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Laker Girls Blog 01/30/12 - Deanna

Hey Lakers fans!

It's Deanna here and I'd like to fill you in on some things we have been up to since the season kicked off….. It has been a crazy couple of weeks filled with lots of games, rehearsals and many different community events. It has been great to witness how excited Lakers fans are for the NBA season to finally start!

Being back at STAPLES Center has been so exciting, it really feels like home. This is my second year on the Laker Girls squad, so one of the coolest things was to see the looks on the rookies' faces when they entered the arena for the first time! It brought me back to how excited and nervous I was for my very first Lakers game!

One of the best parts about the Lakers season so far, is that all of us girls on the Laker Girls squad have been spending so much time together as a team. With this condensed NBA season we've almost had a game every other night! Many of girls live far from the arena, so we normally arrive early, before we have to be in the arena. Luckily, STAPLES Center is downtown Los Angeles and there are tons of places for us to go grab a quick bite to eat if we need to! A Carls Jr. is nearby where we can get a pre-game snack.

I feel that because of all the extra time we've gotten to spend together this season, we really are starting to feel like a family. We all have little carpool groups, depending on where in Southern California we live, so we get to share stories about our families, friends, school and other jobs too. I think that having this family dynamic with our dance team really helps our performance on the court as well! It brings a level of trust and comfort among each other that makes all the games that much more fun!

I'd have to say my favorite Laker Girls routine so far this season is "Shook Me All Night Long." It's a fun, hard-rocking AC/DC song that really requires a lot of energy. I'm a rocker at heart so this one is extra fun for me. I think the fans really enjoy it too because as soon as those first couple of chords hit - you can hear the cheers from all the Lakers fans!

Alright Lakers fans, I know we're all so excited that the games have begun, just please don’t forget to keep cheering throughout the season. The cheers from the crowd really help pump us up and I know it helps the Lakers players up as well! I look forward to the next Lakers game……!!

Goooo Lakers!!!

-Deanna :)

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