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Lakers lose Kobe, survive thriller with Warriors


Posted Apr 13 2013 1:39AM

LOS ANGELES (AP) Kobe Bryant scored 34 points while playing much of the second half in obvious pain with an injured left leg, and the Los Angeles Lakers rallied in the final minutes without him to stay in the playoff picture with a 118-116 victory over the Golden State Warriors on Friday night.

Immediately after the game, the Lakers announced Bryant probably had a torn tendon. He will have an MRI exam Saturday, but Bryant knows the injury is likely to end his season.

"I can't walk," Bryant said. "I tried to maybe put pressure on my heel, but there was nothing there."

The fifth-leading scorer in NBA history stayed in the game until 3:06 remained despite obvious mobility limitations and two lengthy breaks to walk off an injury from early in the second half. Bryant apparently hyperextended his knee before tearing his tendon later in the half.

Stephen Curry scored 47 points in a dynamic performance for the Warriors, but Los Angeles played just enough late defense to hang on for a crucial win.

It wasn't immediately clear when Bryant apparently tore his tendon. He went down in a heap under the basket early in the third quarter, rolling on the ground after hyperextending his knee.

Bryant stayed in the game and hit two free throws, but the Warriors began a steady run to a nine-point lead early in the fourth quarter. He needed a few more breaks to rest his legs, but the severe injury apparently didn't happen until the final minutes.

Los Angeles (43-37) stayed one game ahead of Utah (42-38) for the eighth playoff spot in the Western Conference with two games to go. The Jazz hold the tiebreaker.

After playing all 48 minutes while scoring 47 points in Portland on Wednesday, Bryant pushed the Lakers relentlessly forward on one good leg, leading a 9-0 run by hitting consecutive 3-pointers to tie it at 107 with 3:47 left. After aggravating the injury one more time with 3:08 left, he stayed in to hit two tying free throws before hobbling to the locker room.

His teammates improbably did just fine without him, with Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard getting huge baskets in the final minutes while the Warriors wilted.

Gasol had 26 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists in his sixth career triple-double. Howard added 28 points and seven rebounds, capping a competent 14-for-22 effort at the free throw line with one last point with 1.5 seconds left.

After Steve Blake hit the Lakers' go-ahead free throws with 42 seconds left, Jarrett Jack made a turnover and Carl Landry missed an open jumper on the Warriors' final two possessions. Howard clinched the Lakers' 10th consecutive home win over Golden State.

Curry scored 22 points in the first quarter and 32 in the first half in a barrage of outside shooting, but didn't have a field goal in the final 7:19, managing just two free throws in the clutch. He fell one 3-pointer shy of Peja Stojakovic's record 10 by a Lakers opponent.

Klay Thompson scored 25 points and David Lee added 19 for the Warriors.

Los Angeles began the day barely ahead of the Jazz for the eighth spot, but Utah has the tiebreaker and an easier schedule than the Lakers, who finish against three straight playoff teams. Los Angeles must finish a game ahead of the Jazz to make sure they won't miss the playoffs for just the second time in Bryant's 17 NBA seasons - even if Bryant can't join them.

Curry finished the first quarter with 9-of-13 shooting and two assists, with no Lakers defenders able to keep up.

Bryant went scoreless in the first, but heated up for 10 points in the first 3:10 of the second.

Despite Curry's brilliance, the Warriors were even at 57 with the Lakers at halftime.

The Warriors played for the 49th time this season without center Andrew Bogut, who has a bone bruise in his sprained left ankle. The Australian big man had offseason microfracture surgery on the same ankle, and coach Mark Jackson wasn't speculating how long the latest injury could keep him out.

Rookie Festus Ezeli took Bogut's starting spot, getting four points and seven rebounds before fouling out.

NOTES: Steve Nash missed his sixth straight game with a strained right hamstring for the Lakers. ... The doctor who performed Bogut's surgery will examine the results of Bogut's MRI exam in the next few days. ... Denzel Washington, Rick Fox, 50 Cent and Tenacious D members Jack Black and Kyle Gass watched near courtside.

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Points Curry (GSW), 47
Rebounds Gasol, 11
Assists Gasol, 10
Steals Curry (GSW), 3


Mike D'Antoni:

On Kobe Bryant and the game:
“It’s tough. He is a little down right now, but he was incredible again tonight.”

“We can do a lot. I am not going to blow steam out, but we are going to get Nash back and we have three guys out there that are pretty good. I mean we have more than that, but we have three all-stars forever and we are going to keep playing. We are going to be ready Sunday and fight until the end. Make the playoffs. That is our goal and that is not going to change.”

“We have to close ranks and we hate it. I hate it for Kobe. I hate it for us. I hate it for LA, but you have to close ranks. There is no going back now. We will come out Sunday and come out swinging. Like I said, we have plenty of guys we can go to and with Pau playing at such a high level with Dwight. The focus will be a little bit different. We will get Nash back Sunday, but if not right after. But, we have enough to keep winning.”

“He is incredible. Just the two threes he made to get us back in the game. He is just an unbelievable player with a heart and it is unbelievable. Sometimes frustrating for everyone and you shake your head, but you know at the end of the day that the guy is a winner and they guy is playing as hard as he can play and give it everything he gives.”

On not taking Kobe Bryant out of the game until the final minutes:
“That’s kind of what happened a few weeks ago. It is like putting my head against a wall and he just wouldn’t budge on it. And there is a part of me that didn’t want him to budge because incredible. It is one of those things. If I had it all to do over again, then maybe. I will second guess it and look at it but, he is an incredible competitor and it happened and we will go forward.”

Kobe Bryant:

On if this is the biggest disappointment of his career:
“Yes, by far. We worked so hard to put ourselves in position to control our own fate. I certainly have done a lot of work to prepare myself. It’s just bad luck.”

On how the team moves on without him:
“Just continue to play. We’ve dealt with injuries all year. I’ll do what I can watching film and communicating to the guys the best form of attacking certain teams, and go from there.”

On how this injury impacts him going into next season:
“I’m not really sure; I’ve never had to deal with something like this. It is a new experience for me. Obviously, there have been a bunch of players that have had the same injury. All I can do is look at them, see what they’ve done, and see who had more success coming back quicker and healthier. See what they did, and try to improve upon it.

Pau Gasol:

On the challenge the team faces going forward without Kobe Bryant:
“It’s going to be a collective thing. As a team we must regroup and understand that it’s going to take a lot of effort and a lot of togetherness from now on to continue to play well. It’s going to take effort and re-adjusting a couple things probably. With him on the court, we play differently. We’ll figure it out; as long as we put our minds and our hearts in it and we fight as we did tonight. We should be O.K., but right now it’s just difficult to digest what happened.”

On what had to be done to pull a win:
“Just get it together, come up with big plays and big stops. We knew it was going to be difficult. At the end we just toughened up. We got some big stops and big rebounds and got the win.”

On Kobe Bryant playing through the pain:
“I don’t have enough words to express how much I admire Kobe and what he has been trying to do all season long. These last ten days of just fighting for the team and fighting through pain, no matter what, wanting to be on the floor every second has been just incredible. I’m hoping it’s not too serious and that he can be with us.”

Steve Blake:

On fourth quarter drama:
“It definitely ranks up there. I thank the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the opportunity to be here. With our best player going out and with everything on the line, we stepped up defensively and made some buckets down the stretch.”

“We need the experience. We’re just playing hard, we’re playing together and we’re playing with confidence even when we get down and that’s what it’s going to take.”

On getting stops within the last minute and 30 seconds:
“With the type of shots they were making all game they were bound to miss something. I’m just glad it came at the very end. They were tough tonight so you have to give them credit. We stepped it up when we had to.”

On Kobe Bryant’s probable torn Achilles:
“That’s just kind of the way the year has gone, huh. It just hurts. I’m sad to see another great player, great friend, and teammate go down again. It’s sad for everybody.”

Metta World Peace:

On finding a way to win tonight:
“We played hard. It’s real simple; when you play together you win.”

Dwight Howard:

On Kobe’s probable torn Achilles:
“It’s sad to see him go down like this. He works so hard every night just to play.”

On this game feeling like a loss even though Lakers won:
“It’s just sad for Kobe. We’ve been facing with injuries all year. It sucks when somebody gets healthy and somebody else goes down.”

On how he got through his injury last season:
“God was the only way and my friends and family. I was hurt that I had to sit out and watch my team go down. It hurts so I know how it feels.”

On going forward without Kobe:
“We can do all things. We just have to rise up and play. The guys have been on teams where they had to lead. We all understand what we have to do. We have to have total confidence in ourselves and each other. We have to go out there and win.”

Mark Jackson:

On their performance on a back to back:
“Great ball game. They really took over the basketball game, it was a great game.”

“That’s who we are; we’re a playoff basketball team. That’s a certainty. We’re excited about being relevant this time of year and having a chance to extend our season. I got a great group of guys that really compete so there’s no surprise, tough loss.”

“This was an easy game for us to lie down. Coming off last night, at the end of the day I got a group of guys that battle and compete. I’m extremely proud of them and when we play like that, we got a lot to be excited about looking at the future.”

On Stephen Curry:
“He was incredible. He’s an incredible shooter, an incredible player, and even better person. He got hot and put on another incredible performance. I’m still stunned he wasn’t in the all-star game.”

“They double teamed him, they tried to get the ball out of his hands and he’s a team player. You look at even the last play; he has Carl Landry for a wide open shot. That’s what the great one’s do, they make the right play.”

On Clay Thompson guarding Kobe Bryant:
“Kobe’s [Bryant] an all-time great for a reason. Clay [Thompson] battled, he competed and I’m really happy with the way he defended. With Kobe [Bryant] you’re going to have to live with him making tough shots, we did a good job individually and collectively. I hope he’s okay.”

Stephen Curry:

On his performance tonight:
“I had some good looks. I was just trying to be aggressive early. When you’re able to be aggressive early and you see your shots falling, things start to open up. So it was a good feeling. I tried to maintain it over the course of the game. It was just a tough finish for us.”

On what went wrong down the stretch:
“We scored 116 points so I don’t think anybody’s offensive output was a problem or the way we handled the fourth quarter, but when a team shoots 50 free throws it’s tough to overcome that and that’s what happened tonight so we just didn’t have enough to get over the edge.”

On having a career night individually, but losing as a team:
“That’s twice this year so I got to find a way to finish it, whatever it takes. We had good looks. That last play we ran they double-teamed the pick-and-roll and I just tried to make the right play and Carl [Landry] had a good look at it, and he makes that shot 9 out of 10 times so that’s a good shot for us.”

Jarrett Jack:

On the opportunity the Warriors had to potentially knock the Lakers out of the playoffs:
“This game isn’t about them. We don’t care if they make the playoffs or they don’t. We’re in the playoffs. We got bigger ideas and things to tend to than worrying about another teams future.”

On what went wrong down the stretch:
“They [Lakers] play well in this building. They have a number of talented guys on their ball club and they just ended up making more plays than we did down the stretch.”

Klay Thompson:

On tonight’s game:
“It was a really tough one to endure. I thought we fought real hard. You can’t say Carl [Landry] missed a shot to win the game, or I missed a shot to win the game. It just comes down to getting defensive stops. We were in control and we made some untimely mistakes and that’s what it comes down to and we sent them to the free-throw line probably more than we needed to, but I thought we fought hard and gave ourselves a great chance to win.”

On Stephen Curry’s performance:
“Oh it’s something I expect. I’m not surprised. He’s the best shooter I’ve ever seen, the best pure shooter I’ve ever seen and he makes everyone’s job around him easier just because he’s such a good playmaker as well and a great player and it’s unfortunate we couldn’t get the win for him.”

On playing a Lakers team fighting for their playoffs lives and if they were able to match their intensity:
“Oh yeah no question, so are we. We’ve got the Rockets right on our heels so we’re really trying to stand by this six spot and we definitely matched their intensity tonight and like I said it came down to the last few minutes. We fought hard until the last buzzer so you can’t hold your head down. It’s going to be tough to sleep tonight, but we’ve got to games we can finish strong in and that’s all we can control now.”

David Lee:

On being a leader heading into the playoffs:
“One of the strengths of our team all season long as been our chemistry and I think Steph [Curry] and I have done a terrific job of leading the team and I think we’re in a great spot right now and when it comes time for the playoffs it’s going to be the same thing where Steph and I are going to be leaders and we’re just ready to take on that next challenge.”



Posted Apr 12 2013 2:54AM

With a playoff berth at stake, Kobe Bryant continues to will the Los Angeles Lakers to victory.

The veteran superstar, though, still has plenty of work to do.

Looking to continue their quest for a postseason spot, Bryant and the surging Lakers go for a 10th consecutive home win over the Golden State Warriors on Friday night.

One night after scoring 23 of his 30 points in the fourth quarter of a 104-96 victory win New Orleans, Bryant went off for a season-high 47 in Wednesday's 113-106 victory at Portland.

"What he is doing is phenomenal. He's determined to get us in the playoffs," said coach Mike D'Antoni, whose team has won five of six. "That's what happens when you open your mouth and guarantee that we'll get in the playoffs."

The eighth-place Lakers (42-37) are now one game ahead of Utah for the Western Conference's final postseason berth with three to go. Los Angeles, though, needs to finish ahead of the Jazz, who own the tiebreaker.

"We've got no breathing room at all," Bryant said. "I'm still on edge. We've got to win three more games and we're in."

The Lakers control their own destiny, but their road to the postseason could be tough.

After this game, Los Angeles concludes its schedule against San Antonio and Houston. Utah, meanwhile, plays Northwest Division-worst Minnesota twice before visiting Memphis.

The Lakers, though, have to like their chances of taking care of business versus Golden State (45-34). They have won 34 of 37 in the series at home, including the last nine by an average of 14.7 points. Los Angeles cruised to an easy 101-77 victory during the Warriors' last visit Nov. 9.

The Lakers had gone 18-1 in the series overall before coming up short 109-103 at Golden State on March 25. Bryant had 36 points but shot just 11 of 27. He's averaging 33.8 in his last eight matchups against the Warriors.

After clinching its first playoff berth since 2007 with Tuesday's 105-89 win over Minnesota, Golden State couldn't keep up Thursday in a 116-97 loss to Oklahoma City. Stephen Curry had 22 points but the Warriors allowed the Thunder to shoot 50.6 percent.

"That was a team that's chasing the No. 1 seed and was trying to send a message, 'Just in case I see you at some point down the road,'" coach Mark Jackson said.

Sitting just one-half game ahead of Houston for the No. 6 seed, Golden State is expected to be without Andrew Bogut, who sprained his surgically repaired left ankle Thursday. He's missed 48 of 79 games, mostly due to lingering ankle woes.

The former No. 1 overall pick is averaging a career-low 5.9 points, but he's second on the team with 7.6 rebounds per game.

With Bogut sidelined, the Warriors could have an even harder time trying to contain Pau Gasol, who's finally starting to round into form after missing 33 games over the course of the season. The four-time All-Star, averaging 6.7 assists during the team's 5-1 run, has scored a combined 45 points in the last two contests on 20-of-30 from the field.

"I'm still not 100 percent, and I won't be," said Gasol, who's shooting 58.3 percent over the last eight games. "I'm managing it well. I'm getting good rhythm, I'm making good decisions, and my focus is really good right now. We're just doing whatever it takes to win."

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(upper respiratory infection) is doubtful.
Devin Ebanks
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(strained plantar fascia, right foot) is probable.
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