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Laker Girls Blog 02/14/11 - Angel

Hey there Lakers fans!
It’s me Angel…….

I hope you all have been enjoying a great season with our back to back champions, Los Angeles Lakers!

I can say, that I am so privileged be a part of the Laker Girls dance team for my third season! So many girls come to the Laker Girls audition every year with the hopes of getting chosen to be a member of this prestigious dance team; so being chosen 3 years in a row is such a great honor. Speaking of the auditions... the 2011-2012 audition information is up on our website. It’s going to be held at the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo on July 16th at 9am sharp. If you are interested in auditioning, it really is a fun filled day of dancing and a way of meeting new friends. But, a little advice, make sure you bring some snacks and water because it is a long day. Also, if you would like to know what the auditions will be like; we will be holding a dance clinic on June 25th……..all the pertinent information is on our website. Our Director and some previous Laker Girls will be there to answer any questions, or concerns, one may have about our team. (and the audition process)
I hope some dancers can make it out to this event, because it is such a fun experience!

Another fun experience that I am so happy to be a part of, is the NBA ALL STAR week! I am excited to have the NBA All-Star game at STAPLES Center. Oh, and the NBA Jam Session will be held at the L.A. Convention Center too! I hope to see a lot of Lakers fans out supporting these worthwhile events here in our community. I know my teammates and I are thrilled to have this chance to be a part of the NBA All Star weekend and all the events – it is something spectacular.
To me, it truly is an opportunity of a life time!

I know all of you lovebirds out there just celebrated Valentine’s Day! I hope that you all had a romantic holiday with your loved one! I know it must have been hard to get reservations at your desired restaurant/eatery, trust me I tried!
I was not that successful. So instead, I went to Carl’s Jr. and got my favorite BBQ Hand-breaded chicken tender wrapper and the ever-so-loved cranberry apple walnut chicken salad and………went home to my honey and had a small picnic! Sometimes you have to get creative, right? Just spending time with the one you love is all you need! :)

Well everyone, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Remember to cheer loud for our Lakers! I believe they really do feed off of your energy and love when our fans support them! If you do not hear from me again……I will see you all at the NBA finals! Right?
Three-peat all the way!

Best wishes!


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