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2011-12 Laker Girls: Shaylene

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  • Laker Girls Blog 05/07/12 - Shaylene
  • Your Favorites?

    Color- My favorite color is pink because it is feminine and youthful.
    Movie- I am the ultimate romantic comedy movie fanatic! Therefore, Wedding Crashers is my all-time favorite movie.
    Book- I enjoy reading books that expand my knowledge and provide me with tools that will assist me in building a successful career. Not to mention, a better working relationship with people. One of the most recent books I have read is called, Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend.
    Food- Blackened salmon, brown rice, and steamed vegetables is my favorite dish!
    Candy- Twizzlers are my weakness especially when I am watching my favorite movie.
    NBA Player- My favorite NBA Player is Michael Jordan - as he was an extremely talented athlete and known as the greatest basketball player of all time.
    Lakers Player- Derek Fisher is my favorite Lakers Player. He is an exceptional team player and a true role model.
    TV Show- A show that is filled with mystery, suspense and drama is the ABC Family television show, Pretty Little Liars.
    Animal- Most of my favorite movies include a monkey as a part of the cast, therefore my favorite animal is a monkey.
    Amusement Park- Disneyland is truly "the happiest place on earth" and one of the most fun places to visit.
    Band- My favorite band is Onerepublic. Their lyrics and driving beat is motivating and inspiring to dance to.
    Dessert- My guilty pleasure is a hot fudge brownie sundae! Yummy!
    Actor- Meryl Streep is an absolute brilliant actress. Her notable performances in every movie are always memorable and captivating.
    Quote- "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Vacation Destination- My ultimate vacation destination is Cancun, Mexico. The tropical weather, crystal blue water and warm beaches command relaxation and/or fun outdoor activities.
    Holiday- Christmas. I enjoy the sounds of holiday music, sipping hot chocolate and enjoy all the Christmas decorations that are displayed. In addition to the atmosphere, I enjoy being around my family and friends celebrating this special time of year.

    Questions for you:

    What is a secret about yourself?
    A silly secret about myself is that I have always been afraid of the movie E.T., because the alien (E.T.) gives me goose bumps! While I know everyone loves the movie, I still cannot watch the movie alone or at night to this day.

    What are your hobbies?
    I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, swimming, watching movies and spending time with family.

    If you could be a celebrity/athlete/actor/singer, who would it be and why?
    I would choose to be Beyonce because she is a triple threat. She can dance, sing, and act. She is amazingly talented, has made many accomplishments throughout her career, and creates inspiring songs and choreography.

    Which famous person would you like to have dinner with? Why?
    I would enjoy the opportunity to have dinner with Johnny Depp. Aside from his good looks, I admire his work and would be interested to hear about how he prepares himself for each role.

    Describe yourself…..or your personality.
    I consider myself to be energetic, honest, motivated and determined. I surround myself with like-minded individuals who have a positive outlook on life and a desire to help others through charitable functions.

    Sum up yourself w/one word.
    If I could sum up myself with just one word it would be "positive."

    What are you looking forward to this Lakers season?
    I am looking forward to being active in the Los Angeles community by participating in charitable functions and promotional appearances. In addition, I am looking forward to building lasting memories and bonding with this years Laker Girls squad. I am also excited to perform for all the amazing and supportive Laker fans!

    Why did you decide to audition to be a Laker Girl?
    It has always been my dream to become a Laker Girl. Since the age of 3, I worked with a dance instructor who was a Laker Girl and she continuously inspired me - as a dancer and individual. It was her who initially encouraged me to follow my dreams within the dance industry. Now that I have received the honor to be a member of the Laker Girls team… is exciting to know that I will represent a professional dance team, support my favorite NBA basketball team, be a positive leader for the community and a good role model for the aspiring Laker Girls of the future.

    Name the most inspirational person in your life?
    My sister is not only an inspirational person in my life but someone who I share a very special relationship with. Her unwavering determination and boundless positivity inspires me in my own personal endeavors. She encourages me to stay true to who I am regardless of any challenges I may face.

    Fondest memory as a child?
    I cherish the time my family and I spent at Shaver Lake. My favorite moments are sitting around the campfire, roasting smores, singing songs and just the simplicity of spending time with my family.

    What do you think people like most about you?
    I think most people would say I am a very genuine person that truly cares/supports the friends and family in my life. Also, I try to include a sense of humor throughout my communication with friends and family. Lastly, people appreciate my sincerity and positivity.

    If you could be in the Olympics – which sport would you like to compete in?
    I would choose gymnastics as my Olympic sport of choice because of the high athleticism involved. Also, I would love to learn how to tumble and have the opportunity to work on the balance beam.

    Embarrassing moment a dancer?
    During a national dance competition I had a minor wardrobe malfunction. When I reached the remaining seconds of the routine my top began to unhook from around my neck. However, I continued the routine and finished the dance without the audience knowing anything was wrong.

    Your Horoscope Sign? (scorpio, pieces, etc..)
    My horoscope sign is Virgo.

    What is the key to staying in dancing shape?
    My personal work-out routine includes Pilates twice a week coupled with cardio classes that include swimming, kickboxing, cycling and running. I also take many different types of dance classes in order to stay a well rounded dancer. The final ingredient to insure a healthy body is to incorporate a healthy diet.