Eco Tips

TreePeople Eco Tips for Los Angeles Lakers

  1. 1. Mulch Madness
  2. Adding mulch to your landscape is a quick and easy thing to do. Plants need less water and it prevents weeds. But did you know that mulch builds healthy soil? So plants and trees with lots of mulch are healthier and need less (if any) added fertilizer. Just add 4-6” to garden beds, avoiding piling mulch too close to the base of plants and trees. And join in mulch madness!

  3. 2. Get Planted
  4. Planting a tree is simple, but profound act. While it takes a little effort, the positive effects – shade, beauty, oxygen, habitat, stormwater management -- last for decades. Check out our Urban Tree Planting and Mountains Restoration events: (

    Both are great ways to help the environment and meet incredible people.

  5. 3. BYO
  6. Los Angeles has some of the cleanest and best tasting water in the world. In fact, our tap water has won or placed high in several international taste tests. Give up the bottled water and get a cool refillable container instead.

    Using your own water bottle every day will save you hundreds of dollars a year and keep plastic water bottles out of the landfill and their litter off of our streets.

  7. 4. It’s Hip to Drip
  8. In Los Angeles, about 100 million gallons, or enough water to fill the Rose Bowl, is sent straight to the ocean every single day – even when it is not raining. This is from things like old-fashioned pop-up sprinklers spraying onto the concrete where it flows into the street and is directed to the ocean.

    Upgrade your irrigation. Fix any broken sprinkler lines. Change sprinkler heads to rotary instead. Or convert to drip. All of these are more efficient and will save you time and money.

  9. 5. Be a Leader
  10. Want to make a big impact? Become a Citizen Forester ( TreePeople helps train community leaders to have tree plantings in their neighborhoods at our Community Sustainability Workshops ( community-sustainability-workshops). You'll learn how to form a green team and find out what you need to know to get trees at you park, school or along your street.

  11. 6. TLC
  12. Lots of trees get planted. But not all of them have a plan after that for water and care. The result is lots of trees that need some love.

    Look around your community and you'll likely see trees with broken stakes, or trees tied up so tightly they hardly seem able to grow, or trees that desperately need some water, weeding and some tender loving care. Check out our mulching and watering guidelines ( for instructions for caring for and nurturing a tree.

  13. 7. Make Your Own
  14. So many of the cleansers we use in our homes contain toxic ingredients. Making your own cleaners is fun and easy and they are safer for your children and pets. Plus you protect water quality when you forego chemical cleansers.

    All you need to make your own is a spray bottle and a few common household ingredients. Check out the website for simple recipes.

  15. 8. Turn your Umbrellas Upside Down
  16. In Los Angeles, 85-90% of our water is from distant sources – like Northern California and the Colorado River -- at a huge cost to us. We use our “drinking water” to water our lawns.

    If we captured rainwater instead, and used it for our landscaping needs, we could significantly reduce our need for imported water.

    Check out these sites for more information and Install a rain barrel or rain garden today!

    Sustainable Solutions - September

    Sustainable Solutions - July

  17. 9. Break up the pavement
  18. When water falls onto hardscape surfaces, it runs off into gutters and storm drains, taking everything in its path directly to the ocean. By breaking up concrete and asphalt you can help the 2 Q’s of water: Quantity and Quality. Less grey concrete and more, green plants means more water is returned to our local supply and we get cleaner beaches. So rip up the grey of LA and grow a greener city!

  19. 10. It’s in the Bag
  20. Bring your own bags to the grocery store or any place you shop. The amount of energy and resources you save is a huge benefit to the planet and you never know who else in line might appreciate your eco-chic ways and strike up a conversation. (Maybe you’ll hear about a cool job lead or find a new love!)

  21. 11. Unplug It
  22. Did you know that even when your appliances are turned off they’re still using electricity? Unplugging things that you’re not using saves energy and money.

    An easy way to do this is to plug items into surge protectors or “power strips” and simply flip the switch off and on. Use a few throughout your house and watch the savings on your next energy bill. You’ll be amazed at the savings!

  23. 12. Head to the Mountains
  24. Mountain restoration helps restore the healthy, natural functions of mountain woodlands. Restoration work is the most effective method for combating wildfire and protecting neighborhoods in the wild land-urban-interface of Southern California, a region afflicted by 12 of the 15 most catastrophic wildfires in U.S. history. To become a Volunteer Supervisor for the Santa Monica Mountain or Angeles Restoration, attend our free weekend training. Sign up for an upcoming training on our calendar. (

  25. 13. Go Native!
  26. In the U.S., 70% of our freshwater is used to irrigate lawns. The current demand our landscape choices place on our water supply is expensive, and not just to our pocket books. Native plants use 85% less water than traditional turf and they bring lots of birds and beauty to your garden.

    So tear up some turf and replace it with something easier to take care of, prettier to look at and better for our planet!

    DWP customers can take advantage of the “Cash for Grass” rebate and get $3000!

    Some helpful websites are:

    Sustainable Solutions - October

    California Native Plant Society -

  27. 14. Walk Don’t Run
  28. Well, actually, running is okay, it’s really “walk don’t drive.” When you can walk, bike, carpool, or take public transit. All our healthier for you and the planet and are fun ways to explore our great city!