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Laker Girls Blog 05/03/10 - Michelle

May 3 2010 1:20PM

Hi Lakers Fans - Iím Michelle!

I canít believe itís already the second round of the NBA playoffs! This is my second year on the Laker Girls dance team and it just blows my mind how it feels like I just performed for the first time at STAPLES Center on the Lakers Court! I guess time flies when I am doing what I love to do Ė not mention, doing it with amazing people! I feel truly blessed and fortunate to be back another season andÖ. I hope for another unstoppable Lakers playoff series. Letís hear it for a 16th championship ring/banner/parade - the whole shebang! Right?

What an exciting 1st round series against the Oklahoma City Thunder, huh? We had a great start with 2 consecutive wins at our home court, an unfortunate loss at game 4, but as you can always expect from the Lakers, they turned it around & gave us a spectacular show at game 5! The grand finale of game 6 seemed like it had us on our toes and, if you were like me, that game had my heart racing until that very last winning shot by PauÖ.boom boom Pau! :)

I watched the game in Hawaii since I was there for a short vacation and it was sooooo cool to see a great number of Lakers fans on the island! Did you know thereís a Carlís Jr. in Hawaii?!? Their fries are just as good in Hawaii as they are in Cali! Well donít get me wrong, itís hard to get in any vacation time with my very busy schedule. (but, I was able to sneak away) I stay busy with all of our games, charity events & Laker Girls appearances that fill up my schedule. As well as, a full time job that I juggle. But I donít mind at all - because Iím living my dream :)

There are numerous charitable functions & personal appearances we, the Laker Girls, involve ourselves with throughout the year. It is so rewarding & we always have a good timeÖ.whether itís reading to the kids, visiting patients at the hospitals or getting participants warmed-up for their charity walk/run. Speaking of, I was just at the Walk for Autism at the Rose Bowl & it was so worthwhile getting everybody pumped & ready to walk for such an eminent cause! Iím so proud of what we do as Laker Girls!

Now letís jump the Jazz! It was a close one on game1 but thanks to Kobe Bryant, the best closer in the NBA, we finished with a win!

Thank you Lakers fans, for your continued support! The Laker Girls are so excited to bring out the screaming purple & gold in you for the rest of the NBA Playoffs! See you Tuesday for game 2!

*singing the song*--- ďI love L.A!!Ē


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