evening, we had another performance and interview at the U.S. Embassy. It was a VIP reception. The event was absolutely gorgeous and all of the people we met were so kind, welcoming and excited to have us here in Singapore.

To close out our evening, we got the chance to visit the spectacular Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The thing that makes this place so special, is that this hotel consists of three towers, with a giant boat placed on the top of the towers, stretching across all three buildings. It provides the most breath-taking views of the city and river! I would encourage you to visit it, if ever you get the chance.

Stay tuned for more fun times!

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Entry Two

Hi Lakers fans!

Laker Girl Lindsay

Ni hau! (thats means "hello" in mandarin)

I’m Lindsay, one of the Laker Girls in Singapore right now!

Laker Girls in front of the Mer Lion statue
Laker Girls in front of the Mer Lion statue.

Today is day two of our journey! The six of us landed on the mainland at 2:25am and then we got whisked off to the beautiful Orchid Hotel! At 9am we went on a 2 hour tour, on top of a double decker bus! We got to see the magical Mer Lion statue! The legend goes, a fisherman once saw a mythical creature that was half mermaid and half lion in a Singapore river.

The tour was amazing and we got to see the beautiful Singapore that we've all been hearing about! After lunch, we boarded the bus to do a meet and greet appearance.We performed a few routines and got to take pictures with some of the amazing people here in Singapore.

After the appearance, we did a few media interviews with local tv stations, it was fun.

We ended our day with an amazing gondola boat ride on the Clarke Quey. There were fireworks and lots of picture taking among the 6 of us! Today was an amazing first full day in Singapore and we are all so excited for tomorrow to start!

Stay tuned for more...

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Hi Lakers Fans!

Laker Girl Rebekah

My name is Rebekah and I am one of the Laker Girls, out of a group of six, to have the chance to travel to Singapore from June 18-24. The NBA has invited the Laker Girls to perform in Singapore at an event they have planned. I know I can speak for all of us that are traveling – we are super excited about representing the L.A. Lakers and the NBA in another country!

Anyway, one of us will be keeping you posted about our trip, or at least try to, once a day during our stay in Singapore.

Laker Girls on the way to Singapore
The Laker Girls on the way to Singapore.

So, here is the first entry:

Entry One

We excitedly awaited to board our plane at LAX headed to Singapore. The first flight was 11 ½ hours long until our connection in Narita, Japan. Upon boarding Singapore Airlines, the flight attendants were all dressed in elegant uniforms of their native country and very welcoming and friendly. While on board we watched a variety of movies, performances, took naps and had sprinkled conversations as the flight tracker on our screens ventured further across the ocean towards Japan. Once we arrived in Japan, we had a brief layover where we stretched our legs and looked over our schedule for the next couple of days. We got a moment to mentally go over and discuss the routines that we will be performing in Singapore so that we would be prepared since our day started hours after we landed. Yayy!... Time for the final leg of the trip to Malaysia!!!

On board our flight from Japan to Singapore, it was hard to suppress our high level of excitement as we all planned to sleep for the majority of the flight - in order to be ready for the 15 hour time change. (from Los Angeles to Singapore) So, after 17 ½ hours of total flying time... WE MADE IT and landed safely at 3am on Thursday, ready to get our bags, head to the hotel and start "day one" of our trip in the beautiful, one and only... Singapore!!!

Stay tuned... We will have more to share about our Singapore experiences.

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