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Laker Girls Blog 03/26/12 - Lindsay

Hi Laker fans!!

This being my first Lakers blog, let me first introduce myself………..
I'm Lindsay, and this is my first year as a Laker Girl. I am truly humbled to be part of the greatest organization in the world and I pinch myself everyday! I must say, this season has been flying by and I can't believe it’s almost April.

First, I have never felt so much energy and excitement from the stands than at the Lakers vs. Heat game at STAPLES Center. Besides the Christmas Day game against the Bulls, that has been one of my favorite games so far. The energy and noise that you fans brought out was incredible. Watching the “Lake Show” take over and win was something special for all of us. The Lakers fans are the greatest in the world!

Our fans show their pride in so many ways - from the great purple & gold jerseys and shirts, to the loud chants supporting our Lakers. Trust me when I say, we hear you loud and clear every game.

It pumps us (the Laker Girls) up too!

A few things immediately come to mind when I think about my first few months as a Laker Girl. Our team spends an enormous amount of time doing charity events in Southern California. One that I remember fondly was an event we participated at, in December. It was called "Holiday In The Hangar". This event took place at LAX, where Delta Airlines invited 100 foster children and children battling illnesses. These children were loaded onto an airplane, where they were given hot chocolate and cookies while the airplane taxied into a “real life” North Pole (it was a huge decorated airplane hangar). It brought tears to my eyes when the kids walked down the steps of the plane into Santa’s town. These children will never know how much they touched my heart that day. v

On another note, the trade deadline came and went. Although it was sad to see some of our Lakers players get traded, I hope everyone is pumped about the Lakers new point guard Ramon Sessions. He has brought energy to the arena and watching him score 20 points, dish out 11 assists in his first game as a starter against Portland this past Friday night has everyone talking of a 17th World Championship!

I must admit, it's nice to know that on my way to a game, charitable function, promotional appearance or rehearsal, I can swing by a Carl's Jr. restaurant quick, to grab some healthy food when I'm in a hurry. My fuel of choice would definitely be the Charbroiled Turkey Burger. It's important that I eat something that will give me energy throughout, what I like to call, my "Lakers Marathon Days". Oh, and don't forget that Carl's Jr. is hosting the "Laker Girls Lunch Date" at locations across Southern California from March 19th-April 7th!! We want to see our Laker Nation well represented. We hope to see you there!

As I mentioned earlier, it is almost April and that means our regular season is quickly coming to an end. Just around the corner are the NBA playoffs. So keep up the support for our Lakers as we pursue another world championship!

As I conclude this blog, last night’s loss to Memphis was not as bad as it seems. We always bounce back from losses and I am more confident than ever that we will do that, as we head into our upcoming games. On another note, it was really awesome watching the Gasol brothers play against each other. You don’t see that happen too often in the NBA.

Thanks for your support - GO LAKERS!

Lakers Love Forever,


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