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Entry Seven

Saturday, October 19th | Rachael's Journal

Laker Girl Aubrey

Hey there Lakers fans!

Laker Girls

Hello Lakers fans!

I am sad to say today was our last day in China. However, I know all of us girls are so excited to get back to our friends and families and share our incredible experiences we experienced. A few of us enjoyed an early breakfast on the river which over looks the skyline of beautiful Shanghai. From there, we met up with the rest of the girls and hopped in a taxi to make our way to one of the best bargain shopping markets called Taobao City. It was there that we bargained for purses and trinkets. All of us were trying to make sure we got a souvenir for everyone we had promised.

After shopping, we returned to the hotel and stuffed all of our new purchases into our luggage to head out to the Mercedes Benz Arena. It was time to rehearse and get ready for our last game in China. When we arrived to the arena, we did a quick run through of routines and placements for contests/presentations. After everyone felt confident and ready for the game we grabbed our last dinner in China and then got ready for the game. Finally it was time for our pregame performance! We were all so anxious to get out there and perform for all of the fans. You could feel their energy from backstage! It seemed like the fans were so grateful to have an NBA game in their city and we were all so lucky we got to be a part of it! Dancing for them was something none of us will forget, it was a blast. After the game was over, we headed straight from the arena to the Shanghai airport to start our travels back to LAX.

This whole trip has been a dream for us Laker Girls! We love that we are able to reach out into the community in Los Angeles and connect with the fans, but doing it in China was something none of us thought we would ever do in a lifetime. Learning more about another culture, taking in beautiful architecture and interacting with amazing fans were some of the highlights of our trip. The overall experience was incredible and we are beyond thankful to have taken part in it! On behalf of all of the Laker Girls we want to thank all of you Lakers fans for reading about our adventures in China. Now, we cannot wait to see you at the Lakers games!

Go Lakers!


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Entry Six

Thursday, October 17th | Chloe's Journal

Laker Girl Aubrey

Hey there Lakers fans!

Laker Girls out for dinner in Beijing, China

Today was our second day in the beautiful city of Shanghai. We started the day off with the amazing breakfast buffet that was served inside of our hotel, the Pudong Shangri-La. My breakfast included Dim Sum, one of my favorite parts of Chinese dining. Dim Sum is an assortment of Chinese dumplings and pastries with different kinds of buns and fillings. There was a wide variety of Asian food, American food, pastries, fruit and juices!

After breakfast, we went sightseeing to the many different landmarks and buildings that are located walking distance from our hotel. The Shanghai Centre, which is currently under construction, will have the tallest building in the world when it's finished being built! Some of the girls took an elevator up to the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower to take in the amazing view at 1,535 feet high. Some of us went shopping at the Lotus Mall. The best part of the mall was the market, which sold a plethora of Chinese snacks and groceries in tons of different flavors!

After those fun excursions, we went to the Oriental Sports Center to get ready for Fan Appreciation Day Event! Before it started, we rehearsed and got ourselves ready. The event was free for the fans and gave them the chance to see the players in a different setting – rather than a regular game. Some fans had a chance to participate with the players on the court!

Games such as three point and half court shooting contests took place between the players and the fans. We had the amazing opportunity to perform before the event started and again during the first half. The fans here are so excited and feeling their energy while we dance, motivates us to perform even better! Overall, it was a great event and I'm so glad that the fans got to experience it.,/

Our trip to China has been flying by and is slowly coming to a close. We have had an amazing time exploring the cities, learning about the Chinese culture and representing the Lakers at the NBA Global Games & events. We are looking forward to tomorrow, when we will have our second and final basketball game of the trip. After that, we will head back home to Los Angeles.

Zàijiàn Lakers fans! (That means "bye" in Chinese!)


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Laker Girls

Entry Five

Wednesday, October 16th | Aubrey's Journal

Laker Girl Aubrey

Ni Hao Lakers Fans!

Laker Girls out for dinner in Beijing, China
Rehearsal at the Oriental Sports Center

Greetings Lakers Fans from Shanghai, China!

We arrived early this morning to the beautiful city of Shanghai, and what a scenic place this is! The majority of the buildings here are skyscrapers, kind of like the buildings you would see in downtown LA, but even taller. We started out our day with a wonderful buffet-style breakfast that had endless choices of Chinese platters. With full stomachs and all energized, it was time to jump on a bus and head over to the Oriental Sports Center for “Fan Appreciation Day” rehearsal. This event is taking place tomorrow and we will be performing two dance routines.

The arena was incredible and rehearsal went smoothly which brought so much excitement for tomorrow’s performance!

Once rehearsal ended, it was time to head back to the hotel to freshen up before the Shanghai Welcome Reception Event. The Laker Girls were invited to take photos, sign posters and really get a chance to meet the wonderful fans we have out here!

Our trip to China has been wonderful. We are so honored to be representing the Los Angeles Lakers in a different country. Now, we cannot wait to perform for all of our fans in the gorgeous city of Shanghai tomorrow at the “Fan Appreciation Day” event!


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Laker Girls

Entry Four

Tuesday, October 15th | Brandi's Journal

Laker Girl Brandi

Ni Hao Lakers Fans!

Laker Girls out for dinner in Beijing, China

Today's the big day! It's our first game in Beijing at the MasterCard center against the Golden State Warriors. Our fans in China have so much Lakers spirit and we love to share our energy and excitement with them!

When we first got to the arena, we had a quick rehearsal to make sure that we knew exactly what we were doing and to make sure we look our best at the game. Once we finished, we had dinner and started to get our hair, makeup and all other final touches ready for the night. Since we had several hours to get ready, the anticipation was building and we were all getting so excited to get out on the court.

During the pre-game segment, we performed our first routine to pump up the crowd! The arena was completely sold-out! As we ran out, the fans cheered so loud and it made us even more excited to perform for them. For our team introductions, we made a tunnel on the court for the players to run through…..that was exciting for us because it is not something we would typically do at a Lakers game. It was so great to see all of the fans dressed in their Lakers gear with big smiles on their faces. I don't think there was a single unhappy person in that arena! In our second performance of the evening the crowd was just as supportive as the first time. During some of the timeouts, we were able to run out onto the court and throw t-shirts out to the fans and participate in several contests! It was fun!

It was such a close and exciting game! It was definitely an experience that I'm sure all of us ladies will never forget. It seemed the people of Beijing were so happy to see the Lakers and the Laker Girls - and knowing that they do not get the privilege of attending NBA games all the time, made all of us want to give our 110% to these very special fans, so that they could leave satisfied. Once the game ended, we headed onto our bus to go straight to the airport. We had a flight at 1:00 am to Shanghai to begin our second half of our trip.

Now we are so excited to see all our of fans in Shanghai, but we will also miss our fans in Beijing and our awesome tour guide Willie. I know that Shanghai will have plenty to offer for us and we can't wait for what is to come! Our journey still continues...


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Laker Girls

Entry Three

Monday, October 14th | Melissa's Journal

Laker Girl Melissa

Greetings from Beijing!!

Laker Girls out for dinner in Beijing, China

It's only our second day here in this magnificent city, and we have seen many famous and historical sites! Our first plan of the day started with driving through the world famous Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City. With the help of our tour guide, Willie, we were able to take a look at the largest city square in the world and hear the stories behind it. He is a pretty extravagant story teller and very knowledgeable about Beijing.

After Tiananmen Square, we went to the Pearl Market for some shopping! A building with four stories filled with shoes, bags, clothes, electronics and endless souvenirs, this market kept us all busy. Willie taught us the trick to bargaining and none of us left the Pearl Market empty handed. I was able to find plenty of gifts to bring back home for my family and friends, and even a little something for myself! Beijing is definitely a great place to shop!

After shopping, we went straight to rehearsal at the MasterCard Center. It was so exciting to see the arena we are going to perform in! Looking out at all the empty seats, we can't wait to see all of the fans that will fill them tomorrow for the Lakers game. We know that they will bring amazing energy and will pump up the team for a victorious game against the Golden State Warriors! Once rehearsal was finished, we got ready to perform at the welcome reception at the hotel and this is where we saw the first bit of the fans. We were so excited to be a part of the opening event. We got to perform a routine for everyone and mingle with the fans which made it even more fun. After the reception appearance, we had an amazing dinner at the Beijing Quanjude Hepingmen Roast Duck Restaurant. It was time for some authentic Chinese cuisine! The dinner consisted of different kinds of duck meat, fried beef, mushroom soup and steamed Mandarin fish. A lot of us have never tried any of these dishes so it was a neat experience to have a chance to do so. Today was filled with lots of new and fun experiences. Now we just can't wait for the big game tomorrow!

Jia yo Lakers!! GO LAKERS!


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Laker Girls

Entry Two

Sunday, October 13th | Andi's Journal

Laker Girl Andi

Ni Hao Lakers fans!

Laker Girls on touring the Great Wall
Laker Girls in the Cable Car at the Great Wall.

This is our first full day in Beijing, and we had a great day to explore! After we enjoyed a delicious brunch filled with chinese delicacies, a bus picked us from our hotel to take us to the Great Wall of China! You can imagine the excitement all of the Laker Girls had as we drove 60 miles to the Great Wall. For all of us, this is our first time in China so we were beyond excited for this day! Looking out the window from our bus our eyes were glued to the beautiful scenery. We were on awe of the mountains, wild animals and the awesome looking statues, mostly of lions, outside some of the homes. As we pulled up to the Great Wall, all we could keep our eyes on was the high level of the "Cable Car" that takes us to the top of the Wall. (let me just say it was pretty high!)

We were able to take pictures, walk around and of course, do some souvenir shopping! I’m pretty sure we all left with some trinkets. We got back to the hotel and got straight to rehearsing for tomorrow’s Welcome Reception for The NBA Global Games that we are here for in China.

We are so excited to be here, but also, can't wait to be back dancing for all of our wonderful fans back in the states!

Andi :)

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Entry One

Saturday, October 12th | Jenny's Journal

Laker Girl Jenny

Hi Lakers fans!

"Da Jia Hao!"

That means "Hello everyone!" in Chinese mandarin! My name is Jenny, and I am one of the 10 Laker Girls that are fortunate to travel abroad for the Lakers two game road trip in China. This pre-season, NBA Asia has scheduled exhibition games around different Asian countries, and this is an wonderful opportunity for the Lakers and the Laker Girls to meet all of the international fans. The entire trip will take place from October 11-18; first game will be taking place in Beijing and the second game will be in Shanghai. We, the Laker Girls, will make sure we keep you up to date, so be sure to check back for our daily journal entries on our trip.

Laker Girls on plane back to LA
Laker Girls on their way to China

Let's start with day 1 as we get ready to depart from Los Angeles, California......

It was another gorgeous day in sunny California and we all gathered at the terminal gate patiently waiting to depart for a very exciting trip. After passing TSA security clearance and holding travel Visas in hand, we finally boarded our plane for Beijing, China.

It will take a total of 14 hours to fly from Los Angeles to Beijing. On the plane we watched movies, studied for school, read books and as time passed, we fell to sleep on the plane to catch up on some rest. There is a 15 hour time difference between California and China. Oh, we also spent some time learning a few Chinese phrases, so we can put them to good use when we land. Such as... "Shieh Shieh" means "thank you", "Bing Shui" means "ice water" and "Hu ren la la dui" translates to "Laker Girls"! Upon landing in Beijing, we were immediately welcomed by hundreds of local fans. The support and love for the Lakers out here in China is incredible! Walking out of the airport terminal could not have been possible without the help of the Chinese police. We are so happy to finally arrive in China and most importantly, so honored to be representing the Los Angeles Lakers in a different country! We simply cannot wait to meet more of our fans. I feel it's truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to perform for our beloved Lakers fans overseas.

We all made our way to the hotel and when we finally settled into our hotel rooms, all of us are exhausted. The time zone change was starting to take effect and we are ready to enjoy a full night's rest, to wake up refreshed to the beautiful country of China tomorrow morning!

I hope you enjoyed reading about day one of our exciting journey, make sure to come back and follow our adventures on the rest of the trip!

For now, "Wan an!" Good night from Beijing.


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