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Laker Girls Blog 01/03/11 - Octavia

Happy New Year Lakers fans!

It seems like 2010 went by so fast! After the Lakers won the championship in June, the excitement has been nonstop. Laker Girls auditions for the 2010-11 season were held mid July. There were so many girls that attended this audition – all of the participants seemed genuinely excited to be there. I guess to they all really wanted to be a part of the Lakers organization! I must admit, it can be intimidating, but thankfully I was fortunate to return for a second season.

The team this year has been great so far…….you’d be surprised how well a large group of women get along. We’re together all of the time, so in a sense, we become a second family. Shooting the second annual Laker Girls calendar was a blast for me and my teammate Katie! We got to shoot this in Malibu, at a really nice beach house. The two of us ended up on the month of June. Now that it’s 2011 go get our calendar – and all you fans can start using it now!

The holidays were so fun for me, between spending time with my family and the Lakers games. All of the Lakers Girls got together a few times to celebrate the holidays too. The Christmas day game was great because only one time out of the year we get to wear our Christmas uniforms/dresses. We also dance/perform to all Christmas music, like Feliz Navidad, which is one of my favorites.

When I’m not dancing at a game I’m on the microphone as one of the Lakers TV hosts. Being a host a bit challenging, and very different from dancing, but I’ve really found a passion for it. As a Lakers TV host I do a pre-game show, in-game contests and various live hits. The best part of this position is being able to host at some games and dance at the others.

The New Year’s Eve game against Philadelphia was a blast. All the fans in the stands had their “Happy New Year” gold party hats on! (we gave those out to all the fans that evening) Not to mention, we all celebrated a Lakers victory before bringing in the New Year. The game ended with the Lakers winning 102-98, and in enough time to make it out for the countdown. Ok, before going out I had to grab a Carl’s Jr. Western burger and fries before starting one of my many New Year’s resolutions of eating at a decent hour, but boy……it was worth it!

2010 was an awesome year and I have faith that 2011 will be better. I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and ready for a great year!

Go Lakers,

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