Paul George and Kobe Bryant
February 09, 2016
Paul George grew up in Palmdale as a Kobe Bryant fan, and his childhood idol had something special for him after the two went head-to...
Kobe Bryant vs. Indiana
February 08, 2016
Playing against his childhood idol for the final time, Paul George watched as Kobe Bryant put on a show reminiscent of the ones that...
February 08, 2016
Aficionados de los Lakers! ¿Quieres la oportunidad de ver a tus Lakers en vivo? Bueno, puedes ganar con Delta. Manda texto con la...
Julius Randle
February 08, 2016
LOS ÁNGELES – En una noche en la que el balón nunca encontró la red, el esfuerzo y la remontada fueron un triunfo...
Kobe Bryant and Paul George
Julius Randle vs. Indiana
February 08, 2016
Below is a running diary of the Lakers’ matchup against the Indiana Pacers, with comments drawn from Mike Trudell’s
February 08, 2016
Feb. 8, 1997 ...