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Laker Girls Blog 04/25/11 - Jessica

Hi Lakers Fans! My name is Jessica and this is my third year as a Laker Girl! I cannot believe that this year has gone by so quickly! This entire year (from preseason in London and Barcelona to the post season NBA playoffs) has been such a great time for me and all of the Laker Girls!

This year has been such busy one for all of us! I hope most people in L.A. know that the Laker Girls get out into the community on a weekly basis to take part in charity and other community events in our city. It is so fun for us to get to meet and interact with all of the Lakers fans at these events! It is very rewarding for us too. In addition to all of our normal personal appearances, practices and games this season, we also got to take part in the NBA All-Star Weekend…which was a once in a life time opportunity. Our squad got to dance at all of the games and events which were made even better by the fact that the West won!! Okay, I do need to share this with you - with all that the Laker Girls are involved in, sometimes I need to grab a quick meal on the go, now that Carl’s Jr. has their new Turkey Burgers, I can get a quick meal that is yummy AND is low in calories!

One of the cool things that I get to do for the Lakers organization is take on the position, at Lakers games, as an “in-arena host”. We have a short pre-game show we call Lakers TV and I get to host it, every fifth game. Our Lakers TV pre-game show starts an hour before each home game and takes viewers through various clips of the Lakers players, coaches and Laker Girls giving back to the community, various interviews with players and assistant coaches and other neat things going on in the Lakers organization. It is so much fun to be a Lakers TV host and I really love helping out with the sponsor related contests in game, because I love to see fans win prizes!

Now, here we are at the end of the regular season, and I cannot believe that it has come so soon! So far, the series with New Orleans has been pretty exciting……and I’m excited for the Lakers to come back home so that we can all cheer them on to their next victory! Being that this is my third year as a Laker Girl, it would be amazing to be a part of a “three-peat” - if we can go all the way. Last year, game 7 against the Boston Celtics was one of the most exciting moments of my entire life. I look forward to the same thing this year!

So to all of the Lakers fans out there…..keep cheering loud and proud, wearing your Lakers gear!



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