Steve Nash and the Laker Girls Join TreePeople in a Fruit Tree Giveaway

The Los Angeles Lakers partnered with the Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD), TreePeople and the Social Justice Learning Institute (SJLI) for their 2013 Fruit Tree Giveaway Festival. This is the third year of the Fruit Tree Giveaway Festival, which is designed to empower community residents to take hold of their access to healthy, fresh, locally produced fruit by growing their own fruit trees. 2,000 trees were distributed to 2,000 families from Inglewood and South LA at the Festival.

Steve Nash plants a tree
Steve Nash helps out with the TreePeople.

At the Fruit Tree Giveaway Festival, TreePeople and SJLI hosted numerous free activities that included a film screening, physical fitness training sessions, healthy cooking demonstrations, home gardening tutorials, music, and a fun zone for the children. TreePeople conducted Fruit Tree Planting & Care workshops, ensuring the success of each fruit tree distributed. Three IUSD schools—Inglewood High School , Morningside High School and Bennett Kew Elementary School—provided residents and volunteers the opportunity to get their hands dirty by helping to plant fruit tree orchards on their campuses.

Eco All-Star Steve Nash and the Laker Girls joined TreePeople and SJLI to lend their assistance during the day. Nash and the Laker Girls first began to prep the fruit trees that were being given out to the community by dipping newspaper in to a water bucket and wrapping the roots in the wet paper. This was to ensure that the roots stayed moist on the ride home to their new residence. After wrapping the roots up in the paper, they were placed in a trash bag and put in their designated area. Their next task was to give out the fruit trees to the community members. There were five different types of trees to choose from- apple, plum, peach, apricot and nectarine.

After the fruit tree distribution, Nash and the Laker Girls planted the last peach tree in the orchard at Morningside High School. In keeping with TreePeople tradition, once the tree was planted, everyone gathered in a circle around the tree to give it a proper name and to wish it well with its growth. The group then commenced in holding hands saying, “Trees need people, people need trees. Welcome Junior Nash!”

The Los Angeles Lakers encourage all fans to stay Fit for Life by learning how to live sustainably and to take control of their own health by eating local and fresh foods when possible.