Hi everyone!

This season so far has been full of so many learning experiences as a first year member on the Laker Girls dance team!

Going back to the beginning of this adventure, auditions were long, exciting, tiring and really competitive but so worth the week of nerves! Thank goodness a Carl’s Jr. restaurant was right next to my hotel during the Laker Girls audition week - because it kept me fed throughout that stressful week!

I would definitely recommend the Laker Girls clinic/workshop to anyone who is interested in trying out, because it really gave me the 411 on what to expect and I went to the auditions more prepared. I believe the information for the workshop will be posted soon on our website.

For me, this year has meant a lot because I have learned so much about the Lakers organization. I have also learned about this team as a whole. I’m a fan on a whole deeper level now! It means a lot to me to be able to represent the Lakers and be a part of a really great group of women! One meaningful part of this job, besides the games, are the many different charities and promotions that we, the Laker Girls, get to take part in. So far, this season, I have been able to take part in helping at a local food bank, visit some of our troops at Camp Pendleton, cheer on a couple of Lakers players competing on a game show for charity, and a lot of other fun things!
One favorite memory is participating in the Laker Girls calendar shoot. I love the beach, so I was really excited to find out that’s where I was shooting that day. It was a really fun day, but also more challenging than I thought it would be. As a dancer taking photos is a whole different ball game! I would say the most difficult part was pretending the water wasn’t cold!

Another great time I’ve had this season would be the Christmas day game. (even though we lost) Being down on the court and surrounded by so many loud Lakers fans was such a great experience - I couldn’t even hear myself think!

All in all, as a new resident of California, I am so thankful that I get to experience Los Angeles from the sidelines of the Lakers basketball court! Cheering on the Lakers to a 3-peat is definitely part of my plan for 2011. Another goal of mine is to invest my time and my life wisely. I think that we all have unused potential within, so I want to make it a point this year, to use my potential and grow as a person. I think it is vital to not become complacent with oneself - try to always continue to grow and seek excellence.

Thank you for all your support Lakers Fans - goodbye for now!

~ Lana

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