Shelbie K

Shelbie K.

Experience: 1st Year

Hometown: Chandler, AZ

Education: A graduate of Arizona State University – Major: Communications – Minor: Family and Human Development

Hobbies: Wakeboarding, Yoga, Choreography

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Ten Things About Me

  1. My favorite color is lime green, I love how bright it is and when I see it I just feel creative and energetic!
  2. The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite movies. Leonardo Dicaprio is one of my favorite actors and I tend to like all his movies.
  3. I love sports! I enjoy watching football and basketball because I have been a cheerleader/dancer since middle school for those sports.
  4. I used to run track in high school. 100m hurdles were my favorite event, in fact, I placed 4th in the State competing in that event!
  5. I started dancing when I was just 3yrs old. My mom put me in dance classes because she danced when she was younger… and I haven't stopped dancing since!
  6. My favorite television show is Trueblood because I love vampires.
  7. Wake-boarding is something I love to do and going to the lake is one of my favorite things too!
  8. I have an obsession with rhinestones. I love bedazzling things!
  9. Taking yoga is great because it relaxes and energizes me at the same time! Vinyasa Flow yoga is my favorite type of yoga because all the moves flow so well together (it's almost like a relaxing dance).
  10. I have way too many shoes! I love high heels, Nike and Converse.