Laker Girl Fitness Profile - Jennifer

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring performers who would like to be professional dancers when they grow up?

A: My advice to aspiring professional dancers is to keep a healthy body and mind. Dancing is a high cardiovascular activity, so it's important to maintain healthy habits like stretching, eating right and keeping up on dance technique. I feel dancers must try to stay positive and establish goals for themselves. The hard work will pay off! It took me three times to become a Laker Girl, but I never gave up!

Q: What was your favorite activity/sport as a kid?

A: I've been an athlete all my life, but my favorite sport growing up was definitely track & field. I loved sprinting and long jump!

Q: What do you eat on a game day?

A: On game days I like to make sure I eat healthy carbohydrates such as bananas, oranges or apples. These help fuel my energy to dance throughout an entire game and don’t make me feel sluggish.

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