Experience: 2nd Year

Hometown: Fremont, CA

Education: A student at California State University, Long Beach – Major: Communications

Hobbies: Baking, Pilates, Karaoke

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Ten Things About Me

  1. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan because I am a believer in everything magical and whimsical.
  2. My mom is my biggest inspiration and is the hardest working person I know. I learned dedication and strive because of her. I would not be who I am today without her…love you mom!
  3. I have a huge sweet tooth and love everything and anything chocolate. Specifically mint chocolate chip ice cream!
  4. One day I hope to go back to the Philippines because most of my mom’s side of the family lives there along with my grandparents and I miss them a lot!
  5. I am really good at DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) and have been playing it ever since I was a child. Whether it is at arcades or with my mat at home, I would call myself a pro!
  6. If I could be any fictional character I would be one of the minions from Despicable Me because they always look like they are having a fun time and never stop smiling!
  7. My favorite place I visited is Solvang because it is so charming with its cobblestone streets, windmills, and yummy Danish treats!
  8. My favorite game as a child was tetherball. My dad thought I was so good that he ended up putting a tetherball pole in our backyard for me to play 24/7….and I did!
  9. I love playing board games and card games because I am a kid at heart. Jenga and Uno are my favorite.
  10. If I could do one crazy thing I would want to go on a hot air balloon so I can get over my fear of heights while overlooking beautiful scenery!