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Laker Girls Blog 01/17/11 - Melissa

Hey Lakers Fans!! My name is Melissa and this is my 1st season as a Los Angeles Laker Girl!! Let me tell you, this past Laker Girls audition that was held July was very tough! Since this was my first time auditioning for the Laker Girls, I knew I had to somehow catch the judges' eyes. So, I did everything I could to prepare for the audition. I took dance classes, kept a workout regime and attended the first ever Laker Girl workshop! Which not to mention, was so much fun! At this workshop, I learned a lot about the do's and don'ts of auditioning for the Laker Girls. One major hint I took away from the workshop was to be I tried to show my confidence through my presence, dancing and speaking skills.

So far, my first season with the Laker Girls has been a whirlwind! Can you believe that the season is half way over? I know I can't! As a first year Laker Girl, I want to take in as much as I can from this experience. Dancing at games and being part of many community events has been so memorable. I also have had the opportunity of being an in-game Lakers TV host! This role is challenging, but yet rewarding. Its a great opportunity to practice my public speaking skills. I have already learned so much that I can't wait to see what the rest of the season brings!

Well since its a new year, I have made many resolutions. I'm a big fan of new year's resolutions! It helps me feel as if I have accomplished something by the end of the year. My major resolution for the whole year is to welcome as many opportunities that will improve myself in 2011! Then some of my smaller ones are to get good grades in my classes (I'm studying to be a teacher), spend more time with my family/friends, and to stay healthy with great nutrition & exercise. Sometimes after I work out, I like to swing by Carl's Jr. and enjoy a nutritional Original Grilled Chicken Salad! It is so good and satisfying!

Now before I sign off, I would like to remind you that the Laker Girls calendar is in stores now! The calendar was loads of fun to be a part of! I have never posed for a calendar so I didn't realize how difficult it is to hold certain poses. At one point, I held a pose for so long that my whole left leg fell asleep! After my shoot, I was limping around on set trying to get it to wake up - ha ha! But other than my sleeping leg, I had so much fun bonding with my teammate Dara!

Also, most of you know that the NBA All Star game is going to be in Los Angeles in February! So make sure you vote for all of our Lakers players on the ballot! Voting is ending Monday, so get all your ballots in before it's done! Hopefully all of our Lakers players will be voted in!

Thanks for reading my blog – hope to see you at the next game! Go Lakers! - Melissa

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