Laker Girl Fitness Profile - Hunter

Q: What daily activity gives you a great work out, even though it doesn’t seem like exercise?

A: I enjoy walking both of my dogs every day. It gives us all a workout without really feeling like one!

Q: What one fitness tip would you give to Lakers fans who are trying to stay fit? Nutrition tip?

A: To all the Lakers fans trying to stay fit... I recommend getting plenty of sleep, eat foods rich in nutrition and try to be active whenever possible!

Q: Has being a Laker Girl enhanced you in other parts of your life?

A: Being a Laker Girl has drastically enhanced my confidence and public speaking ability.

Q: What was your favorite activity/sport as a kid?

A: As a kid, my favorite activity was cheerleading. Goooooo Lakers!

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring performers who would like to be professional dancers when they grow up?

A: I would tell an aspiring dancer to take plenty of dance classes, especially ballet, and to constantly keep up with their craft.

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